Frequently Asked Questions About Silk

Why Buy A Silk Pillowcase?

Let’s be honest, everyone must agree that silk is the most luxuriously, beautiful material on the planet but did you know also just how good it is for you?

Silk won’t drag your skin or hair, more like you will glide over it, so if you have trouble with bed hair or wrinkles, silk will help with caring for you by reducing tangles and not pulling on your skin.

If you have sensitive or fragile skin, silk won’t suck the moisture out of you like cotton or synthetic fibres do, so it doesn’t irritate. It’s so closely woven it can’t hold onto dust, pollen or mites that can affect those of us sensitive to allergens.

If you are temperature sensitive, in the summer silk creates almost a shield of cooler air because it allows your skin to breathe but in the winter it traps the warmer air and keeps you warm and snug.

How To Wash A Silk Pillowcase?

Just because it looks and feels so gorgeous, you don’t have to treat it specially.  It can just be thrown in with all your other items of washing at 30 degrees no problem and hang out to dry naturally (do not tumble dry).

It doesn’t need to have special detergents but it would be advisable in order to protect the sheen if you turn your pillowcases inside out but it’s not essential.

How Much Is Delivery?

FREE next day delivery….not often you see that word come up! (next day delivery is for orders before 1pm. Orders after 1pm or at weekends or bank holidays will be shipped the next working day)

What Silk Pillowcase Should I Buy?

You can usually see and feel quality but if you want to know just how much more quality it is then go by the Momme number, it is the method by which the quality of silk is graded.

Typically most bedding and pillowcases are made from 19Momme, the higher the number the thicker and more durable the material is.  Only Calidad Home use 22 Momme for all their products.

What About Cheaper Silk Pillowcases?

You can buy cheaper but look at for the following.

  • Is it 22Momme? If its not it will wear out so much quicker
  • Is it Charmeuse Weave (a much more durable and luxurious weave than Habotai or Satin)?
  • Is it 100% Silk or does it have a cotton backing?

What Size Is The Pillowcase?

Standard 50cm x 75cm the ideal size for UK pillows (unless you have the US King pillowcases, this size will fit all).

Where To Buy A Silk Pillowcase?

At Calidad Home we sell 22 Momme 100% Mulberry silk pillowcases with FREE delivery in the UK. We have an excellent rating on TrustPilot and have a 30 day returns policy. You can order online with our secure checkout.

Are Silk pillowcases Good For Your Hair?

Calidad Home Mulberry ilk is very smooth, which means it has less friction than cotton or cheaper silk. Friction can cause hair nightmares like split ends and frizz. If this is reduced, then your hair will soon feel the benefits. After sleeping on a silk pillowcase you will soon enjoy having smoother, shinier hair.

What If I Don’t Love My Pillowcase?

What’s not to love?  However, we’re really understanding and we just ask you to return the product unused and securely packaged back to us and we’ll immediately refund you.