The bedroom should be our haven, where we can explore our favourite colours and how they blend together. However, most of the time, our inspiration gets stuck in our heads because we don't see how these colours come together or have a clear image in our minds.

This is where we come in! We can help you visualize how these colours can creatively harmonize and transform your bedroom into a safe and inspiring space.

But here's the catch: as much as we'd love to combine our most random favourite colours to create that perfect bedroom space with our mattress, pillowcases and the likes. There are specific rules that govern such pairings. To make it work, you need to have a streamlined process.

One important aspect to consider is the colour wheel. It does tell you which colours work well together. Complementary colours, located opposite each other on the wheel, such as red and green, create a strong contrast.

However, this might not be the effect you're aiming for. Colours that are next to each other on the wheel tend to create a more harmonious blend. Additionally, you can also consider colours within the same colour family.

Another rule would be maintaining a sense of balance in your colour choices. You don't want one colour to overwhelm the room. Following a 60-30-10 guideline can be helpful. This means that 60% of your room is dominated by one colour, 30% is a secondary colour, and 10% is an accent colour.

You could have the right colour scheme but with an improper balance in place you end up doing it all wrong. It's also worth taking into account the emotional impact and meaning associated with different colours, as they can set the overall mood and vibe of the room.

8 Creative Colour Combinations to Make your Bedroom look Beautiful

Here are a few colour combos to get that bedroom of your dreams!

  1. Pink and Green

 Pink and green bedroom space

Pink is a colour that carries numerous meaningful associations. It exudes an aura of innocence, youthfulness, and creates a playful mood. When combined with green, it elevates to a whole new level. This bedroom colour combination is highly recommended!

  1. Dark Tone Colours and Peach

Dark tone colours bedroom space combo

You can never go wrong with dark-tone colours. They set the stage for a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. If dark colours are your Favourites, go ahead and create this combination! Because the result will be absolutely perfect.

  1. Pink, Peach and Orange

Pink, peach and orange bedroom space

Now, here's the thing – pink is an absolute beauty, but you might not have thought that a combination with orange would make it pop. However, it certainly does.

The peach and orange combination has a characteristic appeal that seems to blend harmoniously with the pink. This is a bedroom you'll love to enter and may not want to leave, unless, of course, you absolutely have to.

  1. White and Blue

White and blue bedroom colour combination

Blue is a breath of fresh air, providing the bedroom with a sense of calmness and peace reminiscent of the feelings you experience by the sea. And when combined with white, it creates an ideal bedroom ambiance!

  1. Black and White

Black and white bedroom space

This is an absolute favorite, and its aesthetics exude minimalism while providing Instagram-worthy content.

It imparts a cozy ambiance, making it an ideal choice for fashioning a chic and inviting space. Let's not forget that black epitomizes sophistication. If that's what you're aiming for, this colour combination is tailored for you.

  1. Green and White

Green and white bedroom colour combination ideas

Green carries a certain dominant appeal, possessing strong qualities while also evoking the sensation of nature. It captures that same feeling you experience during a leisurely walk in a garden, allowing you to bring the essence of nature into your room.

When paired with white, this feeling is accentuated, as white serves to harmonize and emphasize the natural ambiance.

  1. White and Grey

White and grey bedroom colour combination 

White exudes a stunning ambiance and aesthetics. When paired with a color that shares a similar but slightly darker shade, it enhances its allure. Stepping into the room, it beckons you, promising relaxation.

  1. Earthly tones

Brown and white bedroom space

Incorporating the earthy tones of nature, in their most understated yet vibrant expressions, in combination with white, can result in a bedroom space of exceptional allure and comfort.


October 06, 2023 — Michelle Fletcher Smith