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Pure Luxury Silk

Our pure mulberry silk pillowcases are flying off the shelves…  

But can a silk pillowcase really transform your beauty sleep?

This is why the Calidad Home silk pillowcase is the number one choice for all your gifting needs.

When it comes to Christmas or birthday gifting, all the family will usually drop big hints about the latest gaming console, a new TV or tablet, the just-released smartphone.

Perhaps even must-have fashion or their favourite food and drink items.

So this year, why does everyone want to place orders for our luxury silk pillowcases instead?


I have a couple of Calidad Home silk pillowcases now, and I could never go back to sleeping on cotton.

 My niece Clara recently came over to stay the night while my sister and brother-in-law were out for the evening.

Clara started to look a bit tired, but insisted, as kids do, that she wanted to stay up late. So I set us up to watch a movie in my bedroom, complete with popcorn. As soon as we went into the room she noticed my pink leopard print silk pillowcase.

 ‘That is so cool!’ she exclaimed, as she snuggled down and rested her head on it to try it out. She clearly didn’t want to be parted from it, so I let her use my taupe zebra print one over her pillow for the night.

 The next morning she said she’d loved sleeping on silk and obviously wished she could take it home with her. But this biggest surprise came when it was time to do her hair.

 Like me, Clara has Afro-Caribbean hair - tight, spiralling curls that are difficult to control and prone to frizz. We both wear our hair up at night to avoid too many tangles forming.

 Clara’s hair was so much easier than usual to do that day. It looked smoother, and she said it felt much better than it normally did in the mornings.

Clara is too polite to ask outright for a gift, but I saw the wistful look of longing she cast towards the bedroom as we packed her bag ready to return home.

As soon as she was gone, I went online and ordered Clara her very own silk pillowcase from Calidad in her favourite shade of pink. I cannot wait to see her face when she opens the beautifully packaged pillowcase this Christmas morning!

We talk to our customers. Calidad Home’s director Michelle is the first point of contact when people get in touch. Many clients have placed numerous repeat orders, wishing to pass on the benefits of sleeping on silk to their family and friends. As well as ordering the latest shade or print pattern for themselves.

Even we didn’t guess that our silk pillowcases would become such a success story.

 When Michelle first started setting up Calidad home a couple of years ago, she didn’t even dare to dream that the company would grow so quickly - and acquire such a lovely and loyal group of regular customers. Even though she was very experienced in business and already had another highly successful enterprise to her name.

Michelle first tried out silk for herself as she’s heard it was good for regulating body temperature overnight. A better night’s sleep - every night was the result.

There was more to come. A family member with Afro-Caribbean hair was the next to test an ivory 22 momme mulberry silk pillowcase. She soon found that the silk soothed her hair as she slept, resulting in less of that morning bed-head. Sleeping on silk also saves a lot of time, as her hair is far easier to control and style than it ever was before.


Read on to discover just why the Calidad Home silk pillowcase has become so incredibly popular. That’s why we now stock an astonishing array of 19 gorgeous colours and animal prints!

A Calidad Home silk pillowcase guarantees restful, restorative sleep, every night of the week.  

Like Michelle, our customers are discovering the joys of an uninterrupted night of blissful slumber. Night after night. Once you own a Calidad Home silk pillowcase, a peaceful night’s sleep is within easy reach.

Why? Our silk pillowcases are only made from pure 22 momme luxury silk. This is the optimum momme count (like a thread count as used for cotton) for bedding. As a result, the Calidad Home silk pillowcase is incredibly effective at regulating your temperature as you slumber. No more need to turn over your pillow during the night, desperately seeking that cool side.

You can also kiss goodbye to uncomfortable creases. Say hello, instead, to the ultra sleek sleeping surface of the purest silk available. This super smooth surface also has some fabulous benefits for your skin and hair.

The effortless way to younger looking skin

As you sleep, your face moves over the surface of your pillow during the night. When delicate facial skin is in direct contact with fabrics like cotton or synthetics, these absorb moisture. Including any costly night creams or serums that you apply every night. As your skin loses moisture, it it prone to becoming dry and dehydrated - or even oily as it works overtime to replenish the skin’s supply of moisture

.The creases that often form on the surface of your pillowcase can be transferred to your face. This, over time, can mean the development of fine lines and deeper wrinkles. Sleeping on the finest charmeuse weave silk reduces the incidence of this, so you can wake up feeling refreshed, and with plumper, younger looking skin.


Skin irritation is also reduced when sleeping on a Calidad Home silk pillowcase. If your skin’s oil glands do go into over-production mode, this can lead to the breakout of spots, blemishes or acne. Alternatively, dehydrated skin is far more likely to become irritated and scaly. Sleeping on silk is thus far better for anyone who suffers from dry skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.


