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Grey vs Charcoal - good for teenagers too

Lighter in colour than charcoal but both really beautiful deep colours. Bought it to help my teenager to fight acne and bad hair days!!! Lovely gift for Xmas.

Great pillowcase

Very happy with my purchase. Face cream stays on my face and is not absorbed by the pillowcase. Very comfy and smooth.
Only down is that it tends to travel/slip to the side of my bed by the end of hhe night but not an issue.

Wonderful as ever..

Love love these silk pillow cases. They really are the best. Worth every penny. Great colours. I awake with shiny hair and no crinkles on my face :-)

Supper Scrunchies

Better than any others I have used. They stay in place whereas others seem to slip and also leave hardly any mark when you take your hair down. Good range of colours too.

Cashmere scarf

My daughter loves it.what quality worth every penny

Simply Bliss

Since investing in Silk Pillowcases, I wouldn't sleep on anything else.
My skin feels softer & my hair has no more frizz.
Even better Silk Pilliqcase Store come with peace of mind with a 90 day trial

Lilac silk pillowcase

I hope thé vidéo upload worked.
This is my fourth pillowcase and I now have the colour I wanted originally. I’m still tempted to buy more, even though I only need one!

Dark Pink Silk Pillowcase

Fine item. Washes well and remains in great condition,


I have got a grey set,wine set and ivory (cream) .not only do i have a better nights sleep but since using them my hair has improved so much. Excellent product reasonable price. Delivery fast packaging lovely 😍 x

Charcoal Silk Pillowcase
Carey Hodgkinson
Luscious Hair

On the advice of my hairdresser I bought your silk pillowcase.
Complete revelation no more bedhair and my style remains, no more dry ends.
Thank you, highly recommended

Dark Blue Tie-Dye Hooded Blanket
Eileen Jackson

This hoodie was bought as a Christmas present for my granddaughter - so really sorry can’t give you a review at this moment in time

Snake skin silk pillow case

My daughter has said she’s going nick it she loves it there’s no way she’s getting her hands on it I love it

Gold Silk Pillowcase
Hazel Donnelly

WelI was sceptical, shiny hair indeed. It works! I was surprised. I am waiting for the wrinkles to disappear next….I slept better as well, maybe this was a bonus…

Ahh, lovely Hazel thank you. You wouldn't be the first to be sceptical...I was too! Until I found the VERY best silk and the very best manufacturer, put them together and changing difference to hair, skin...and sleep!!
Lots of love
Michelle xx

Gold Silk Pillowcase
Gillian Reardon
Perfect present

I purchased a sik pillowcase some time ago a love it then purchased one for my daughter the gold ones are a Christmas gift but may be tempted to keep them as will never go back to cotton pillowcases after sleeping on silk.

Thank you Gillian for spreading the Christmas love early...go ahead and keep them and look out for some more amazing deals for Christmas presents coming up ;o) Watch this space.
Love from
Michelle xx

Gold Silk Pillowcase
Maureen Bell

Love these pillowcases I’m on my third one will never go back to normal ones my silk pillowcase comes with me when I travel and the service is great 😁

Dear Maureen
We LOVE you more!! Thank you for your kindness on the review and for letting us know.
Have a great day.
Michelle xx

Wonderful Product!

This particular case is a Christmas present, so not tried yet but if it is a lovely as the ones I have bought for myself it will be perfect.

Ahh, love this and THANK YOU xx Michelle

the BEST for healthy hair

I have severely damaged hair, silk is SO important for keeping it healthy, and this one is the best I’ve tried. It had also improved my skin!

Anna, THANK YOU so much for your fabulous video and review...we LOVE it! There is another complimentary Zebra print pillowcase in the post to you today..ENJOY!!!

Large Silk Pillowcase

I have several of your silk pillowcases. I recently replaced a pillow and the standard size was a bit tight hence the purchase of a large size. This was too big and you (hopefully) credited my account.

Ivory Silk Pillowcase
Bernadette Wu
No More Face Pillow Crease and Bad Hair!

As a side sleeper I get creases on my left face and bad hair on one side. With the silk pillowcase smooth face and hair!

White silk pillowcases

Beautiful silk pillow slip, delivery excellent. Definitely recommend

Smooth and comfy

I have washed it once and it has dried very quickly lying flat in my conservatory. I haven't yet noticed any improvement in my hair condition but live in hope.


Very good quality. Washes beautifully in Persil silk/wool liquid. Highly recommend and a sensible price for the quality.

This has revolutionised my sleep

I used to toss and turn for hours until I fell asleep but now I sleep much quicker. My skin looks more hydrated in the morning and my hair is definitely less messy and doesnt stick up any more. I feel like this is a necessary luxury as sleep is so important to our health. I wish I had bought this years ago. The grey is such a lovely rich colour and looks even better than advertised. So happy I took the plunge! We all deserve a good night sleep.

Lie Down, Sink In, and Induge! (If Only A Duvet Cover Was Available!)

I now have two silk pillow slips in navy blue, and it is without a doubt the best opportunity of eczema relief I've experienced. I'm not a vain lady but the potential of waking up after sleeping the night through without sore, itching, cracked, red, and bleeding skin on my face, neck, and head was almost too good to be true, if it was true it would be just a Godsend!

I just want to feel comfortable in my skin, and thankfully this silk delivers the relief I craved.
As a scientist I was sceptical and sought research journals to support the claim. In the end, it took two weeks of my own experience for me to really believe and begin to see the benefit rather than research papers. If silk duvet covers and gowns were to he made available then I'd be buying them!

On top of the eczema relief, the ability to switch the pillow over to 'the cool side' is delightful and far better than the cotton 'cool side' I find. No idea about effects on hair but I'll be getting my third pillow slip shortly, as the zip enclosure is much better than the fold over envelope style, especially when I take it with me for travelling away.

Ivory Silk Pillowcase
Stephen Manning
sweet dreams

these pillow slips are on the money