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If you know our products, you probably know that the best silk pillowcases are made from 100% mulberry silk. Now, we’d like to introduce our 100% mulberry silk-filled duvet. Once you’ve tried this duvet, it will become your go-to bed cover for spring and autumn—perhaps other seasons, depending on where you call home.

The mulberry silk duvet is our latest product, and we are delighted with it. You will be, too, once you’ve read about its amazing qualities and how it will assure your sleeping comfort.

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Why a 100% Silk-Filled Duvet?

So glad you want to know more! Even if you’re a devoted fan of our silk pillowcases, you might still have a few things to discover about how silk works in a duvet. We’ll begin by saying that a silk duvet is one of the most comforting sleep coverings we’ve ever wrapped around ourselves.

How Does Silk Compare With Other Duvet Fillings?

Every type of duvet filling has its benefits. And if you live in a temperate climate like the UK, you might want to use different ones throughout the year. We like silk-filled duvets for spring and autumn, especially since temperatures fluctuate during these seasons, and silk fibres are ideal for adapting to these shifts.

There are other duvet filling materials too. Let’s take a brief look at the most common ones.

  • Down and FeathersDown and feather fillings are both very common in duvets. Each provides warmth and insulation, although down has a lighter weight, and feathers are denser. Feathers work well for colder weather, while down is better for when it’s warmer.
  • WoolWool is known for reaching the optimum sleep temperature of 15-19º C quickly and maintaining it. This attribute makes this material a good choice for year-round use.
  • Synthetic—Synthetic duvets are a less expensive yet effective alternative to down/feathers and wool.


Silk is a very lightweight filling material with a remarkable ability to insulate and adjust to someone’s body temperature. In fact, its insulating ability is so efficient that silk duvets are much thinner than duvets filled with other materials. They are not bulky and easily drape over beds. Silk is also antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. Plus, it wicks away moisture from sweat.

You should know as well that silk has some terrific benefits for your skin, including:

  • Keeping moisture close to the skin, where it can be retained
  • Antimicrobial properties to fight irritation and infection
  • Healthy hair (which is part of the skin)
  • A good night’s sleep to heal many ailments

Among the various types of silk fabric, mulberry silk is particularly luxurious. Let’s find out why it’s becoming such a favourite!


What Makes a Mulberry Silk Duvet Stand Out?

Quick answer: It’s the silkworms. They make those great silk fibres when spinning their cocoons.


Mulberry Silk Fibres

Mulberry silk is said to be the finest and purest form of silk. It’s especially prized for both softness and durability. This type of silk comes from the cocoons of mulberry silkworms, a species bred for silk production. These moth caterpillars feed on mulberry leaves.

You may pay more for mulberry silk upfront, but it’s worth it. Mulberry silk won’t wear out for a long time.


More About Our Silk-Filled Duvets

Having a silk duvet is nothing like having a standard duvet. It feels more substantial and engulfs your body. It’s almost as though the duvet and your body were melting together. The feeling is one of reassuring density—but not a burdensome weight.


The Duvet’s Filling

Our silk duvets feature long-strand, unbleached mulberry silk floss.


The Duvet’s Covering

Our silk duvets all have 300-thread count all-natural bamboo coverings. Bamboo fibre is stronger and lasts longer than cotton, and it’s stain-resistant. High-quality bamboo, like ours, is also much softer than cotton. Plus, bamboo has natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that will help keep you and others in your household from becoming ill.

Bamboo with silk-fibre filling is an entirely natural product. It’s breathable to stop you from getting too hot. It’s hypoallergenic for those with allergies. And its moisture-wicking attributes make it good for anyone who sweats at night.

Above all, bamboo is a renewable fibre. Paired with all-natural mulberry silk filling, you have a product you will enjoy, appreciate and value for years to come!


How to Care for Your Luxury Silk-Filled Duvet

The following are some tips we’d like to share about caring for one of our silk-filled duvets. While silk is a very durable fibre by nature, it will last even longer if you abide by these suggestions:

Consider using a washable duvet cover. It will protect your duvet from dirt, dust, and any spills that might occur.

Give your duvet a good shake periodically, such as when making your bed in the morning. Doing this will refresh the fibres.

Fold back your duvet to allow the rest of your bedding to air out and be refreshed.

Store your duvet in a clean, dry place when it’s not in use.

Treat your silk-filled duvet well, and it will reward you with years of comfort.


Have You Considered Our Other Silk Bedding?

Our much-loved mulberry silk pillowcases and our mulberry silk-filled duvets are not the only bedding and sleep products we offer. We also have the following products to complement both our pillowcases and our duvets:

  • Fitted Silk Sheets—These cosy sheets come in ivory, black, grey, charcoal, white and taupe. What a great “bottom half for your duvet!
  • Silk Duvet Covers—These protect your duvet from dirt, but they also add to your duvet’s overall comfort. These covers come in the six colours listed above.

Our 22-momme silk sheets are made from thicker silk, making them softer and stronger than thinner cheaper sheets. Simply wash them at 30º C and dry flat and away from direct sunlight.

We also offer a champagne-coloured eye mask made from 100% 22-momme mulberry silk. This mask is yet one more item we have that helps you sleep soundly and is kind to your skin.


What Customers Have Said About Our Business

We feel honoured (and sometimes overwhelmed) by the number of positive reviews we receive from our customers. And these are primarily for our mulberry silk pillowcases since we’ve been selling these for years.

Here are some of our customers’ kind words:

“Friendly speedy service and excellent quality product” – Lucy

“Great service good discount Lovely product.” – Maureen

“Best thing I ever spent money on… the two silk pillowcases I bought from Calidad Home. The quality of the silk is beyond my expectations.” – Laura

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