why a silk pillowcase makes a great gift

If you’re stuck for a gift idea, then maybe you should think about giving your loved one a silk pillowcase. It’s the gift that keeps on giving all year round. In fact there’s a plethora of reasons why silk makes for the best night’s sleep ever. As well as giving his or her boudoir a touch of luxury.

What’s also true, though, is that silk pillowcases don’t come cheap. So if you need to justify treating someone you love to a luxury silk pillowcase, here are 11 good reasons why it’s the best gift idea ever! See our most popular white silk pillowcases.

11 reasons to buy a silk pillowcase right now

silk looks good

1, It looks good

Can you think of a fabric that looks better when covering a pillow than silk? With a subtle shimmer that whispers luxury rather than shouting bling, silk is the softest, most beautiful material. It’s capable of giving any bedroom the luxury look.

Even when teamed with bed linen made from other materials, silk really stands out. Whether they prefer a modern, minimalist look or something more classic, a silk pillowcase makes a timeless addition to any boudoir.


2, So much choice

And while we’re on the subject of looks… Did you know about the sheer choice of silk pillowcases you can pick from? The one you can never go wrong with is of course the natural, undyed ivory silk, but you can also buy them in a wide range of neutral, dark and pastel tones.

If you don’t think a plain colour will do it for your giftee, then how about a safari print or a tie-dye silk pillowcase? For the former, you can choose between pink leopard print, taupe zebra stripes and black-and-grey snakeskin. The tie-dye, meanwhile, is ideal for those who want all the colours in one item.

sleeping on silk feels good

3, Silk feels good

So we’ve established that silk looks good. But there’s an even bigger treat in store when your friend or family member finds out what silk feels like to sleep on. It’s just the most comfortable fabric ever to make a pillowcase from.

There’s no going back to relatively rough materials like cotton or man-made fibres once you’ve slept on silk. Which means… maybe you should be treating yourself to a pure silk pillowcase at the same time. Just saying.

silk is good for your hair

4, Great for hair

Have you heard? Silk is so good for your hair. If you want to wake up each day without tangles, flyaways, knots, frizz and dryness, then start sleeping on silk. Like, tonight.

It’s all down to science. But really, you can see why this is so when you consider the super sleek surface of silk. This causes less friction during the night than cotton, and the result is smoother, shinier hair. It really is as straightforward as that.

silk is a natural product

5, It’s all natural

In this world of cheap throwaway products that encourage you to carry on buying, it’s refreshing to find something that’s entirely made from a natural material. Silk is produced by silkworms, mainly in China, where the silk tradition can be traced back for centuries.

Silk is wholly natural, and what’s more is that the dyes used to colour it are as gentle as they can possibly be. For totally untainted silk, though, go for the ivory silk pillowcase. It really is just as nature intended!

6, Long lasting

That delicate, slightly shimmery surface means that when it comes to silk, looks can be deceptive. Silk is far stronger than you might think. If you invest in a decent silk pillowcase with a good momme count (that’s like a thread count for cotton, as applied to silk), then you can expect it to last for years.

The best silk pillowcases are made from 22 momme mulberry silk. What’s more is that only grade A long strand fibres are used, resulting in a stronger material. Of course this depends entirely on where you buy yours, so do shop around for pillowcases of the highest quality!

silk is thermoregulating

7, Silk is thermoregulating

If the person you want to purchase a gift for ever wakes up at night due to being too hot, then believe me. They’ll thank you for buying them a silk pillowcase!

Silk is naturally a thermoregulating material. This means that pillowcases made from silk fabric can have a cooling effect in summer. They can also feel cosy and warm in winter. Clever eh? That’s what you get when you buy the best silk available anywhere in the world.

8, Ideal for any time of year

Unlike many other gifts, a silk pillowcase is ideal for giving - and using - all year round. It’s not a seasonal pick, and is thus as well suited as a Valentine’s gift or for Mother’s Day as it is for Christmas or a summer birthday.

If you do want to add a seasonal feel, why not pick a silk pillowcase to match? Go for a pastel shade at Easter, a luxurious gold for Christmas or even a black silk pillowcase for Halloween. Or simply choose their favourite shade for a gift that’ll go down a storm at any time of the year.

sleeping on silk is great for your skin

9, Great for skin

Silk doesn’t only treat your hair with care. It’s also great for the skin. So if your giftee likes to take care of their skin, then they’re going to love you for giving them a silk pillowcase.

Silk causes less drag on delicate facial skin than other fabrics. It also absorbs less of that pricey night cream or serum than cotton. Anyone who sleeps on silk also notices fewer pillow creases when facing the mirror each morning.

a silk pillowcase makes an ideal gift

10, It’s a practical gift

If you like to buy gifts that are genuinely useful, then you can tick that box for sure when giving a silk pillowcase. Why on earth wouldn’t anyone try it out that very night? In fact they’ll love it so much that they’ll be so grateful.

Especially when you buy them a second one for the next occasion that’s coming up.  

11, Shipped from the UK

You can buy the best silk in the world without waiting months for it to arrive and clearing customs. The finest silk pillowcases you can buy anywhere are shipped from the south coast of England, meaning you might even get your mitts on it the very next day.

Why not shop for a silk pillowcase right here, right now?

February 21, 2023 — Michelle Fletcher Smith