After not being able to find any top quality silk bedding… I decided to make some myself.

It took 18 months of research and testing before I came up with the most luxurious silk bedding.

We only sell 22 momme long strand A6 grade 100% mulberry silk. The best you can buy!

I believe everyone should have the chance to sleep on luxury silk bedding.


Many people think all silk is the same. Many companies will sell silk that is 19 momme. This means the silk is thinner and much cheaper to make. Many silk pillowcase suppliers ship from countries outside the UK. This means that you will have to pay import duty when it enters the UK. To see real reviews on TRUSTPILOT Click HereWe only sell 22 momme silk which has 20% more silk making them thicker and more hard wearing. A quality Mulberry silk pillowcase will last for years so why not treat yourself to the best silk money can buy?