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Only Calidad Home pillowcases are 22 Momme 6A Long Stand silk- twice as luxurious and longer lasting than cheaper silk brands

12 Reasons To Sleep On A Silk Pillowcase

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase will give you glossier sleeker hair

Sleeping on silk is cooling in summer - Helps you keep cooler

Silk is a natural product and hypoallergenic - Good for allergy sufferers

Sleeping on silk does not draw away moisture like cotton - Giving you glowing healthy skin

Bed mite repellant - No more nasties in your bed

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase feels luxurious

Wake up looking amazing with a silk pillowcases anti-ageing benefits

Good quality silk is long-lasting - A top quality pillowcase will last for years

Suitable for the most sensitive skin - No more rashes or itching

Silk is very quick-drying and easy to care for

Warming in winter - Feels snug when it gets colder

The best quality silk pillowcases are machine washable on a cool wash

A high-quality mulberry silk pillowcase will last for years, so why not
treat yourself to the best silk money can buy?
There are other silk pillowcase companies out there, but we're the best.
Here's why:

You Can Feel The Difference

Your Handmade Silk Pillowcase

Imagine the feeling of waking up on a luxurious, pure silk pillowcase.

We only use 22 momme 100% mulberry silk in our pillowcases giving you the best and most natural silk available.

Naturally Hypoallergenic

Mulberry silk pillowcases are made of strong fibres that are also naturally hypoallergenic.

Because it's such a natural material, 100% silk is highly unlikely to cause allergic reactions, and the strong, smooth fibres deflect allergens such as pollen. Our silk is a natural product and so gentle it can help relieve symptoms of skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

Anti-Ageing Beauty Benefits

Our 100% mulberry silk pillowcases are an ancient beauty secret that has been used all over the world for hundreds of years by pharaohs, emperors, and aristocrats to keep their skin and hair looking good.

You can even put it in your suitcase and take it with you on holiday!

Buy As A Gift

Your silk pillowcase can be beautifully packaged in a presentation box, making it the perfect gift for a loved one.

grey silk pillowcase

To Look & Feel Amazing Sleep On A Silk Pillowcase

Do you wake up in the morning with a frizzy bird's nest on your head and more wrinkles than you went to sleep with?

A 100% silk pillowcase might be the answer.

According to dermatologists, sleeping on cotton pillowcases and bedding draws moisture out of the skin, which can leave it dry, itchy, or irritated. In contrast, sleeping on a silk bed set can help your skin retain its natural moisture.

The lack of friction caused when using silk pillowcases versus cotton pillowcases has the effect of reducing fine lines and puffiness on your face when you wake up each morning.

Our 100% mulberry silk pillowcases has a much smoother surface to slide across, and so fewer tangles occur. This in turn means fewer breakages and overall smoother glossier hair.

Sleep On Silk Pillowcase Luxury

Wake up looking and feeling fabulous with glowing skin
and smoother, glossier hair.

Unlike synthetic fibres, a natural mulberry silk pillowcase doesn't cause unwanted
static electricity to build up while you sleep.

This keeps frizz at bay all night, and skin stays soft and supple. A 100% mulberry silk pillowcase
is an unparalleled combination of luxury, quality, thickness, and durability.

Take good care of your silk pillowcase, and it could last for many years, helping you to
wake up with lustrous hair and silky skin every single day.

Gift Boxes

Choose your gift box from our exciting range. We include our extremely popular 100% mulberry silk pillowcases with a range of other little treats such as chocolate, room scents, face masks, and eye masks.

Whatever you choose, we
will take your masterpiece, pack it to perfection, and send it straight to your recipient's doorstep (or office). They will love it — and they'll love you too!

Over 900 5* reviews
Over 900 5* reviews
Wow what a difference my pillow case has made smoothing my hair since the first night. I can also see a change in my complexion already. Wish I had invested in one years ago, I thought it was a myth sleeping on silk.
grey silk pillowcase
Over 900 5* reviews
I bought the white silk pillowcase for my 15year old grandson who suffers with severe allergies and eczema. He absolutely loves the soft, smooth feel of the pillowcase on his face and says his skin had improved since using it. Even his hair is less unruly.
white silk pillowcase
Over 900 5* reviews
Adds a really luxurious tactile quality to the pillow and keeps it cool. Thoroughly recommended. Less wrinkles on the face in the morning seems feasible excuse for splashing out for this and it'll make a terrific Christmas present for friends.
Tie-dye silk pillowcase

Benefits Of Sleeping On Silk

sleeping on silk gives you smooth glossy hair

Smooth Glossy Hair

Silk has less friction than cotton so can reduce friction on your hair helping to tame that morning hair frizz.
Wake up with beautiful hair.

younger looking skin

Younger Looking Skin

A silk pillowcase has amazing beauty benefits helping to keep more moisture in the skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Wake up looking amazing.

better sleep on silk

Sleep Better

Sleeping on natural silk has many benefits like the cooling properties helping you get a better nights sleep.
Wake up feeling refreshed.

