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Sleeping on silk has proven beauty benefits

Look younger - Reduces fine lines & wrinkles

Sleeker smoother hair & no more bed head

Wake up with hydrated glowing skin

Hypoallergenic - A totally natural product

Cooling to sleep on temperature regulating

Relieves symptoms of Eczema, Psoriasis & Acne

Machine washable - super easy to care for

Retains the moisture in your skin

Treat yourself to the worlds best silk pillowcase

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Excellent Company & Lovely Silk Pillowcase

"Calidad Home are great, The pillowcases arrived the day after I placed the order and the communication was excellent. The product is so worth the money spent already. I will be purchasing some more of these at a later date”

S Kettyle

A Silk Pillowcase Is What Every Bed Should Have

I must honestly have to admit I bought a silk pillowcase from another company and to be fair it was an ok product. I had to order another to change and wow you definitely get what you pay for , I’m so impressed I will buy more and have told family and a few friends, it’s marvellous and I’ve only slept on it for a few nights and I’m very very impressed”

G Hunter

A Lovely Experience Sleeping On Silk

“Very well, made these arrived extremely quickly. I have used it for several days and love it. Sleep was good and the feeling is one of luxury. Thank you for such a nice experience.”

A Fletcher


After not being able to find any top quality silk bedding… I decided to make some myself.

It took 18 months of research and testing before I came up with the most luxurious silk bedding.

We only sell 22 momme long strand A6 grade 100% mulberry silk. The best you can buy!

I believe everyone should have the chance to sleep on luxury silk bedding.


Sleep on silk and wake up feeling amazing

Do you wake up in the morning with a frizzy birds nest on your head and more wrinkles than you went to sleep with?

A silk pillowcase has proven beauty benefits and feels gorgeously smooth and silky against your skin.

Look better and feel amazing
Close up of a silk pillowcase

Look younger with glowing skin

Sleeping on a cotton pillowcase can make the skin drag and cause these unsightly lines, sleeping on a pure silk pillowcase allows the skin to gently slide over it without dragging or altering the skin. It's your overnight beauty treatment.


Wake up with smoother silkier hair

As you move around in your sleep the cotton fabric in your pillowcase catches your hair resulting in you waking up with a frizzy morning bed head.

Silk allows your hair to glide over the pillow when you are asleep so when you wake up you have beautiful hair that is tangle and frizz-free.

Smoother hair sleeping on silk
silk pillowcase perfection

Silk will not dry out your skin like cotton

Cotton is a very absorbent fabric and will suck moisture from your skin as you sleep. Meaning that even your expensive anti-ageing creams will not work.

Silk will not dehydrate your hair or skin helping you look better when you wake.

See how a silk pillowcase for skin is the latest beauty must have

Silk Can relieve the symptoms of

Eczema, Psoriasis & Acne

Mulberry Silk is a totally natural product and super resistant to those external elements that cause skin irritations and allergies, dust mites and pollutants being the main culprits.

  It will also greatly help relieve symptoms such as Eczema, Psoriasis and Acne.

Leopard print pillowcase
Machine washable and easy to care for

Easy to care for - Machine washable

A lot of people are put off buying as they believe it has to be washed by hand. By choosing a high-quality silk pillowcase which is robust and long-lasting means it can be machine washed without any worries. Simply wash on a normal 30° wash and dry flat out of direct sunlight.

A silk pillowcase can save you money

Yes, it’s more expensive than a cotton one but just think of all the positive benefits that sleeping on a pure 100% Mulberry silk will offer your hair & skin. You will probably save money as you won’t be buying so many expensive night creams or detangling products!

A silk pillowcase can save you money
100% Mulberry silk

100% Mulberry silk the best you can get

Momme count (similar to thread count) is how you measure the quality of silk. Cheaper pillowcases have a 16 or 19 momme count, meaning they are thin and not very durable.

Calidad Home uses the ultimate 22 momme 100% Mulberry silk for its pillowcases, giving you all the durability and luxury you will ever need.

Find out more here

Helps keep you cool during the night

The smoothing properties of silk will also help keep you cool throughout the night helping you sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed and looking amazing.

Helps keep you cool in the night
Presentation box for a gift


Your luxury mulberry silk pillowcase can be beautifully packaged in a presentation box making it the perfect gift for a friend or loved one.

