why sleeping on a silk pillowcase is great for beards

A healthy beard is an incredibly attractive look. The journey, however, to that “healthy” stage can be a huge commitment, with a lot of the right products going into it and routines.

But here's the thing: you could be doing the right things but not getting the right results because you're missing out on an important step in your night care routine, which is sleeping on a silk pillowcase.

This might not sound like a big deal, but it is.

Here, you'll find out how much of a big deal that is and how beneficial it is for your beards.

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The Benefits of Silk Pillowcase for Beards

Silk pillowcases are a must-have for beautiful beards and here are the reasons why:

silk keeps in moisture

Silk Keeps in Moisture

The beards and facial hair, you may have noticed, are drier to touch, and this is because the natural oils have a harder time traveling down the hair shaft compared to the hair on our heads, where the natural oils or sebum are distributed from the scalp down to the hair shaft.

Because of this, facial hairs and beards are coarser and drier, just as it is for curly-haired women and afro girlies.

This lack of moisture can result in dryness and roughness. And what would help in this case is going on with moisturizing treatments. But that would amount to nothing if you sleep on a cotton pillowcase or bedding.

Cotton has a rough surface texture that can tug and pull at the beard, especially with tossing and turning during sleep, stripping away moisture and causing dryness and roughness.

 On the other hand, using a silk pillowcase changes the story. Silk pillowcases consist of tightly joined protein fibers that are uniformly packed, resulting in an incredibly smooth feel. When you sleep on it, there's minimal friction between the pillowcase and your beard.

This allows your moisturizing treatments to work effectively by retaining moisture. In this sense, you'll have to worry less about dryness, and hair breakage, and your beard will feel softer to the touch.

sleeping on silk in gentle on your beard


Beards are prone to hair breakage more than the hair on the scalp due to their coarseness and thickness. This is generally due to the structure of the hair follicle and the lack of sufficient natural oils.

The increased thickness of beards can make them more susceptible to breakage, especially when they become drier. Also, due to how fragile beards can be, sleeping on rough surfaces can further weaken them over time, potentially causing damage.

However, with a silk pillowcase, there would be little to no friction with your beard, and the smooth surface would cause no strain either.

maintain your beard style

Maintaining style

This is one perk that comes with using silk pillowcases: they maintain the shape and style of your beard. This is because there is less disturbance and friction when you sleep, so there is no messing up anything.

This prolongs your style and keeps your beard in shape. You don't wake up looking like a stranger to yourself.

How to Decide on a Silk Pillowcase that is Right for Your Beard?

Purchasing silk pillowcases is a worthy investment, and it has to be done right. How do you decide on the right silk pillowcase for you and your beard?

There are certain keywords that you need to look out for that indicate the quality of the silk pillowcase and could serve as deciding factors. Look out for the word "mulberry silk." Mulberry-derived silk is known for its superiority and is associated with quality. The higher the quality of your silk, the better it is for your beard.

You also want to pay attention to the term "momme count," which is an indicator of the measurement of the silk weight in the fabric.

Good-quality silk pillowcases should have a momme weight that ranges from 19 to the mid-20s. You also want to pay attention to the stitching quality, how it all comes together, and lastly, how it feels.

Does it feel like a promise of good dreams? Then you probably have the right silk pillowcase for you and your beard.

If you are looking for silk pillowcases that scream quality but are affordable, you should check out our collections! We've got a wide range of different colors and varieties that can cater to your needs and style.

May 02, 2024 — Michelle Fletcher Smith