Is your bed your sanctuary, that you love to fall into every night? Or do you find yourself fluctuating between hot and cold and using the one-leg-uncovered method to keep cool and waking up feeling more like a troll than a princess?

Your bedding not only affects your quality of sleep, but it also influences your health and well-being. If you're waking up feeling frazzled and looking it too, your sheets may be the culprit.

There's one sure-fire way to ensure a restful night sleep and waking up feeling and looking your best: silk sheets.

Silk sheets are becoming increasingly more popular and aren't just for royalty and celebrities as you'd imagine. Check out these amazing silk benefits that will have you running out to purchase your own silk bedding.

1. No More Sleep Creases

How many times have you woken up with indented lines across your face and body? These creases caused by cotton sheets drag on your skin cells during the night.

The anti-ageing benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase are amazing. It provides a smooth, breathable surface for your skin with no friction to cause creases or strip your skin of moisture. Silk also has Albumin, a natural amino acid, that promotes cellular regeneration.

It's pretty amazing to be able to head off to la-la-land in sumptuous silk sheets that counter ageing while you sleep.

2. Healthy Hair

Say goodbye to waking up with frizzy, matted and dry bed hair. Hairdressers around the world sing the benefits of sleeping on silk for healthy, happy hair. The lack of friction created by silk means that you'll be less at risk of breakages and split ends while you sleep.

Hair simply slides over silk without getting knotted and tangled. So, your hair remains soft, moisturized and tangle-free. The amino acids in silk also work to keep your hair healthy and don't absorb the natural oils. Wake up feeling, and looking, like a princess with your shining, healthy hair.

You can expect a complete texture change of your hair and is especially beneficial for people who struggle with dry, frizzy and dull hair.

3. Keeps You Cool

Silk is breathable and a natural temperature regulator that will keep you cool as a cucumber in the night. A good night's sleep is very much dependant on the ideal temperature. If you struggle with hot flashes or night sweats, the benefits of sleeping on silk are unparalleled.

Silk bedding acts as a permeable layer between your skin and the environment. So rather than trapping heat, your body can warm-up or cool down as needed.

For women experiencing symptoms of menopause, silk bedding can provide some relief and restful sleep. When you use a silk filled duvet it will stop you from over heating at night and help you get a better sleep.

4. Good for Sensitive Skin

If you suffer from allergies or your skin is sensitive to certain fabrics, you'll love the hypoallergenic silk duvet benefits. It's also dust mite resistant, and as these little critters are responsible for numerous allergy symptoms and skin reactions, sleeping on silk bedding will prevent any allergic flare-ups in the night.

Silk is free of added chemicals and actually limits our exposure to harmful chemicals. Other fabrics are often produced from crops that are treated with nasty chemicals whereas silk is produced from bred-in-captivity silkworms that don't require any kind of chemical treatment.

5. Naturally Antimicrobial

You want your bed to be a clean, germ-free haven to relax in. But the nasty truth is that your bedroom and bed is a breeding ground for fungi and other microbes. But this is not the case with silk, which is a naturally antimicrobial material. This means that your bedding is resistant to dirt, mould, and mildew.

Germs cannot thrive on silk the way they can on other materials such as cotton or wool. For clean, healthy, and safe sleeping quarters, silk bedding is the way to go.

6. Naturally Soft

You don't need to worry about throwing into the wash a ton of chemical softeners with silk sheets. The material is naturally soft and luxurious. You can avoid using toxic and harsh chemicals while still enjoying the lush feeling of slipping between oh-so-soft sheets.

7. Keeps You Hydrated

One of the fantastic benefits of silk bedding is that unlike other materials like cotton, silk doesn't draw out your body's natural oils. Hydrated skin and hair are essential for health and when your natural oils are depleted, it leads to dryness and dullness.

Your night-time routine may include lathering on luxurious creams and hair products. These get stripped away by absorbent fabrics. But the breathable fibres of silk help to retain your natural oils and won't strip the products you use before bed. Silk sheets work to keep your skin hydrated, supple, and radiant.

8. Sweat Free

Night sweats are uncomfortable and disruptive, leaving you, your clothes and your bedding soaked in the middle of the night. As mentioned earlier, silk is a temperature regulator so this will already help to drastically reduce night sweats.

Silk is not a very absorbent material, but the fibres evaporate moisture quickly. The fabric also has plenty of tiny air pockets, allowing the sweat to move through into the air rather than get trapped and damp on the material.

9. Protects Your Eyelashes

We all aim for fuller, longer and darker eyelashes. Harsh fabrics can cause breakage of delicate eyelashes, causing them to fall out. Your eyes are pressed up against your pillow for almost the entire night, silk pillowcase benefits include protecting your eyelashes from breakages.

This is especially beneficial for those with eyelash extensions as sleeping on silk will extend the longevity of extensions.

The Many Ways that Silk Benefits You 

Are you already fantasizing about a royal makeover of your bed and all the incredible silk benefits that you'll receive? For the ultimate comfort, cleanliness, health, and well-being, sleeping on silk is the way to go. 

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January 11, 2021 — Michelle Fletcher Smith