Not all silk is the same

Many people think all silk is the same. Many companies will sell silk that is 19 momme. This means the silk is thinner and much cheaper to make.

We only sell 22 momme silk which has 20% more silk making them thicker and more hard wearing.

A quality Mulberry silk pillowcase will last for years so why not treat yourself to the best silk money can buy?

5* Reviews

I absolutely love my Calidad Home silk pillowcase. I’ve just spent the first night on it and I didn’t have a bird’s nest on my head, as I usually do, when I woke up. I love it so much I’ve just ordered another one. I can’t recommend it enough. Thank you.

I purchased the taupe mulberry silk pillowcases , and they are totally awesome. I have never slept so well, they feel superior in every way, the softness, everything-can't put it into words how amazing they are. I didn't expect to get the pillowcases with the zips, as normal pillowcases don't have them-this is so much better than other pillowcases. Due to my severe dust mite allergy, dust mites that are in every pillow, certainly don't affect me anymore. I'm going to be buying more products from Calidad Home. If you really want the very best in silk, made to the highest standard, with a zip (which is perfection)-buy from Calidad Home, and nowhere else, as you will end up regretting it. Best silk products I have ever bought-thank you Calidad Home!

Gorgeous pillowcase. No imprints of the pillow on my face when I wake up unlike cotton pillowcases and my hair looks better in the morning. Am going to get another one for my daughter as she has eczema. Would recommend. :)

Absolutely lovely silk pillowcase, beautiful quality and fantastic service. Feel really pleased to be able to support a local business. I will be buying another one soon when I can, definitely worth every penny! 😊 xxx

I am giving 5 stars- I made an error in my order and the director got back to me immediately to check that my order was correct. She rectified my mistake straight away- and on a Sunday night too! The pillow (Ivory) arrived promptly and it’s gorgeous- a delight to sleep on. I wouldn’t claim anti- ageing properties for the pillow case on the basis of three nights’ use, but I can say that my face and hair look better after a night on the silk pillow case- no creases on my face and my hair just pleasantly tousled. All in all, fine service and an excellent product. I will certainly buy again from Calidad Home.

I have previously bought silk pillowcases from Calidad for myself and my daughters. Quite a few of the ladies in my family circle and lots of friends have also purchased them after noticing how well my hair looks. The pillowcases are fantastic quality and I wash them on a delicate wash and air dry them and they are still perfect after more than a year. Although they seem expensive compared to normal pillowcases they are well worth it. I have spent considerable amounts on creams and treatments for my face and hair and I don’t think I’ve ever found a product which gives as noticeable a difference as the pillowcase! I recently purchased the thin silk hair scrunchies and I absolutely adore them too! I have zero breakage when wearing them and remarkably they don’t leave a ponytail bump - I can wear my hair up and let it down and it looks perfect. I definitely won’t be going back to my other bobbles!

Finally treated myself to a silk pillow after reading how they help not only facial skin but also hair condition. Chose Calidad after reading good reviews and people saying don't be fooled by cheap alternatives. I have noticed a difference with my hair not being tangled in the mornings (fine wavy, usually one massive knot!) which is great, and the silk feels wonderful.

Best thing I ever spent money two silk pillowcases I bought from Calidad Home. The quality of the silk is beyond my expectations. Their communication and customer services are perfect no need of improvement.

100% No Risk Promise

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Try our pillowcases out for 90 nights and if you're not happy
(we're pretty sure you will be), simply send them back for a full refund.
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YOUR PERFECT SILK PILLOWCASE - Imagine the feeling of waking up on a luxury pure silk pillowcase.

ANTI-AGEING BEAUTY BENEFITS – Pure silk is the new must-have beauty treatment helping to retain moisture in the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

NO MORE HAIR FRIZZ – A silk pillowcase can help eliminate morning hair frizz.

NATURALLY HYPOALLERGENIC – Our silk is a natural product & can help relieve symptoms of skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.

OUR QUALITY PILLOWCASES– We only use 22 Momme 100% Mulberry silk in our pillowcases giving you the best and most natural silk available.


Which is why you deserve to sleep on the finest quality 22 momme silk bedding.

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase really can give you sleeker hair and glowing skin.

Wake up looking amazing and feeling great with a cooling silk pillowcase.

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