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Great service

Very happy with pillowcase and customer service. Thanks


Pillowcase is lovely, fits perfectly love the zip makes it very neat! Great to sleep on, cooling and soft and silky!! Love it!

Ivory Silk Pillowcase


I bought a pair of dark blue pillowcases for my sister's birthday, after having bought myself a pair of taupe pillowcases last year. Quality product with a good range of colour choices...and i love the addition of the zip...excellent. Very cooling for those menopausal moments and no more birds nest hair in the morning! My husband will still be using the cotton pillowcases, the silk ones are MINE!

So soft.

Great service, quick response. Lovely to sleep on , so gentle on my skin.
Will buy again for presents.

Silk pillowcase

Feels lovely against my skin, recommend you buy one as young as you can.

I have not used them as yet , I shall be taking them to South Africa when a flight becomes available.Your service is excellent and it is a fine product. I found you by accident, there was an advertisement for Blissy on my iPad and I wanted to support local business. Top quality and super service and a superb present


Really pleased with my purchase, going to buy another. Excellent customer care.

Best night sleep

I sleep so much better with my silk pillow case. Packing was great for the environment, I like how they don’t use loads of plastic.
My skin is starting to improve although the disposal face masks don’t help with irritation. I’ve even bought the face masks now, I loved the pillow case so much.
Overall brilliant customer service, great product and delivered on time. Can’t wait to order the fitted sheets.


The silk used on the pillowcases is so soft and I especially love the zip closure! No morning wrinkles or messy hair.
I will be ordering spares!

Smooth and soft

The pillow case arrived swiftly and neatly packaged. It has washed well. It is lovely and smooth and is helping to keep hair in good condition. Would recommend.

Ivory Silk Pillowcase


A beautiful silk pillow case supper quality will buy again

Amazed and delighted

When you read reviews that tell you something is so amazingly good, its easy to be sceptical. But a friend recommended a silk pillowcase when I was complaining about my hair, which is thin, fine and - at the time - frizzy every morning. So I decided to give one a try and after looking round found Calidad. The selection was great and the delivery surprisingly prompt. After one night sleeping on the silk, my hair was not fizzed out all over the place when I woke up. I thought it might be a one off. It wasn't. My hair is so much better, it's really quite unbelievable. If I read this, I'd be rolling my eyes...but it really has worked. I've bought two more for myself, and given a couple as gifts.
If you're hesitating, I say give it a try. I am so glad I did.

Pure luxury

I've had silk pillowcases before but never one of this quality. I imagine it will last well. So well made, it has a neat, discreet zip at one end and you can order the exact size for your pillow. The silk is cool and soft and I wake up with happy hair and skin. Perfect.

Sleep well

No tossing and turning with these cool and comfortable silk pillowcases. I have silk pillowcases and silk pillows for comfort

Silk pillowcase

Feels lovely to sleep on. Certainly makes hair look better first thing in the morning.

Affordable Luxury

Beautiful and cool to sleep on.No more bad hair days.Wonderful.

Luxurious gift

Would absolutely recommend the silk pillowcase. Was given one at Christmas which I love so much that I recently bought one each for my daughters. They are equally thrilled. More orders to come, for sure 😀

Silk Pillowcase

Just luxurious to sleep on

Gentle on hair

The first thing I've noticed since sleeping on the silk pillowcase is that the back of my hair doesn't get knotted like it used to. I also don't loose as much hair when combing conditioner through my hair in the shower.

I have now ordered a pack of silk scrunchies.

Customer Service

Excellent customer service👍🏼

Good service

No problem and a happy wife who loves them

Grey silk pillowcase

This was a birthday gift for my daughter, she gives it 10/10 and she LOVES it!

Lovely product

I ordered a silk pillowcase and have been sleeping on it for a few days now . . .it is a lovely product. Wonderfully soft and smooth and importantly, for me, it is cool on the face - which I love. Not sure if I look ten years younger but time will tell! :) I wish I’d bought one before now.