Whether you’ve shopped with Calidad Home before or have simply browsed the website, you may have noticed that we stock pure silk eye masks as part of our mulberry silk range. So you may well be wondering, why would you buy one of these from our online store? Are silk eye masks good for you?

This post aims to answer that question, giving you six good reasons why silk eye masks are good for you. From making it easier to nod off when in your own bed to catching forty winks on a long-haul flight, here’s why we think silk eye masks are very good for you indeed!

6 reasons why silk eye masks are good for you

You’ll fall asleep in the blink of an eye

What’s one of the biggest - and annoying - ways to waste time? Lying on bed trying to get to sleep is surely one of the most aggravating facts of daily life. But pop on a Calidad Home silk eye mask and it’s a different bedtime story.

We have written about if sleep masks work - see the article here.

Using an eye mask at night helps to block out light - whether that’s daylight or the street lamps outside the window. This darkness can increase melatonin levels - and that’s pretty important because this is the hormone that controls the sleep cycle. In short, it means you’ll fall asleep more quickly.

use an eye mask to feel better in the day

You’ll feel better during the day

A silk eye mask avoids over-exposure to light during the night. It’s said that light at night can cause a low mood during the day - surely something we all want to avoid. Using silk eye masks to block out the light is a simple trick that may help you to avoid low moods as well as tiredness.

You’ll be caring for your skin

There are all sorts of sleep masks on the market, so why would you need a silk one? Well, top quality silk is known to be the best fabric to sleep on, treating your skin kindly as you slumber. It’s the reason why our 22 momme mulberry silk pillowcases have proved so popular.

Using silk against your face can help to reduce fine lines, pillow creases, moisture loss and even flare-ups of skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. It also absorbs less moisture than cotton, meaning your skin can take in all the goodness from that costly eye or night cream.

A silk eye mask is also much softer and more comfortable to wear, which can also help you to fall and stay asleep more easily. As a natural fabric, silk is also lightweight and fully breathable.

using a silk eye mask helps the skin
a silk eye mask is good for hair

You’ll be caring for your hair

We know - you’re reading this and thinking, ‘but it’s an eye mask, what has my hair got to do with it?’ Well… how does your eye mask stay on? There’s a band that goes around the back of your head - and over your hair.

So as you sleep, this band is moving over the surface of your hair. This causes friction, which in turn can lead to tangled, frizzy, knotted or flyaway hair. Calidad Home silk eye masks come complete with a silk-covered band, so you can treat your hair every bit as gently as your skin. What’s the point of investing in our mulberry silk scrunchies if you don’t take care of your hair at night?

You’ll be more well rested

If you’ve forgotten what it feels like when you’ve had a good night’s rest, fear not. You can recapture that elusive and most wonderful feeling of alertness. It’s all down to the fact that if your eyes sense light during the night, they will tell your mind that it’s time to wake up.

Blocking out the light solves this problem, so that melatonin surges through your body, ensuring you enjoy an utterly blissful and uninterrupted sleep. By day, we bet you'll feel brighter than you have in years.

feel more rested after wearing an eye mask
feel more rested after wearing an eye mask

You can sleep while you travel

Whether you take long or short haul flights or are embarking on a long distance train journey, you may as well pass the hours by sleeping if you can. Packing a silk eye mask into your bag will help you do just that, as it will block out all the light on the plane or in the carriage.

This will boost those melatonin levels, which in turn will make you feel relaxed enough to drop off for a refreshing nap. Or even a full night’s sleep if you’re travelling long distance. Just don’t forget to pack some earplugs too.

September 16, 2021 — Michelle Smith