Its your super soft winter essential

oversized hoodie blanket

If you’re looking for a super soft oversized hoodie blanket, then you’re in just the right place! Our family had already fallen in love with the blanket hoodie concept, as they kept us all warm and toasty indoors during the winter.

If you want to buy an blanket hoodie in the United Kingdom, there’s nowhere better to shop, we promise! We’ve done all our homework to make sure we’re offering the warmest blanket hoodie available anywhere.

Whatever size you pick, this is designed to be an extra large hoodie blanket in an extra generous size. So if the little ones or family pets want to snuggle up underneath it, there’s plenty of room for everyone!

Wear your blanket sweatshirt around the house this winter and you could save more than a small fortune on your heating bills. Who needs to faff around lighting the log burner, switch on the electric fire while casting anxious glances at the smart meter or set the gas central heating to 21 degrees when you have a blanket hoodie to keep you snug?

Whether you want to find a kids’ soft warming blanket hoodie or a women’s or men’s large blanket hoodie to save on heating bills, we’ve got the lot. The top quality hooded blanket we sell comes in two sizes to fit children and adults perfectly.

What’s so special about our blanket hoodies?

If you’re looking for a one size fits all fleece hoodie blanket this year, look no further. This is a serious investment in your winter warmth and comfort, so it’s worth making sure you’re buying the very best.

the warm fleece hooded blanket

The warm fleece hooded blanket

We’re certain this is, quite simply, the warmest blanket hoodie available in the United Kingdom. On the outside you’ll find strokably soft fleece, while on the inside it’s lined with ultra cosy sherpa to keep your core warm all winter long.

The large front pocket

We all live an increasingly busy lifestyle, and having storage right there when you want it can help you make the most of every valuable second of spare time. The huge pocket on this large hoodie means you can keep whatever you need handy - whether that’s your smartphone, tissues, keys, lip balm, payment card, a book or even some snacks!

large pocket in a hooded blanket
Machine your blanket hoodie

The machine washable fleece blanket

Our large hooded blanket is machine washable, so it’s no worries if you spill your mug of tea, can of beer or glass of wine down the front. Nor if the kids accidentally pour the entire contents of their juice bottle all over theirs.

Not only does it wash well, it also dries more quickly than you might think. Meaning it will soon be ready to grab and pull on once more, whenever you start to feel those chills creeping in!

The giant super warm hoodie blanket

This is a giant hooded blanket. It’s meant to be incredibly generous in terms of space, so you can move around freely whatever you’re doing. You can also wrap it right around you for the cosiest, most comfortable feeling ever.

the giant hoodie blanket
The kids’ oversized hoodie blanket

The kids’ blanket hoodie

We offer our hoodie blankets in two sizes. The children’s option is made to allow for a generous fit, but it won’t swamp them. As it’s so spacious, it won't even be outgrown by the time next winter comes around!

This kids’ hoodie is ultra comfortable, and it looks pretty cool too. A range of colours and designs are offered, and the more we sell the bigger the selection will get.

You know how hard it can be to find a gift for a teenager... Getting the right style of clothing can be a nightmare. Thats where a oversize hoodie comes in. One size fits all and everyone loves to be warm in winter.

The women’s and men’s blanket hoodie

Our super warm fleece hoodie for grown-ups comes in one super spacious 6XL size. When you cosy down on the sofa wearing this, it’s like snuggling up under a vast duvet that will keep you warm all day or evening long.

Like the hoodie for kids, the adults’ hoodie comes in a choice of prints and colours. One word of warning, though. We can’t promise you won’t drift off into a blissful, cosseted slumber while you’re wearing it!

oversized blankets for men and women

Key features and benefits at-a-glance

  • The United Kingdoms warmest oversize hoodie blanket
  • Cosy sherpa inner and soft touch fleece outer
  • Huge front storage pocket
  • Fully machine washable and fast-drying
  • Very generously sized for added space and comfort
  • Available in adults’ or kids’ sizes
  • A range of attractive colours and prints

5 top uses for your warming blanket

1, Give as a gift

If you’re stuck regarding what to buy someone for Christmas, Mother’s Day, their birthday or Valentine’s, then why not treat them to a luxuriously soft, comfortable hooded fleece blanket?

Who could resist falling in love with something that makes them feel so cosy and cared-for? An item that even has the potential to save them plenty of cash?

give a hooded blanket as a gift
take your blanket hoodie away with you

2, Take it away

Even in summer, a wearable blanket is ideal for camping trips, staying out in the garden until late at night or snuggling up by the sea when it’s windy. That way the unpredictable and often unkind UK weather needn’t put a stop to your plans.

