If you want to buy a wedding anniversary gift, then we’ve got you covered. This guide lists six of the best silk anniversary gifts for him - or for her!

Before you shop, it’s worth knowing how many years of marriage correspond with which materials. Your first anniversary, for example, is associated with paper, the third leather, and the fifth wood. When you’re ten years wedded, tradition dictates that you should give aluminium, and steel the following year.

Though a 12 year anniversary may not seem the most significant milestone, it’s one of the best when it comes to gorgeous gifts. This is because sleek, sensuous silk is associated with enjoying wedded bliss for a dozen years!

12th Anniversary is silk

You can buy some gorgeous silk wedding anniversary gifts for him and her. Really, do you need an excuse to spoil your loved one when your special date comes around for the twelfth time?

Forget flowers for the fourth, copper for the seventh or waiting for 25 or 50 years to give the gift of silver or gold. If your 12th wedding anniversary looms on the calendar, here are the best silk wedding anniversary gifts for him or her.

Whether you’re wondering what to get your husband for your anniversary or are in need of a special present for your wife, read on to discover the ideal silk anniversary gift for her or him.

Silk anniversary gifts for him

Men can appreciate fine silk every bit as much as women might. If you’re stuck for a silk gift that will be beautiful as well as useful, why not try the following suggestions?

A pure silk pillowcase

It’s not only women who can reap the benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase. Men too can do just the same. It’s among the best silk anniversary gifts for him in the UK, and as ours are sent from the south coast of England it doesn’t matter if you leave it until the last minute!

A pure silk pillowcase is a luxurious gift that he’ll love to sleep on. Its beauty goes way beyond the surface, though, as it can also help him to slumber more soundly, waking up with fewer lines on his face and tidier hair.

If you fancy treating the man in your life to this silk anniversary gift for men, we have an entire array of colours and styles to choose from.
Top picks among the men who are our friends, family members and customers include the
charcoal, snakeskin print, dark blue and classic black pillowcases.

You needn’t stop there, though. From sky blue to grey, there’s a pillowcase for every man in our collection!

a black silk pillowcase for him

A mulberry silk eye mask

Another of the top silk anniversary gift ideas for him is a pure silk eye mask. If you buy him a silk pillowcase, you can even get him a matching mask in one of six attractive colours.

silk eye mask

The benefit of wearing a silk eye mask while he sleeps is that he’s likely to enjoy a deeper, more satisfying night’s rest. Every night. Popping on the eye mask tells his brain that it’s time for bed, and as it blocks out light his body will soon be pumping out those hormones that will send him off to the land of nod.

Silk eye masks are also great for travel. If he likes to grab some shut-eye during a flight for business or pleasure, this is the ideal gift he can use at home or away.

A silk gift box for him

Spoil him even more by buying a silk gift box. These contain other goodies as well as a silk pillowcase, such as delicious Hotel Chocolat sweet treats or artisan gin. You can also buy him a gift box containing both a pillowcase and an eye mask, or order a boxed pillowcase for that extra-special present.

Silk anniversary gifts for her

So what about silk 12th wedding anniversary gifts for her? Well of course you can also buy her a silk pillowcase, a gift box or an eye mask. But we’ve also got a few extra ideas to share.

A silk scarf

A pure mulberry silk scarf is the must-have accessory. It’s so versatile, and can last a lifetime if taken good care of. If she likes neutrals, the leopard print silk scarf in classic black and warm tones of buff, brown and gold is surely a must. This one’s perfect for autumn and winter.

A silk scarf

A pure mulberry silk scarf is the must-have accessory. It’s so versatile, and can last a lifetime if taken good care of. If she likes neutrals, the leopard print silk scarf in classic black and warm tones of buff, brown and gold is surely a must. This one’s perfect for autumn and winter.

For a more colourful look to liven up spring or summer, the mandala print scarf in all the shades of the rainbow is ideal. Whichever you pick, a silk scarf can be worn in so many ways, both indoors and out. It’s one of those staple accessories that she’ll wonder what she did without!

folded leopard print silk scarf

Silk scrunchies

Our silk scrunchies fly off the shelves, and really, what’s not to adore about the sleekest hair tie ever? And we don’t just mean in terms of looks. Mulberry silk scrunchies glide through the hair effortlessly, leaving every strand super smooth as they go.

Despite being so kind to hair, silk scrunchies can hold it in place all day long. Should she want to carry one around, we bet she’ll be able to resist showing it off by donning it on her wrist! It’s a fabulous fashion accessory in itself.

The beautiful lustre of natural silk also adds a touch of class to any ensemble. Whether she’s bound for the boardroom, a long-haul flight, the bedroom or a lunch with the girls, a silk scrunchie is an indispensable accessory.

This is one of the best silk wedding anniversary gifts for her, ever. You can pick between black, white, safari prints, tie-dye patterns and ice cream shades.

silk scrunchies anniversary gifts

A silk gift box for her

Don’t overlook our range of silk gift boxes when you’re shopping for her. These range from a silk pillowcase in a smart, reusable box to sets including scrunchies, eye masks and more. For the full set, you can buy our gift boxes containing a matching pillowcase, eye mask and scrunchies in aqua, pink, leopard print, black or white.

Long after the anniversary has passed, she could use the box to store her keepsakes or photos from your dozen blissful years together. Aww!

December 05, 2022 — Michelle Fletcher Smith