Here at Calidad Home, our latest foray into luxury materials involves the softest, finest Scottish cashmere. We have now taken delivery of our first stocks of cashmere wraps and scarves, and we’re very excited about it. While we know it’s a gorgeous and very versatile garment, the thought did strike us. Do we really know how to make the most of it? Will our lovely customers know how to show theirs off? Here are 17 stylish ways to wear your new Calidad Home cashmere wrap

Statement style

Fold the cashmere wrap loosely along its length, then fold once more. Loop the folded scarf around your neck, leaving one end to the front and passing the other over your shoulder to dangle down the back.

Frequent flyer

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best, and this one is ideal for travel. Simply drape your cashmere shawl around your neck - just as you would with a smaller scarf - and let the ends dangle down at the front. That way it’s secure, stylish, and ready to wrap around you after boarding the flight.

Cashmere choker

What about when you want to show off a smart evening dress - and your new wrap at the same time? Just drape the cashmere shawl across the front of your neck before letting both ends hang down to the back. This one also solves any ‘what necklace shall I wear?’ dilemmas.

The never-ending circle

When outdoor temperatures dip below zero, simply wrap the shawl around your neck several times before tucking the ends in neatly. Soft cosy warmth is guaranteed - as well as classic style.


 To create an attractive loop at the front of the neck, gather the cashmere wrap loosely before folding in half across the width. Then wrap this around your neck, making a loop, before pulling both ends through this loop to hang down the front.

All dressed up

Shrug the wrap over your shoulders with both ends hanging to the front, then lower your cashmere shawl to mid back level. This shows off an evening outfit and exposes your shoulders. A sure-fire way to ramp up the glam factor when you’re heading out in a hurry.

Highland Fling

Why not wear your fine Scottish cashmere wrap in a way befitting its highland origins? Put one end of the wrap over one shoulder. Taking the loose end in your hand, twist this twice on the opposite shoulder. Fling the remainder over the other (first) shoulder to create a dramatic cape effect.

Classic elegance

Loop the cashmere wrap around your neck just once, leaving the ends to hang loosely down the front. You may want to adjust this until the ends are perfectly even, or for a twist try leaving them at different lengths.


Take your cashmere wrap and loop it around your neck, leaving a shorter end to the front at chest height. Grab the long, loose end and pull this through the neck loop you created during the first step. Let the wrap’s end drape to the front, over the other end, so you have flowing, draped folds of fabric.

Double diagonal

Take one end of your cashmere shawl. Pull this across the chest, before hooking over the opposite shoulder. You should be left with a section hanging diagonally at the front. Pass the wrap’s other end across this, then over the other shoulder. At this point, you should have two parallel, horizontal diagonal lines crossing your torso.

Make a jacket

Style your cashmere wrap like a jacket by wearing a belt over it. Drape the wrap over your shoulders so you have a neat panel to each side at the front. Add a belt at waist level to create a super stylish look and ultra cosy feel.


This one is surely the easiest of all. Just throw the cashmere wrap over your shoulders so the ends are at the front, in the same way as when making a jacket. This leaves your arms free for holding a drink, typing, wring or whatever you need to do.

Hang Loose

Loop the cashmere shawl around your neck, leaving one end longer than the other. Cross the longer end over in front of your neck and over your shoulder before being brought back to the front to hang loose. This look is ideal for covering up while breastfeeding.

In the snood

Create a snood that also covers your head - ideal for modesty reasons when visiting certain countries. Loop the cashmere wrap around your neck, leaving one end very long. Take this longer end, crossing it in front of the neck before bringing it up over your head. Allow the remainder to hang down the front, on the same side it came from. This snood also provides snug warmth during cold wintry days.

Pure and simple

For a stylish look that’s all about simplicity and clean lines, just drape your cashmere wrap evenly across one shoulder only. It can be folded, if you like, before taking this step. This is an ideal look for more formal evenings, when you may experience chilly draughts as the night progresses.

Casual style

Drape your soft cashmere wrap over your shoulders before tying the ends loosely in front. This makes an ideal holiday look, dressing up an outfit while providing a warm layer to hand at the same time.

It’s a wrap

Begin by throwing one end of the cashmere shawl over your shoulder. Then wrap it around your torso, before letting the other end hang loose, in front of the same shoulder you started with. This creates a classic look - and is super cosy at the same time!

If you’d like to see more suggestions or step-by-step guides for wearing your cashmere wrap, why not check out Wikihow or Pinterest, or some magazine articles by Town and Country mag or Harper’s Bazaar?  

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July 06, 2021 — Michelle Smith