You have a gorgeous set of wet curls on your head after a much-needed and soothing wash day for your curly hair, but as it dries, it turns into a huge ball of frizz that you simply can't seem to keep under control. No matter how hard you try to tame it, it just says you to your face, I am going nowhere. Here are a few suggestions that might be useful:

How to Fix Curly Hair

8 Steps to Fix Curly Hair that Turns Frizzy When Dry

Curls need and require moisture to survive, literally, because the follicle is oval in form and the natural oils and sebum that should be hydrating the strands find it difficult to go down the shaft. So, this is where we will need to start! You should also avoid brushing dry hair because it will only result in frizz. Brushing your curls when they are dry will disturb their natural pattern.

Another thing to consider is that your curls becoming frizzy may not be aesthetically pleasant, but it is fairly typical and can be a reaction to humidity as well as an indicator of damage, so you should have that checked out. Now, lets get right on with the tips!

look after your curls

1.    Squish to Condition.

Squish to condition is a term in the curly hair world known to live up to his reputation as it gives the curls massive hydration. Following your hair wash, add in a generous amount of conditioner; After applying conditioner from the midlengths to the tips, squash or squeeze a handful of water into the curls to make a squelching sound. Detangle with a wide tooth comb or your fingers afterwards.

2.    Deep condition!

Your curls crave moisture, and deep conditioners are your best choice for providing it. They give three times the moisture of a regular conditioner and can work their magic from the inside out.

3.    Protein moisture balance.

There is a protein moisture ratio, which is an indicator that both factors must be in balance; if one is greater than the other, this is a problem; if the frizz is an indicator of previous damage from heat or chemicals, this could mean that the protein component has been altered.

You might need to integrate a protein treatment to restore your hair's condition and eliminate frizz.

lowing the wash, apply your leave-in conditioner for all-day hydration, your cream, oils, and other desired styling products, as well as your gel to your soaking wet hair.

If you have low porosity hair, use lightweight products because this porosity type has difficulty absorbing moisture but can hold it in well; if you have higher porosity hair, use heavier weight products because this porosity type has difficulty holding in moisture but can readily absorb.

Pour a generous amount of gel into your palms, rub together, and apply to a section of wet hair using the praying hand technique. After that, and while the hair dries, the gel and the water will coat the curls and form a sort of crystallized layer around it.

plop your curls in a towel

4.    Plop your hair.

Use a microfiber towel or an old t-shirt to plop your hair. This is because terry towels have a rougher surface, which can cause hair to become tangled or even break because wet hair can be so fragile. And then, there is frizz.

If you don't have a microfiber towel—which is lint-free and incredibly absorbent—you could pull out that shabby, old t-shirt. Fold the t-shirt, turn your hair over, cover your curls with the clothing, and fasten it with a knot in the front. Because softer clothing puts less strain on the curls, frizz would be reduced.

5.    Airdry or diffuse.

Air dry or diffuse curls after plopping. If air drying, clip at the roots for more volume and avoid touching as it dries, touching removes styling products, resulting in frizz. The more you comb your hair, the worse it becomes! So, leave those curls alone.

To diffuse, spritz on a heat protectant section by section, coating each strand thoroughly, and set to low heat settings. Scoop curls in the diffuser bowl for more volume and defined curls, then place them on the scalp for a few seconds before moving on to other sections.

scrunch your curls

6.    Scrunch out the crunch.

After drying, your hair should have a crunchy texture, which is exactly what you want. To remove the cast, apply a leave-in conditioner, oil, or serum to your hands and cup the curls in a section and wrap upwards the scalp, repeating for all sections until the cast is gone.

7.    Wear a silk headwrap

Draping your curls in silk scarves, bonnets, scrunchies, and other necessities will help to reduce frizz. As you go about your day, or go on a quick coffee run, these will protect your hair from your couch, car seat, and any other frizz enabler entanglement you may encounter, because this material has a smooth surface and the curls can glide through much more easily.

The Bottom Line

Your routine does come into play in terms of minimization and staying frizz-free, and the steps outlined above should get you there. However, you must prioritise your hair's health and ensure that the frizz is not an indication of damage. Also, embrace all of your curls in all of their oddities!

November 18, 2023 — Michelle Fletcher Smith