As you may have noticed, some gorgeous silk scarves have arrived at Calidad Home. Whether you choose African-style leopard print or an Asian mandala pattern, they are such a versatile accessory. Our pure mulberry silk scarves come in 2 sizes, both being square in shape. If that leaves you wondering how to wear a square silk scarf, read on for some simple and innovative ideas.

The classic V neck

You’re only going forwards, right? If you’re as forward-thinking in the fashion stakes as you are in life, then why not wear your silk scarf point-first?

To achieve this look, fold a square scarf in half, creating a double-layered triangle. Wrap the scarf around your neck so you have a point at the front. Tie the corners together at the back. This works equally well with either size scarf.

This is a highly versatile look that suits weekend dressing down just as well as it does office wear for busy weekdays. Ideal for adding a touch of colour and pattern to any plain outfit - whether it’s a sharp tailored separates or jeans and a t-shirt. Add some pretty jewellery and a pair of heels for a look that will take you anywhere!

The V neck with a twist

Add a twist to the classic V neck by tying your knot at the front instead of the back. As before, roll the scarf diagonally before wrapping around the neck with a point to the front.

Finish by bringing the points at the back round to the front before tying in place.

Easy drapery

For a relaxed yet stylish look, begin by loosely rolling your scarf from one corner, so that you're working at a diagonal angle. Wrap the scarf around your neck before tying a loose knot to one side.

This free-flowing way of wearing our smaller silk scarf works particularly well when teamed with a loose-fitting white or neutral shirt and a pair of linen shorts or trousers.

Long and loose

Another variation can be achieved by wearing the large silk scarf in a similar way. Again start by rolling it on the diagonal. Drape it around your neck so the ends are at the front. Tie about halfway down the length.

Movie star

Copy the movie stars of bygone days by tying the scarf around your hair instead of your neck. Silk is so gentle on your crowning glory too, which is an added bonus!

Roll the scarf on a diagonal as before, creating a long length of brightly-coloured silk. Style your hair into a top-knot or bun before knotting the ends right above your forehead.This style adds effortless Hollywood glamour to any outfit, and may even help keep you cool on a hot day.

Girl scout

Borrow a trick from the boy scouts by tying your scarf high around the neck. Begin once more by rolling the scarf on the diagonal. Roll it twice around your neck so that the ends are hanging down at the front. To finish, knot the scarf immediately below the first roll of silk.

This style looks great when teamed with a smart blazer or tailored jacket.


There’s no rolling required to achieve the simple yet stylish cowgirl look. Just fold a smaller scarf in half so you have a triangle, then wrap this once around the neck before knotting. If the scarf is bigger, fold again to create a smaller triangle first.

The cowgirl scarf looks fabulous with a smart, plain coloured t-shirt - whether it’s simple white cotton or a more stylish, silky number with a smoother finish.

Show off

Show off your new silk scarf to full advantage by playing it simple. Roll diagonally as before, then drape it around the neck. Leave the ends loosely hanging down by the edges of your jacket.

There’s no knotting needed here, and it’s a great way to show off the lovely colours and pattern of your new fashion accessory.

Waist Wrap

A bigger silk scarf can be worn as an elegant belt - the ideal finishing touch to any loose-fitting dress as it adds definition and shape as well as colour.

Roll the scarf from a diagonal angle again before wrapping around the natural waistline. You can then tie the ends together or secure them with concealed safety pins.

Rock star

Rock the music icon look by tying your silk scarf into a bandanna. Worn to cover most of the hair, this is a surprisingly simple effect to achieve.

Just fold the scarf in half to make a triangle. Once your hair’s up in a bun or knot, place the triangle over your head before knotting securely at the back.

Bags of style

This is the ideal way to wear a silk scarf when you're not sure whether you really want to wear it. Keep it to hand - while adding a splash of bohemian chic to your ensemble - by tying it into a bow or knot onto your bag strap.

This looks particularly good when tied to the long rope handles of your favourite tote. Especially when you might end up heading straight from beach to bar.

Wrist wrap

Why not accessorise a little differently by tying the scarf around your wrist instead? This is a great way to add a more subtle splash of colour to any outfit.

Fold the scarf over diagonally until you have the width you want. Then wrap the piece of silk around your wrist and tie the ends together. It’s your call whether to leave these as they are, or to tuck them in for a neater finish.

A choker

Fold the scarf in half to create a triangle, then roll this up until you have the desired width. Wrap this around the neck before tying at one side. This look works with anything a traditional choker would - the only limit is your imagination!

For more ways to wear a silk scarf, why not check out this YouTube video - or this one from Tatler? You can also see more guidance on WikiHow here or Pinterest here.

If you love Calidad Home silk scarves, why not take a look at our range of cashmere scarves and wraps too? For a night time treat, we recommend you try sleeping on a silk pillowcase. It’s the easiest skin and haircare hack ever!

July 06, 2021 — Michelle Smith