At the time of writing, the kids have just gone back to school and the days are starting to shorten. Which means that Christmas will soon be on the way! And that means the season of goodwill - and of gifting.

With the world opening up again post-Covid, many of us are finally booking everything - from shorts breaks in exciting destinations to the dream holiday of a lifetime. Which is exactly why travel gifts are a great idea. Not only for Christmas giving, but for birthdays, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day and other occasions too.

Whether you’re planning ahead for the festive season, someone close to you has their birthday coming up or you just want to treat your partner, daughter or parents, this guide to the best gifts for travel lovers aims to inspire you when it comes to picking out items they’ll adore.

Here are 7 of the best presents for travel lovers everywhere.

a silk eye mask

A silk eye mask

Let’s begin, as many journeys do, with the plane trip. Savvy travellers tend to use this time, whenever they can, to grab some shut-eye. See our post on flight essentials for more about eye masks and travelling.

If someone you know is fond of jetting off to New York on a red eye flight or would just love the chance to slip into slumber en route to Copenhagen, then they need a silk eye mask in their lives! As well as in their birthday gift bag or Christmas stocking.

Slipping a silk eye mask over your peepers while flying increases their chances of getting some sleep on the flight. Why? Because serotonin - the sleep hormone - is produced once the mask blocks out unwanted light.

So do that frequent traveller you know a favour and buy them a silk eye mask for that big occasion - or simply as a lovely treat.

A personalised luggage tag

A personalised luggage tag

Make it personal with a custom luggage tag. You can buy personalised tags for travel from online stores like eBay and etsy. It’s great way to make sure they can spot their bags on the reclaim carousel at arrivals, which is why this is one of the best gift ideas for travel lovers.

Pick something cheap and cheerful in a colour that will make their case stand out, or customise it with their name, initials, address or even a sentiment that means something to them.

A custom luggage tag like no one else’s makes a great talking point, and is also a fabulous accessory for those trying to create Instagrammable images or engaging Facebook reels.

skinny tie-dye silk scrunchies

A set of silk scrunchies

If the traveller you know has anything other than a shaved head or short gamine crop, then a set of pure mulberry silk scrunchies is guaranteed to go down a treat. They’re perfect for wearing around the wrist during a long journey, so they can tidy up their look at a moment’s notice.

If they’re journeying to hotter climes, then a silk scrunchie is an even more essential accessory. There are few quicker or more effective ways to cool down than by tying that hot head of hair back off the face and neck.

Invest in some super chic silk scrunchies and you have one of the best gifts for travel enthusiasts everywhere. Pick between fun and funky animal prints, or opt for plain dyed pastels or neutrals that will always look smart.

The tie-dyed range, meanwhile, makes for some of the most unique gifts for travel lovers you’ll find anywhere as every single one is different.

A collapsible water bottle

A collapsible water bottle

We’re all trying to cut down on single use plastic, right? So why not give the traveller in your life a water bottle that packs down? That way they can refill it wherever they go. Including on the flight, where carry-on liquids are strictly limited.

Pick one in their favourite colour and they’ll love you forever. And you don’t even have to spend a lot on this practical but very covetable gift.

folded leopard print silk scarf

A silk scarf

Whether they’re a traveller or not, who wouldn’t love to receive a gorgeous, super sleek silk scarf? The ultra smooth fabric is so comfortable to wear, and they can add it to even the plainest outfit for a look that will take them anywhere.

There are so many ways to wear a silk scarf. It can be tied around the head, or even used to create a makeshift eye mask to guard against the blinding sunlight that’s pouring in through the window.

Knot a silk scarf around the wrist for a pop of colour and pattern, or wrap one around the strap of your bag to both keep it handy and create a one-off look. It’s also a great accessory for creating reels, as you can whip it away to reveal the subject of your short video.

Pure mulberry silk scarves come in a range of prints, including an African-style leopard print in neutral tones, an Asian-influenced multi-tonal mandala pattern and more.

A travel journal

A notebook, a travel journal… whatever you call it, it’s one of the most awesome - and affordable travel lover gift ideas. Even if they forget to pack it, there’s sure to be a million and one uses for one at home or work.

You can buy travel journals with some really funny slogans on the front these days, or go personal with their initials, name or a reference to their hero, favourite musician or an adored actor.

Another option is simply to pick something pretty - or a practical option with lots of useful sections for their major trips or big ideas.

a grey silk pillowcase

Silk pillowcase

Taking your own pillow away with you isn’t really realistic. Even if it wasn’t bulky to carry (which it really is), would you really be able to keep it squeaky clean?

Instead of lugging their favourite pillow across the continent or even the planet, they could take along a luxurious pillowcase to pop over what the hotel has supplied. Job done. That way they also get to try out the pillow menu to see what really works for them. Sleeping on silk will also help you to keep cool if you are staying somewhere hot.

A mulberry silk pillowcase packs down really small, so it’s ideal for taking away on holiday. With so many colours and prints to pick from, the only problem will be choosing just one to treat them to.

September 18, 2022 — Michelle Fletcher Smith