“Help! I just recently discovered that my hair has been breaking a lot, and now I'm curious, would sleeping on a silk pillowcase result in any improvements?” The answer to that is yes! And if you are curious about the how or the workings behind that, keep reading!

how silk pillowcases prevent hair breakage

It's literally no news that silk pillowcases are beneficial to your hair health, skin, sleep, and pretty much life in general. But with hair, the benefit of silk pillowcases is not limited to just helping with frizz and making the hair look healthier. They also help prevent hair breakage.

Hair breakage can be caused by a variety of reasons, including damage from physical manipulation like excessive combing or brushing.

Using heat tools like flat irons, straighteners, curling irons, and blow dryers can also alter the protein structure of the hair follicle over time.

Basking too much in the sunlight, excessive dryness, and so on can contribute to breakage as well. Your hair could also be healthy and still break.

However, here are a couple of ways silk helps with preventing hair breakage:

silk reduces friction on the hair

1.   Reduces friction

Friction is an enemy of curly-haired folks. It knows how to make a mess of things and the result is frizz.

That's not all it amounts to, constant tugging and rubbing of the strands on your cotton beddings as you sleep would increase friction and if the hair is on its way or already in a damaged state that would lead to a tangled ball of knots and frizz and offloading all of that would cause your hair to break so much.

Sleeping with wet hair isn't advised, but it's something we sometimes do. That's why it's especially important not to use cotton fabric. When wet, hair strands are in a fragile state, and putting too much strain or pressure on them can cause tangling and lead to hair breakage.

If you make the switch to a silk pillowcase, here's what you get: The smooth and silky surface indicates one thing—friction-free. Its surface area allows your strands to glide through easily, so friction would be the least of your concerns!

silk helps hair with hydration

2.   Gives room for hydration

When your hair is very dry, it can break easily. Sleeping with cotton pillowcases can dry out your hair because cotton is typically harsh on the strands and absorbs moisture, leaving your hair with nothing to thrive on.

Your moisturizing and hydrating products wouldn't have a chance to work effectively at night if you are sleeping on cotton bedding.

So, if you want to ensure that your hair stays hydrated overnight and you wake up with the look that says, 'I just woke up like this with my curls looking absolutely gorgeous!' you should discard your cotton pillowcase and grab a silk pillowcase today!

Here's what Moira has to say about using our 22 momme grey silk pillowcase:

'I love this pillowcase. My hair was very damaged and breaking, so I gave this a try. The difference is amazing. I wake up with silky smooth hair and would never go back to cotton cases.

a silk pillowcase is soft on hair

3.   Soft on the hair

Silk feels like a breeze! It's a soft touch on curls, reducing the chances of damage. This is especially beneficial for curly-haired girls and women with afro-textured hair.

With silk pillowcases, you don't have to worry about your sleeping position or how much you toss and turn—your strands won't feel a thing.

You can add an extra layer of protection by wearing a silk bonnet if you're a restless sleeper. That way, you're all set!

it will keep your scalp cool

4.   Keeps your scalp cool

A Silk pillowcase have the ability to keep your scalp cool when it's dry and overheated. This is because silk can wick away moisture and release it into the air.

It does this through capillary action and that works because silk has long and smooth fibers, enabling it to draw moisture, such as sweat, from the skin and spread it across the surface where it can be released into the air.

Silk has a fine balance between its water-attracting and water-repelling properties. Interestingly, the amino acids present in silk fibers can hold and retain moisture, with an absorption capacity of up to 30%. This means that silk can take in a large amount of moisture without feeling damp.

If you need a reason to get a silk pillowcase, here’s one: too much moisture on the scalp from sweating and overheating can cause the cuticle to swell, making it prone to damage and hair breakage.

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July 11, 2024 — Michelle Fletcher Smith