Frizzy hair can be the bane of your life, especially on a bad hair day. Whether it’s because you ran out of time for a blow-dry or due to the damp, misty weather that hits you as soon as you step out of the door, those messy flyaway strands are not a good look.

an effective frizzy hair treatment

Silk : an effective frizzy hair treatment

When you were born with a tendency to fuzzy, unruly strands of hair floating about your face like a cloud, what can you do? What is actually an effective frizzy hair treatment? Preferably one that doesn’t require hours at the salon or spent in front of the mirror, and one that is as affordable as it is low maintenance?

A silk pillowcase for frizzy hair

A silk pillowcase for frizzy hair

A silk pillowcase could be the answer to your prayers, spelling an end to those bad hair day nightmares. The good news is it can help care for your hair as you slumber, making it a dream for those who really can’t be bothered trying to tame frizzy tresses. Yet again.

Moreover, when you do just give up and tie it all back, it’s wise to think about what you’re using to do that with. A worn hair tie made from elastic with a thin synthetic cover is not going to do your hair any favours at all. Instead, it’s likely to lead to those damaged or broken strands that form a messy line across the back of your head. Again, not the best look. Click here to see what a silk pillowcase can do for your hair.

A silk scrunchie for frizzy hair

Silk scrunchies for frizzy hair

Silk scrunchies are worth their weight (or rather their momme count, as it’s known in the silk business) in gold here. Like a silk pillowcase, silk scrunchies are far gentler on the hair than cotton or man-made fabrics, reducing friction and therefore frizz.

Whether you use them to tie back long hair at night or for creating a quick up-do on a busy weekday, a pack of silk scrunchies really can be one of the best weapons in your fight against frizz. Read on to discover why silk really can work wonders for frizzy hair.

Why silk works wonders for frizzy hair

Silk is different. LIke cotton, it’s an all-natural material, but that’s where the similarity ends. Cotton is rougher in texture than silk, and this applies even when we’re talking about the finest, high thread count fabrics.

So silk is softer and smoother than cotton. How about satin? Satin is also very sleek - but as man-made material it’s also prone to causing static. As anyone with frizzy hair knows only too well, static is the enemy of your tresses, and adding even more into the mix won’t improve the look or feel of your locks.

Silk is natural, like cotton, but far kinder to your hair. The long strand, grade A mulberry silk used to make the best 22 momme (that’s the silk equivalent of a thread count) pillowcases is so much smoother than cotton. Calidad Home silk scrunchies are made from the exact same fabric.

Silk fabric is also made using the Charmeuse weave technique, which results in the smoothest material with a natural sheen and an ultra sleek surface. In turn, this reduces friction as your head moves over the surface of the silk during the night. This is also the case when you run a silk scrunchie through your hair.

The result is super smooth, sleek locks less prone to frizz, flyaway strands and damage. All in return for the one-off purchase of a silk pillowcase, which costs less than the average trip to a hair salon. From then on, no maintenance is required. Simply enjoy the luxury of sleeping on silk each night, and using the pretty scrunchies when you do tie your hair back.Silk is the natural, low maintenance way to care for frizzy hair.

Which is why even the likes of Cosmopolitan and John Frieda recommend switching to a silk pillowcase.

Why silk works wonders for frizzy hair

Frizzy hair treatment - FAQs

What is the cause of frizzy hair?

In a nutshell, frizzy hair is the result of dehydration. Frizz happens when the hair seeks to draw moisture from the surrounding air, and this is why humid conditions lead to even more frizz.

What is the best treatment for frizzy hair?

So what’s the best frizzy hair treatment at home? Specially formulated, sulphate-free hair products can help. As can the best hairdryers and straighteners on the market. The latter, however, are very costly as well as time-consuming, and will still dry your hair out, even if only minimally.

Using a silk pillowcase and scrunchies, by contrast, requires no effort. Once you’ve made the investment, simply swap your pillowcase and scrunchies for silk ones and that’s it. The continued use of these natural, affordable frizzy hair solutions will result in smoother, sleeker hair.

How do you get rid of frizzy hair at home?

Using hair products formulated for frizzy hair can help, as can using the hairdryer on a low heat and being sparing with the straighteners. Sleeping on silk is the easiest way, though, and this requires no effort beyond trading your regular pillowcase for a silk one.

If you do use hair ties, choosing silk scrunchies can also help to ensure your hair stays as sleek and frizz-free as possible. In terms of results in exchange for effort, it’s the best hair treatment for dry and frizzy hair.

While you’re here, why not take a look at our range of 22 momme mulberry silk pillowcases and scrunchies?

March 28, 2022 — Michelle Fletcher Smith