Summer’s coming, people: yes, even here in Great Britain. If you’re one of those people who always wakes up hot during the warmer months and you want to beat the heat by night, this guide is packed with helpful tips to help you stay cool. See our article about silk bedding to help you keep cool in summer.

Here are 10 ways to stay cool in summer, to help make sure you get all the shut-eye you need!

10 ways to stay cool on summer nights

limit hot drinks to stay cool in summer

Limit caffeine and alcohol

Don’t worry, we’re not saying you can’t have that pep-me-up morning coffee or that oh-so-welcome glass of chilled wine or beer at all.

You simply need to try and stick to sensible limits, such as no caffeine after a certain time in the afternoon and stopping after one or two alcoholic drinks.

It’s about what works for you. Some people need to stop drinking coffee at 3pm to help ensure an uninterrupted night’s sleep; for others it may be 5pm. Ditto with alcohol - some tolerate it better than others and can therefore get away with drinking a little more.

After-dinner coffees and consuming all your recommended units in one night don’t bode well for a good night’s rest, that’s all we’re saying.

Avoid that nighttime cocoa

While we’re on the topic… no hot drink sipped just before bed is going to cool you down before you slip between the sheets. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Stick to cold drinks that will make you feel pleasantly chilled from the inside out, rather than hot beverages that will have the opposite effect.

eat a cold supper at night

Stick to a cold supper

If you tend to eat late at night - yep, we get that. We’re busy people too. But eating hot food at night does the same as downing a hot drink: it warms your body up from the inside.

Ideal summer suppers include cold cuts, salads and light pasta or rice dishes. Save the soup, stews and jacket potatoes for winter, when you’ll really appreciate that added warmth.

take water to bed to stay hydrated

Take water to bed

We all need water - and preferably lots of it. Whether you wake in the night due to dehydration or because you’re too hot, sipping some cool water can really help.

Try using an insulated flask rather than a glass, as it will keep the water refreshingly chilled. It also means there’s less risk of spillage if you knock it over during the night!

have a cold shower

Have a cool shower

A cool shower or bath can really help to stop you feeling hot before you clamber into bed. We’re not talking icy cold here, just lukewarm rather than hot and steamy. Tepid, not tropical.

If you’ve not keen to take the plunge, try gradually nudging the heat down a notch by just a tiny amount each day until you reach a temperature you’re comfortable with.

In fact having the water too cold might actually make your body heat itself up just to compensate!

Wear loose nightwear

Summer is not the time for those thick, fleecy pyjamas that wouldn’t look out of place in the Outer Hebrides. Even if that’s where you happen to live.

If you feel the need to wear clothing at all in bed, make it loose-fitting and made from natural materials. As well as easy to cast off in the night if you do become unbearably hot and sweaty.

Apply a cooling formula

You can harness the benefits of cooling cosmetic formulas to your advantage whn it comes to beating the sultry summer heat.

Try applying a cooling spritz all over, or you could simply slap some lotion on the parts that feel the heat most, such as your hands and feel. Experiment a little and see what works for you!

Look out for products containing ingredients like coconut oil, aloe vera or peppermint extract, all of which can have a cooling effect. Alternatively, slather on some after-sun - it’s especially formulated to soothe hot skin, after all.

limit screen time at night

Limit screen time

We all know it - but do we abide by it? Limiting screen time before bed can be very beneficial for sleep, and the big bonus is that you might finally get to finish that novel you’ve been meaning to read for years.

Replace your smartphone, TV screen or tablet with a good book or a favourite magazine each night and you might well find it easier to drop off to sleep. As well as less likely to wake up and feel the heat!

block out light in your bedroom

Block out sunlight

There’s a major reason why we all tend to wake up hot and sweaty during the summer months - it’s because our sleep has been disturbed in the first place.

Sunlight streaming in through your blinds or curtains at silly hours of the morning means you’re far more likely to wake that in winter when it’s dark.

If you’re put off by the expense and hassle of changing your window-dressing, don’t be. There is a much easier and more affordable way to deal with those unwanted rays of light.

A Calidad Home silk eye mask can be every bit as effective - if not more so. Use one of these beauties to cover your peepers every night, and we’re willing to bet you’ll wake up less often as a result.

sleep on a silk pillowcase to stay cool

Sleep on silk

Switching to a pure mulberry silk pillowcase is the best way to make sure you stay cool in summer, night after sweltering night. That’s why so many of our customers even take their silk pillowcase on holiday with them!

Silk is thermoregulating, meaning you feel cool in summer and warm in winter. It’s also utterly luxurious, and far more comfortable than cotton.

These unique properties mean that silk pillowcases are ideal for those plagued by night sweats at any time of year, too.

Choose from one of our amazing colours of silk pillowcases. There is a colour or pattern to suit everyone.

May 13, 2022 — Michelle Fletcher Smith