If you like to stop for impromptu picnics or walks on the beach, why not keep one in the car for each member of your household?

Want to know more about hooded blankets? We have the answer to all your questions.

3, Save the smart meter

Most of us have a smart meter these days, but however you pay for your heating there's no doubt that it’s costing households much more than ever before. Wrap everyone up in one of these hooded blanket sweatshirts and you could save vast amounts on your energy bills.

Who wants to spend more of their hard-earned cash on heating than they have to? Money that could be put aside for a meal out, a shopping spree or even a holiday in the sun?

wrap up warm so you use the heating less
wearing a hooded blanket is ideal for nights on the sofa

5, Snuggle up on the sofa

Who doesn’t love a solo, couples or family movie night? Hot chocolate or a glass of something stronger, snacks to dip into and a film you’ve been keen to see - or re-watch - for ages?

To top it all off, add a big fluffy hooded blanket apiece and you’re all set. Once you’ve tried it, there’ll be no going back! Especially when it comes to the winter months.

Is there anything better than getting up on a chilly Saturday morning and slipping on a lovely warm hooded blanket and reading the papers or sitting to watch a bit of TV.

6, Wear it for work

If you’re one of the increasing number of people working partly or full-time from home these days, then why heat the whole house when you’re home alone? Wrap up warm with a blanket you can wear instead. There are real benefits of wearing comfortable clothing when you are working.

After the covid lockdowns I think the days of wearing a suit to work are long gone with many companies going for a more relaxed and comfortable dress code.

This is especially useful if you’re one of the many people working from a chilly converted garage, loft or garden room. Again, think of the savings you’ll make on heating that draughty spare room, summerhouse or conservatory.

wear your oversized blanket hoodie for work

Hoodie blanket designs

If you think you might be ready to treat yourself or someone else to a cosy hooded blanket
what are the options you can choose from?

Here’s a quick rundown of the designs we offer.

Adults’ hooded blankets

The grown-up version of the tie-dye sweatshirt hoodie comes in dramatic light and dark blue, fresh blue and white or pastel aqua, white and pink.

blue and white blanket hoodie

The plain coloured blanket hoodie for adults comes in smart light or dark grey, royal blue or softest pink.

Dark grey hooded blanket

Kids’ hooded blankets

Our hoodie blankets for kids come in four irresistible options.

kids tie-dye hooded blanket

Kids’ tie-dye

The tie dye pattern is ideal for those who love a mix of colours. You’ll find patches, splashes and swirls of pink, lilac, yellow and aqua, with a sprinkling of white stars.

kids galaxy hooded blanket

Kids’ galaxy

Stargazers and space fans alike will love the galaxy kids’ hoodie blanket. In deep, dramatic shades of black and blue, there’s something otherworldly about this design.

kids giraffe hooded blanket

Kids’ giraffe

One for the little animal lovers here. Who can resist a warm giraffe print in milky coffee and chocolate tones, complete with a cute giraffe head for a hood?

Kids pink rainbow hooded blanket

Kids’ rainbow

If he or she loves pink and rainbows, then you’ve got it all sewn up with this pretty one. There’s also a few sparkling stars and fluffy clouds thrown in.

What’s so special about

So who is Silk Pillowcase? Why did we decide to start selling these ultra snug blanket sweatshirts for adults and kids?

We’re a small family company based on the sunny south coast of England. At first, we started offering the finest silk pillowcases in the world for sale. Due to phenomenal success, we’ve since added a handpicked selection of high quality items to our range.

Now we sell silk pillowcases in a choice of bright, neutral and pastel colours, as well as animal prints in pink, monochrome and neutral colours. For those who can’t make up their mind, we also offer a multicoloured tie-dye design.

Silk scrunchies in some of the same colours and prints were next on the list. We also sell silk eye masks, silk and cashmere scarves, gift boxes for all occasions and now luxurious hooded blankets.

Every product we offer must meet our exacting high standards, and is thoroughly tested on real people before sale. A 30-day money back guarantee is yours with every item, in case you do decide it’s not for you.

Free delivery via Royal Mail is also offered with every order. We can also post via next day delivery, to Ireland or even to the rest of the world.

Order from us and items will always be dispatched from our family-run office as soon as possible. If you have any questions at all, we’re just a phone call or email away.

When shopping within the United Kingdom, you’ll also benefit from faster delivery and no customs charges as compared to ordering from overseas-based companies.

Ready to choose your brand-new deluxe hooded blanket? Then why not take a look at the full range here.