Unless you’ve been living on Mars (Really? What’s it like?) then you’ll know what a hooded blanket is. As energy costs in the UK and Europe have risen in recent times, we’ve all been looking at ways to minimise our winter heating bills.

Hooded blankets everything you wanted to know

Snuggling up under a thick, cosy duvet at night is perfect. You can switch the heating off while letting your favourite PJs and warm quilt take care of keeping you warm. But wrapping up in a duvet or thick blanket by day is completely impractical. You can hardly wear it while loading the washing machine, stirring the pot on the hob or working on your laptop.

It might be great for film nights on the sofa, but you’ll still have to leave the snuggly warmth when you need to get up for a drink, the loo or a snack. But imagine if you could shiver no more, by getting hold of a thick, fleece blanket you can actually wear?

Not only does an oversized hoodie blanket free up your hands for those important tasks - while keeping you warm - it also has a huge pocket on the front so you can carry things around with you too. Whether that’s the remote for the TV, a magazine or a bag of snacks.

Our hoodie blankets come with a large pocket

If you want to stay warm this winter without racking up an eye-watering energy bill, then you need
to know all about what a hooded blanket is.
As well as what it can do for you.

Our blanket hoodies in tie-dye patterns, plain shades and kids’ sizes and designs are already proving a big hit. If you want to know more before investing in one of your very own - or buying one as a gift - then read on.

Here is everything you wanted to know about hooded blankets. Whether it’s what it is, the materials it’s made from or the key benefits, it’s all covered right here.

What is a hooded blanket, exactly?

A hoodie blanket is shaped a little like a cape. Think of Little Red Riding Hood crossed with Harry Potter in his school robes and you’re along the right lines.

an oversized hoodie is a bit like red riding hood

So the hooded blanket is like a cross between a cape and an oversized hoodie. Made from fleece fabric, it has a long, wide main section to cover your torso and down to somewhere between your thighs and knees (depending on your height).

It also has long sleeves that you can pull down over your hands when it’s chilly. But don’t worry if you need to set to work, as these can also be rolled back.

sherpa fleece in our hooded blanket.

As the name suggests, there’s also a hood. Don’t underestimate the importance of this when it’s really cold! Keeping your head warm can really help to raise your body temperature. That’s exactly why people wear thermal beanies and knitted bobble hats when outdoors in winter.

So yes, it really comes into its own during the coldest months. But really, you can wear it at any time of year. Especially if you like to go camping or sit in the garden at night, for example.

wear your oversize hoodie anytime

What are our hooded blankets made from?

Our hooded blankets are made from soft, strokable fleece that’s available in shades of pink, blue and grey or a range of patterns. That’s the outside story.

Inside, the part of the oversized hoodie that sits next to your skin is made from ultra cosy sherpa fleece. This offers superior warmth and comfort.

As there’s no wool or other materials known to cause irritation and allergic reactions, anyone in the family should be able to wear one of our sherpa-lined fleece hooded blankets!

Are hooded blankets worth it?

A hooded blanket costs far less than turning on the heating every time it’s chilly. And a top quality one lasts for years. This incredibly warm and comfortable garment isn’t just worth it, it’s also a complete game-changer!

What is the best blanket hoodie brand?

Silk pillowcase, of course. Next question!

Seriously, as much care has been taken to source the best quality hooded blankets available as when we selected only the finest silk for our phenomenally successful silk pillowcase range. We are 100% confident this is the best hooded blanket you can buy. Yet it doesn't come with the highest price tag.

7 best benefits of a hooded blanket

Cosy and comfortable (on a whole new level)

A super warm sherpa inner. A smooth, soft outer that no one can resist stroking. It all adds up to unsurpassed levels of comfort, frankly.

The fabric is also lightweight, so it won’t drag you down. As your hands are free to move and the sleeves can be rolled up, you’re also ready to get on with whatever you want or need to do without taking the garment off.

In short, it’s like wearing your night-time duvet - if that was much lighter than it actually is. And if it would let you get on with your day or evening.

Royal Blue Hooded Blanket

All for one (and one for all)

One size fits all adults and teens - and we’re talking 6XL here, so it’s a very generous cut. For kids, we offer a child-sized (yet still oversized) hoodie blanket.

If you’re still not sure about making a purchase, you could always share a hooded blanket between you until you’re ready to take the plunge. Assuming the other person is willing to share, that is, which is questionable…

wearing warm clothes keeps the heating bills down

Keeps you warm (and keeps heating bills down)

Wrapping yourself in what is essentially a wearable duvet shaped like a cape can clearly have benefits for your heating bill. Who needs to light the fire or turn up the thermostat when you don’t need to?

we have hooded blankets in many colours

A rainbow of colours (and a rainbow one for kids)

You can buy our hooded blankets in seven adult and teen colour options. Plus there are four for kids. Between them, you can pick a smart grey or blue, choose between several tie-dye options or go for a giraffe, galaxy or pretty pink garment. Oh, and there’s one with rainbows on for kids too.  

a large pocket in the hoodie blanket

A big front pocket (for all the stuff)

As well as a hood to keep your head warm, our wearable blanket hoodies come with a very big front pocket. So you can carry around whatever you like, or store it close by while you’re chilling out.

Teen-pleasing style (and that’s saying something)

If you have one in your home, then you’ll know only too well that teens are the go-to gurus when it comes to fashion and style. Teens adore hooded blankets? Need we say more? Thought not.  

With seven teen and adult styles to choose from, you can switch around at will too. Why not bung yours in the wash before swapping with another member of the household for a while? It is one size fits all, after all. 

Ready to commit to the warmest winter ever? Then you can shop our range of hooded blankets here.

October 23, 2022 — Michelle Fletcher Smith