So many people like to change their clothes as soon as they get home from school, college or work. Or even a shopping trip or day out. The main benefits of wearing comfortable clothes are clear. But what about other, less obvious perks?

the benefits of wearing comfortable clothes

Wearing soft, comfortable clothes might do more than you think for your wellbeing and mental health. Here are 7 benefits of wearing warm, comfortable clothes.

7 best benefits of wearing comfortable clothes

Comfortable clothes can lift your mood

We’re all more aware of the importance of mental health these days. But had you ever thought about the fact that wearing cosy clothes could actually help to improve your mood?

Clothes that are loose and soft allow for freedom of movement, without any of the irritation caused by scratchy fabrics, tightness or restriction. Think about it. Don’t you feel happier when your clothing gives you room for manoeuvre, and feels smooth against your skin?

comfortable clothes can help your mood

Comfortable clothes can help to limit pain

Whether you have a pain in your abdomen after overindulging at dinner, a joint that’s giving you aggro or a bad back, cosy, comfy clothes can help to combat this. A waistband that restricts your stomach, for example, might actually increase your pain levels.

If a sore joint or painful spine is under pressure from clothing, that will also do nothing to help. Quite the reverse, in fact. Do as those recovering from surgery do and wear your loosest, most comfortable clothing to help keep pain levels as low as possible.

wearing something comfortable can reduce pain

Comfortable clothes can ensure you really relax

Once you get your comfiest clothing on, you really begin to feel like your downtime has begun. Whether it’s to mark the start of the weekend or some free time during the evening, donning your cosiest garments can really help you to fully unwind.

If you do fall asleep, it’s a lot easier to stay that way when you’re wearing comfortable garments. Plus of course they improve your chance of nodding off in the first place to catch a much-needed power nap.

Wearing the right clothes for the intended purpose can also give you a psychological boost. If you’re kitted out for relaxation, then your mind and body may well follow suit. Preparing to relax can be just as important as planning to be productive!

Dressing for the job you want is a known career hack, so why not dress for the role you want too? Which is someone who’s thoroughly at ease and unwound, of course.

really relax and get comfortable

Comfortable clothes can reduce stress levels

Loose, super soft garments can help you to feel free by lifting your mood. This can, in turn, reduce your stress levels. If you’re comfortable, in no pain and feeling completely relaxed, it naturally follows that your stress levels will start to fall.

Stress can be very harmful for the body and mind, so why not make relaxation your top priority once you finally have some time to yourself?

reduce stress by wearing comfortable clothing

Comfortable clothes can benefit your skin

If you’ve ever suffered from dry or even flaking skin during the winter months when the central heating is on high, then you’ll be able to see why warmer, cosier clothes could do your skin a favour.

Wearing lots of layers, or garments like thermal sportswear or a hooded blanket, means you won’t need to whack the heating up so high or put the fire on. Which can be great for your skin, as heating tends to dry out the epidermis. (It can also help to reduce those stress levels when you’re taking a look at what the smart meter’s saying!)

Loose clothing can also give the skin more space to breathe, which can be beneficial for all kinds of conditions such as acne, dryness and even the visible signs of ageing.

an oversized hooded blanket will keep you warm

Comfortable clothes can keep you warm

Let’s be honest here. Comfy clothing is far more likely to keep your body temperature up than fashion garments. A cropped top, skimpy dress or tight jeans might look good, but wearing them does not lead to the ultimate in comfort.

Loungewear for indoor use such as a hooded blanket is in fact designed to keep you warm and toasty at all times. So go right ahead. Embrace the dropping temperatures and get dressed to fight the chill. It might even lower your heating bills too.

be more productive

Comfortable clothes can make you more productive

Working without distractions can increase productivity. And what’s a restrictive waistband, a shirt with buttons that pop open or a scratchy fabric if not distracting?

So go on. Get your comfy stuff on. Grab a glass of juice or a mug of tea and get set to work. Better? We thought so. You won’t be clock-watching, either, desperate for that moment when you can slip into something much more comfortable. Nor will you be thinking about anything but the task in hand.

Don’t forget - increased productivity when you are working may well mean you can take more time off! Especially if you’re a freelancer that works from home.

Ready to embrace comfy clothing? Then why not take a look at our range of super cosy hooded blankets here.

October 22, 2022 — Michelle Fletcher Smith