Silk pillowcase benefits

Can A Silk Pillowcase Really Have That Many Benefits?  

Silk pillowcases have become more popular lately, with more and more people like beauty experts and bloggers extolling the benefits of sleeping on silk pillowcases in particular

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15 Silk Pillowcase Benefits For Your Skin & Hair

1. A silk pillowcase is machine washable at 30 degrees
2. Silk is very quick-drying
3. Bed mite repellant
4. A good quality silk pillowcase is long-lasting
5. It is a natural product and naturally hypoallergenic
6. Suitable for the most delicate skin
7. It does not draw away moisture like cotton
8. Sleeping on silk has anti-ageing benefits
9. Wonderfully cooling in summer
10. Warming in winter
11. Less absorbent than cotton
12. Sleeping on a silk feels luxurious
13. Non-flammable
14. Silk is a smooth fabric so reduces hair frizz
15. Beauty benefits include fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

The experts are agreed that a 100% Mulberry silk pillowcase has added beauty benefits like reducing fine lines and wrinkles. As you move around in your sleep cotton pillowcases catch your hair resulting in you waking up with frizzy hair. The smooth texture of silk allows your hair and skin to glide over the pillow so when you wake up you don’t have frizzy bed head.

Machine washing a silk pillowcase

Can you wash silk pillowcases?

One of the first questions often raised by those considering a silk pillowcase concerns keeping it clean. People imagine that it is easily damaged and therefore must be hand washed, but this simply isn’t the case. It can be machine washed at 30 degrees – and usually dries far more quickly than its cotton counterpart, too.

It is also surprisingly robust. It is strong as well as super soft, and even repels night-time nasties, such as bed mites or other creepy-crawlies. If you don’t want to share your bed with unwanted guests, a silk pillowcase is a must.

Will SLEEPING ON SILK really prevent wrinkles?

Mulberry silk is naturally hypoallergenic. It is also reported to provide relief for those with skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, and because it is so gentle on the skin it can be very beneficial for those who are undergoing chemotherapy and have very sensitive skin as a result of their treatment.

As well as being gentle on the skin and hair, it can help to hydrate it, too – which can reduce the cost of face creams and other skincare potions. Plenty of anecdotal evidence suggests that another benefit of sleeping on a silk pillowcase can minimise fine lines and wrinkles, and give silk fans a youthful, glowing complexion.

Do They Keep You Cooler At Night?

Silk is so soothing to sleep on, and it’s not only renowned for its anti-ageing properties, gentleness and luxurious smooth texture. It can also help to control, and reduce, hot flushes. Ladies who have reached a certain point in their lives love silk because it can help to get them through the night without waking up because of feeling too hot.

In fact, silk can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture, which can really help those who suffer from night sweats that can be due to hormones, medication or other health-related reasons. It will help greatly and should stop so much tossing and turning giving you a better nights sleep.

What Does It Feel Like Sleeping On Pure Luxury?

Putting skin and hair care benefits to one side for a moment, consider the pure luxury of laying on silk. Silk looks the part – it has a very becoming satin sheen to its surface, making it look just as luxurious as it feels.

Then, there’s the actual feeling of high quality silk on the skin. Once people have experienced silk, they often report having no intention of ever going back to cotton or man-made fabrics, which they often describe as ‘scratchy’ or ‘rough’ in comparison.

a silk pillowcase keeps you warm at night

Does Sleeping On Silk Keep You Warm In Winter?

So silk is cool in summer or for those experiencing hot flushes or night sweats, but how about when the weather is colder? Well, silk is also great at retaining warmth, which can help to minimise waking up in the night due to feeling chilly. This unique quality may also even help to keep down those heating bills, too.

If things get really heated, though, and a fire breaks out, silk will help to protect you. It is naturally non-flammable, so there will be no spreading like wildfire because of silk bed linen, unlike many other furniture and soft furnishing items found around the home.

Will Silk Help Reduce Hair Frizz?

Silk pillowcases prevent friction, giving you smoother sleeker hair which has implications for haircare. Friction is often to blame when it comes to split ends, and it doesn’t help those who are prone to bad hair mornings, either. Those with Afro Caribbean hair, in particular, can benefit from sleeping on silk, as it tends to help keep those tiny, tight curls under control.

It’s not only afro hair that can be tamed though. Plenty of other people struggle to smooth their frizzy hair, too. Laying on silk, rather than a cotton pillowcase, can help to keep hair silky-smooth, too – leaving you more time to do things other than wielding their GHDs or spend a fortune on salon blow dries.

Sleep on silk for no more hair frizz

What Are The Best Silk Pillowcases To Buy IN 2022?

So you’re convinced, and decide to go ahead and buy a silk pillowcase to two.

What do you choose?

Is all silk made equal?

The answer, of course, is no. Silk can vary tremendously in quality. So how do you know what to look for?

There are two main factors. One is the weave. A charmeuse weave is the best weave used in making silk because it gives such a smooth and lustrous surface. This is all the better to rest sensitive skin or flyaway, frizzy hair on because it reduces friction.

The other thing to consider is the ‘momme’ count. Like a thread count as applied to cotton, the momme count gives an indication of the thickness of the material. A higher momme count is generally better, with 22 being the absolute ideal for bed linen.

At Calidad Home, we only use charmeuse 22 momme 100% Mulberry silk. The best silk you can buy.

Calidad Home Silk Pillowcase Label

What Are The Main Benefits Of Sleeping On A Silk Pillowcase?

1. Machine washable at 30 degrees

2. Quick-drying

3. Bed mite repellant

4. Long-lasting

5. Naturally hypoallergenic

6. Suitable for sensitive skin

7. Hydrating

8. Anti-ageing

9. Cooling in summer

10. Warming in winter

11. Absorbent

12. Luxurious

13. Non-flammable

14. Reduces frizz

15. Reduces split ends

The very best quality silk pillowcase is:

  • 1. Charmeuse weave
  • 2. 22 momme count
  • 3. 100% Mulberry


If you like the sound of these benefits of silk pillowcases then why not try sleeping on luxury silk for yourself?

It’s a small price to pay for enjoying so many nights of comfortable, luxurious beauty sleep, as well as smoother skin and hair.

We have a range of colours to choose from including 100% Mulberry white silk pillowcases.