do silk pillowcases really make a difference?

Have you ever wondered about getting yourself some silk pillowcases? How come you haven't yet?

Well, you're probably wondering do silk pillowcases really make a difference? Simply said: YES.

In this article, we will cover what you need to know about silk pillowcases.

So keep reading to learn more.

Silk Fabric

In the industry of fashion, silk is known for being the strongest of fibers, occurring from natural sources. The larvae of specialized insects create cocoons, which are processed in several ways, and then made into fabric. The most famous of these insects are, indeed, the silkworm. Hence the name, silk.

Silk has been employed for use for thousands of years and has always been a sign of comfort and luxury among the upper class. Its texture draws attention, and it glimmers under the light. That's why it so popular for extravagant events, such as weddings.

However, it also holds true to the bedroom and makes sleep that much better in a variety of ways. Some of these ways are listed below, so let's find out why silk is so great.

Great Value for Money

If you're considering buying a silk pillowcase, the first you should do is find an appropriate price tag. With a great quality pillowcase costing over 50 quid, you could be forgiven for thinking of them as luxury items. But are they really?

With spending so much time in your beds, silk is the best fabric to sleep on, bar to none. A decent pillowcase with a momme count of 22 made from charmeuse weave fabric will look ridiculously luxurious. There is no other pillowcase material that is as gentle on the hair and skin, and that's due to silk's ultra-smooth surface.

One pillowcase will last years. Much longer than any bottle of anti-aging cream or night serum, which will be gone in a matter of weeks. What else is there to buy for 50 quid that will last longer, and have such an impact on your sleep and beauty?


Can Silk Prevent Wrinkles?

Oddly enough, it certainly can. Smooth surfaces with less friction resulting in less tugging on the surface of your skin. Many people get crush wrinkles from sleeping on their face or side, so silk sort of solves this problem.

Friction from turning and tossing creases the skin, but a silky smooth pillowcase can reduce the effects of this by a long-shot. Nobody wants wrinkles, so invest in something that can help you rid yourself of them.

Can Silk Prevent Frizzy Hair?

It certainly can. With the super-smooth surface, hair glides over without friction, meaning you are unlikely to wake up with frizzy hair, bedhead, or tangles. Sleeping on silk is a given for women with curly and textured hair that want to keep their blowouts and braids preserved for longer without the frizz.

Hair matters so does your sleep. So invest in something that can improve both.

Several Reasons In Response to "Do Silk Pillowcases Really Make A Difference?"

As mentioned earlier, silk pillowcases certainly help. However, do silk pillowcases really make a difference? Well, let's find out.

Naturally Hypoallergenic

Silk is a fabric of natural hypoallergenic status, which makes it perfect for people's dry skin conditions or sensitive skin. It also prevents dust mites and other typical allergens, so you can be confident in sleeping well with no harm done.

Mulberry silk comes from silkworms that are fed mulberry leaves. They are kept in captivity, thus protected from predators. This means there is no addition of chemical composition to mulberry silk. Other fabrics such as cotton require herbicides and pesticides, which later seep into your skin. Sleeping on silk lowers exposure to skin irritants and that's important.

Nearest to Skin

Silk is a material that is nearest to the skin. It consists of 18 of the same essential proteins found in our skin, as well as having the same pH, which makes it a great supplement to premature aging.

Cellular Regeneration

The fabric compound has a naturally-occurring cellular albumen fiber, which helps with cellular regeneration. Thus, protecting you from the dullness of aging. It does take time, so don't expect to see results overnight.


Silk does not absorb natural moisture from the skin. This means you get to experience better elasticity, lesser wrinkles, and improved hydration. It doesn't absorb serums or creams that you put on at night, meaning they get to stay on and work longer.

Heat Regulation

Silk is heat regulation, meaning it mediates the body temperature and is not conducive to static electricity/heat. It helps reduce heat in the summer and maintain warmth in the winter.


Beauty and health benefits aside, sleeping on a silk pillowcase just feels great. When spending more than a third of your life in bed, why not spend some money on making sure you have the best possible experience?

Silk Pillowcases for You

So when somebody asks you "Do silk pillowcases really make a difference?", what do you tell them now? Of course, they do! Silk is a luxurious fabric that most people have only heard about, but that doesn't have to be you. If you really think about it, silk is very affordable, considering its longevity and strength. 

Nonetheless, whatever you choose to do, it will be right for you. If you're interested in buying some of the highest quality silk pillowcases on the market, get in touch with us and we will happily accommodate your needs.

August 17, 2020 — Michelle Smith