How to stay cool during those long, hot summer nights

Summer’s coming, people: yes, even here in Great Britain. If you’re one of those people who always wakes up hot during the warmer months and you want to beat the heat by night, this guide is packed with helpful tips to help you stay cool. See our article about silk bedding to help you keep cool in summer.
May 13, 2022 — Michelle Fletcher Smith

The Best Skincare for Sensitive Skin: a Simple 7-Step Programme

If you have skin that can be dry, inflamed or just plain sensitive, what’s the best skincare approach to use?
March 28, 2022 — Michelle Fletcher Smith

What do you wear with a cashmere wrap?

If you’ve been browsing cashmere wraps and ponchos and have thought about investing in one, a question that may be at the forefront of your mind is what you could wear it with. How do you style cashmere shawls and just how versatile is this kind of piece?
March 28, 2022 — Michelle Fletcher Smith

The natural, long-lasting frizzy hair treatment

Frizzy hair can be the bane of your life, especially on a bad hair day. Whether it’s because you ran out of time for a blow-dry or due to the damp, misty weather that hits you as soon as you step out of the door, those messy flyaway strands are not a good look.
March 28, 2022 — Michelle Fletcher Smith

How to take care of afro hair

If your crowning glory is a head of afro hair, then we know only too well how tricky it can be to care for. The youngest member of the Calidad Home family has this kind of hair. Yes, it’s glorious and looks utterly gorgeous when being shown off to its best advantage, but we’re also well versed how much work goes into keeping it looking and feeling good.  

March 08, 2022 — Michelle Fletcher Smith

Why choose silk bedding?

We all know that silk is a beautiful, natural and luxurious fabric - but there is a downside. The cost. A pure mulberry silk pillowcase, for example, is several times the price of the average cotton one. So why choose silk bedding, when it will cost you so much more to buy? Or to put it another way - why is silk worth the investment?
March 08, 2022 — Michelle Fletcher Smith

What is the history behind silk?

Whether you already own a silk pillowcase or are thinking about investing in a silk scarf or set of silk scrunchies, have you ever wondered what is the history behind silk? This post will tell you all you need to know - without sifting through pages and pages of information!
November 22, 2021 — Michelle Smith

Are silk pillowcases good for cancer patients?

Here at Calidad Home, we’ve noticed that our pure mulberry silk pillowcases are often ordered as gifts for cancer patients. In fact it’s for this very reason that we’ve launched our Cancer Care range of products.
November 22, 2021 — Michelle Smith

What animals can produce silk?

You might know that silk is produced by silkworms, and might even be familiar with the fact that the species involved loves to eat mulberry leaves - hence the term mulberry silk. But do you really know what silkworms are? Are they a type of caterpillar or a kind of worm? Also, can any other creatures make silk?
November 22, 2021 — Michelle Smith

What is so special about a mulberry tree?

The mulberry is a small to medium tree that is also known by its scientific name Morus alba. It may also be referred to as the white, common or silkworm mulberry.
November 22, 2021 — Michelle Smith

100% Mulberry Silk Eye Masks

Calidad Home’s range of 100% mulberry silk eye masks are made using only the world’s finest silk. Using an eye mask can help to protect the delicate skin around the eye area as you sleep, helping to guard against wrinkles and other signs of ageing.
November 22, 2021 — Michelle Smith

What anniversary year is silk?

While buying a gift for the happy couple is seen as a must when a family member or close friend gets married, or when you’re invited to a wedding, what happens afterwards?

October 18, 2021 — Michelle Smith