Silk is also much more hygienic. The loss of moisture overnight means that a standard cotton pillowcase will absorb the oils from your skin as well as any creams and lotions you might use. As this residue builds up on the pillowcase, a bacterial breeding ground is created. When these are transferred to your skin they can cause clogged pores, resulting in the breakout of blackheads, spots and blemishes.

The retention of those vitamin-rich ingredients in your moisturiser or night cream means waking up with with moisturised rather then dried out skin. As you sleep, the gentle surface of the silk pillowcase lets nature do its work.

You’ll wake up feeling and looking more refreshed than ever.

Sleeping on a Calidad Home silk pillowcase will enhance the health of your hair. This improves texture, shine and manageability. Morning frizz and tangles become a thing of the past as you wake up with silkier hair. Bye bye bad hair days.

How does this work? The 22 momme, charmeuse weave mulberry silk we use results in the smoothest possible sleeping surface. As you move during the night, this leads to far less friction.

As silk is far kinder to your hair, using a smooth silk pillowcase results in sleeker, shinier locks. With absolutely zero extra effort required from you.

No tangles means less time in front of the mirror. Trying to tame your hair each morning becomes a thing of the past.

Users report using their hairdryer and straighteners less often once they’ve started sleeping on silk. This saves you time - as well as reducing the incidence of damaged strands, split ends and tangles.

Using a silk pillowcase can save your hair from heat damage in two important ways. Most obviously, there’s a high chance that you will reach for those straighteners or curling wand far less often.

Remember that friction we mentioned earlier? As friction occurs, heat is generated. This additional heat means there is a far higher chance of your hair becoming stressed and damaged during the night.

Ask any hairdresser, and they’ll tell you not to wash your hair with the shower too hot and to minimise the use of direct heat on your crowning glory. It’s exactly the same principle - less heat leads to less damage.

As with skin, a pillowcase made from synthetics or cotton will absorb moisture from your hair as well as your skin. Again, this doesn’t only mean dryness for your hair.

It also means that bacteria can feed on the lost moisture that’s present on the surface of your pillow. That moisture can also build up over time, before being transferred to your hair.

Waking up with greasy hair means you may have to wash it for more often than you want to. More often than any good hairdresser would recommend.

Your Calidad Home silk pillowcase does not remove moisture from your hair in this way. Rather, the natural oils the are present in every strand stay put - exactly where they should be.

Over time, the result is cleaner, smoother, healthier hair that shines just like the silken surface of your new pillowcase.

Wake each day on a Calidad Home silk pillowcase, and you can look forward to day after day of more manageable locks. Looking and feeling their absolute best.

Keeping it clean

There’s more good news. Washing your Calidad Home silk pillowcase won’t do it any harm at all. In fact, it can be washed time after time in the machine. Just like all your other bedlinen. Simply stick to a 30 degree wash and hang out your pillowcase to dry naturally. Which happens far more quickly than with cotton.

Your silk pillowcase will stay fresher, too. The anti-bacterial properties mean it can be washed less often than a cotton pillowcase. However often you wish to wash it, your fine silk pillowcase will always look, smell and feel super fresh.

Bye bye bacteria

Your Calidad Home silk pillowcase is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. Unlike the bacterial breeding ground that a cotton pillowcase can quickly become, a silk pillowcase is far more hygienic. And remains so, long after washing day has passed.

Think about the thicker weave of a cotton pillowcase. Those rough fibres provide tiny spaces within which bacteria can thrive and multiply. Perhaps even worse - allergens like dust mites are also harboured within the coarser cotton fabric.

Calidad Home silk pillowcases are made only with the finest charmeuse weave silk fabric. This creates the smoothest possible silken surface - with nowhere for mites or bacteria to hide. This why anyone with allergies will much prefer sleeping on silk.

Whether it’s a seasonal cold or summer hay fever, less allergens reduces your chances of waking up with a runny, stuffy nose, watery eyes and suffering a sneezing fit.

Make a style statement


The beautiful sheen of the finest charmeuse woven mulberry silk is not only good for your skin, hair and beauty sleep. It also adds style and flair to your home. Settling down for a great night’s sleep feels utterly decadent, and the luxurious look of the sleek silk can transform your bedroom.


Why not take a look at our enticing range of colours and animal print patterns? Whether you prefer pure ivory, classic taupe, grey or black, a funky snakeskin or leopard print, soft pink or deep jade, there’s a shade to suit every member of the family.

Why wait when you could experience better hair, skin and sleep with a stylish Calidad Home silk pillowcase?