FAQs about silk pillowcases

What size are your pillowcases?

Our pillowcases are 50cm x 75cm (20" x 30") a perfect fit for standard pillows.

We also do a king size which is 50cm x 90cm (20" x 35").

If you have any questions about sizing please contact us at info@calidadhome.com or phone us on 01425 270283

What is your guarantee?

We offer a 90 night money back guarantee on all our pillowcases.

How to wash a silk pillowcase?

As our silk pillowcases are the best quality you can wash them in a washing machine.

We recommend ecover wool & silk washing liquid.
Simply turn the pillowcase inside out and machine wash at 30° then dry flat out of direct sunlight or tumble dry on a low heat.

Is silk or satin better for your hair?

While it’s true part of the reason why silk is good for your hair concerns the smoothness of the fabric, this is only some of the story. The reality is, silk and satin are very different. Silk is an entirely natural fabric, as well as being super smooth. Satin, on the other hand, is man made. As you may know, synthetic fabrics often cause static. That’s why people often get a small electric shock when pulling a nylon jumper over their head.

Static causes friction, which is not good for your hair at all. Silk is much more gentle on your hair precisely because its super smooth, static-free surface causes far less friction when strands come into contact with - and move over the surface of - your pillow during the night. The thicker, more finely woven strands of premium quality silk make a fabric that is more gentle on your hair than any other.

Are silk pillowcases really worth it?

We know that top quality silk pillowcases are not cheap. However, are they really expensive as such? It all depends on what you compare them with. The price of a silk pillowcase can be many times the cost of a cotton equivalent, yes. But the cost is also comparable to various face creams. You might spend £50, for instance, on one pot of night cream. How long will that last you? A few months at most. A silk pillowcase will last for years, making it far better value for money.

Silk pillowcases are so worth it. Not least because they don’t absorb all that pricey face cream in the same way that cotton would, leaving your skin to reap the benefits of silk. They are great for sensitive, dry, irritated, spot-prone and ageing skin, as the surface is much softer and doesn’t drag as you move during the night. The means silk pillowcase fans wake up with fresher, plumper, younger looking skin after enjoying the pure luxury of sleeping on silk.

Silk pillowcase users also enjoy sleeker, smoother hair that’s easer to control and style. It is also less prone to frizz, damage and dryness. So yes,if you want frizz free hair a silk pillowcase really is worth the money.

What's better - silk or satin pillowcase?

There really is no contest. As touched on above in the first question, silk is a naturally sleek fabric. Satin is synthetic, and as such often causes static. The leads to friction - which is bad news for both skin and hair. Friction is to blame for all kinds of evils, such as frizzy hair and pillow creases on the face.

Real silk looks better in your bedroom, too. It has a natural lustre that man made fabrics can not replicate, and if you invest in the best silk you really can see the difference. Calidad Home silk pillowcases are also available in a huge range of dark, pastel, subtle and bright colours, as well as a selection of gorgeous printed silk fabrics.

Natural, premium quality silk is always a much better choice. You may save money by buying satin, but you will also skimp on the benefits. As well as missing out on the luxurious look and feel of pure mulberry silk. It really is incomparable.

Is it really better to sleep on a silk pillowcase?

It depends why you’re asking. Is it better for your hair? Yes. Kinder to your skin? Again, yes. Does it feel utterly luxurious? Of course. Is it better than satin? Yes, because it’s a gentler natural fabric, that doesn’t cause static or friction. Will you actually sleep better? You may well do, not least because silk is better at preventing you from overheating as you sleep, and this if often the cause of wakefulness.

A silk pillowcase looks better and feels amazing. Moreover, it has incredible benefits for your skin and hair. Silk fans report smoother, softer skin, with fewer wrinkles. Those who suffer from sensitive skin conditions like acne, psoriasis or eczema report far less skin irritation after sleeping on silk. Likewise, those with frizzy or unruly hair find their locks far easier to tame.

It really is better to sleep on a silk pillowcase. But do make sure you select only the finest silk. Calidad Home silk products are only made from the purest, 22 momme, long strand mulberry silk fabric that’s been made using the charmeuse weave technique. All this adds up the best silk you’ll find, anywhere in the world. Dispatched with care from our family-run company, based right here in the UK.