Here at Calidad Home, we’ve noticed that our pure mulberry silk pillowcases are often ordered as gifts for cancer patients. In fact it’s for this very reason that we’ve launched our Cancer Care range of products.

So are silk pillowcases good for cancer patients to sleep on, and if so, why is this true?

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Why silk pillowcases are good for cancer patients

Many cancer patients undergo surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy as part of their treatment. Some will undergo two or even all three of these. So how can a silk pillowcase help a patient to get through this very challenging time?

Surgery for cancer 

In many instances, cancer patients undergo minor or major surgery, often as the first part of their treatment plan. This may be to remove a mole on the skin that is cancerous, a tumour or a malignant lump that should not be allowed to spread.

Having surgery comes with various side effects, and one of these can be difficulty sleeping due to postoperative discomfort. While a silk pillowcase cannot guarantee a good night’s rest, it will certainly do no harm. 

A silk pillowcase is cooler and softer than a cotton one. If someone has undergone surgery, don’t they deserve a little pampering? Particularly when it might lead to them getting a better spell of healing sleep, night after night.  

Radiotherapy for cancer

Radiotherapy treatment can have a number of side effects. According to the NHS, these can include red or sore skin, which can develop a week or two after the commencement of treatment. As well as turning red, the skin may be itchy or dry. 

Treatment for this unwanted side effect revolves around being gentle to the skin - avoiding shaving, perfumes, sun exposure and roughly textured or synthetic fabrics.

Other radiotherapy side effects can include hair loss, leading to a more sensitive, exposed scalp. Tiredness is also a common side effect, and as we touched on above a silk pillowcase can make a noticeable difference when it comes to getting enough rest.

If you or a cancer patient close to you suffers from irritated skin or a sensitive scalp, then top quality silk is without doubt the best fabric to sleep on. 

Chemotherapy for cancer

The NHS lists similar symptoms for those cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy. These can include skin changes, tiredness, trouble sleeping and hair loss. The best ways of coping with such symptoms include getting sufficient rest, treating your scalp and skin as gently as possible and doing everything you can to facilitate a good night’s sleep.

Again a silk pillowcase can help here. It’s extremely smooth and soft on the scalp as well as irritated skin. As it’s so comfortable, it can be easier to fall asleep. Because it’s cool, you’re less likely to wake up during the night due to overheating.

Sadly we cannot prevent the hair loss that occurs as a result of chemotherapy. But sleeping on silk causes far less friction than using a cotton pillowcase, and less static than satin will cause. This can all contribute to calmer, sleeker and more snag-free locks, as well as ensuring that the skin stays as smooth and moisturised as possible.

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Why is mulberry silk so good for cancer patients

Why a silk pillowcase makes a great gift for a cancer patient

A silk pillowcase also shows the cancer patient you care for them. Looking after a patient’s mental health is extremely important while undergoing gruelling treatment. Especially when the duration or outcome may be uncertain. This is of course in addition to the benefits outlined above.

In short, silk pillowcases are good for cancer patients because they are gentler on the skin - including the scalp. They are more comfortable to lie on than cotton or other fabrics, which can help to calm sensitive skin and even frayed nerves. As a cool material, they also increase the user’s chance of grabbing a full night’s rest - every night. No one would argue that snuggling up on a silk pillowcase feels utterly decadent too.

If you feel like treating someone close to you to a Calidad Home silk pillowcase, why not check out the range today? It includes silk pillowcases in over 20 colours and designs, silk eye masks and even our specially designed Cancer Care subscription gift boxes

November 22, 2021 — Michelle Smith