Here at Calidad Home, we’ve stocked silk scrunchies for quite some time now. In fact, following the success of our silk pillowcases, they were the next product added to our range. Why? Are silk scrunchies good for your hair, or do they simply look pretty? (Which, undeniably, they do. Especially if you invest in our tie dye or safari print ones.)

The first question that might spring to mind is - as a silk scrunchie is an accessory, and small in size, is it not merely made from cheap, inferior quality silk? Well that may be the case elsewhere, but Calidad Home silk scrunchies are made from the same 22 momme, pure mulberry silk as our pillowcases, eye masks and scarves. Only the finest silk in the world.

Writing in 2021, Glamour magazine used the term ‘hair kryptonite’ to describe silk scrunchies, and we’re not about to argue with a Condé Nast publication that was first established back in 1939.

5 reasons why silk scrunchies are good for hair

Here are five of the main reasons why using a silk scrunchie is good for your hair.

1. Sleek locks

Simply put, silk is ideal for hair due to its super smooth surface. This sleekness means that mulberry silk scrunchies create less friction in the hair as you tie your hair up with them, or pull out your ponytail.

Less friction leads to smoother, unruffled locks - and therefore less frizz and other sorts of hair stress. No more of that band of hair across the back where, day after day, a hair tie has held it in place - and left its mark in the form of split ends, damaged strands and dryness. If you have hair that’s prone to frizz or breakage, a silk scrunchie can play a key role in getting it back under control.

2. Silky hair

Have you ever seen silk listed as an added ingredient on a shampoo or conditioner bottle? The unique properties of natural silk mean that as well as avoiding damage to strands, silk can actually nourish the hair as you work, play, relax or grab some beauty sleep.

In short, using a mulberry silk scrunchie doesn’t just mean avoiding damage to your tresses. Fine silk can actually be nourishing, as it is protein based. As the scrunchie passes over the surface of the hair, traces of some of the amino acids it contains may be left on the hair. There, please be assured that they will do good rather than harm!

3. Smart & stylish

How can we put this? Best just to be frank, perhaps, about the fact that a cheap, fraying hair tie does not add the finishing touch to any outfit. You can don an expensive tailored suit for that crucial interview or meeting, or dress up in your prettiest dress, but using a regular hair bobble will hardly add anything to your outfit.

A pure silk scrunchie, however, looks the part. Whether you pick classic black or neutral white, go for a mixed pack of ice cream shades or even opt for a bolder animal or tie dye pattern, a smooth, silk scrunchie with a subtle natural sheen can even add a certain something to your ensemble. Rather than detracting from your overall appearance.

4. Saving money

Top quality silk scrunchies don’t exactly come for free - so how can they save you cash? Well, our customers tell us that their hair requires less washing, blow drying and product usage than before they started using silk scrunchies. Lowering your water, electricity and hair care bills in the process.

A pack of silk scrunchies is an investment, but look what you get for your money. Good looking hair accessories that can take you anywhere, and pay for themselves by reducing your spending on drying, styling and repairing your hair. All for less than the price of one haircut.

5. So matchy matchy

If you love things that are all matchy matchy, then you’ll adore the fact that many Calidad Home silk pillowcases match our scrunchies perfectly. The scrunchies come in solid white, black, pink and blue. Patterned options include pink leopard, taupe zebra and monochrome snakeskin prints - as well as the tie dye options where every item is unique.

As we hope we’ve made clear, you can wear a silk scrunchie all night long while it nourishes - rather than damages - your hair. Settling down for some shut eye while wearing an accessory that coordinates - or contrasts - perfectly with your pillowcase simply feels utterly luxurious. (May we suggest adding a silk eye mask to make your beauty sleep even more rewarding?)

Whatever your reasons for choosing pure 22 momme mulberry silk scrunchies - we wish you sweet dreams from the team!

September 16, 2021 — Michelle Smith