A sleep gift set is a great idea. What could be better than something that helps the person you’re buying for to drift off into a blissful, restorative slumber every night? Many of us know we’re not getting the eight hours or so sleep we really need, so anything that helps with that surely must be a bonus.

he perfect sleep gift set

If you want to buy gifts for sleep, then putting together a sleep gift set makes a really thoughtful present. And one that could affect their sleeping pattern in a really positive way. It’s particularly suitable for those who work shifts, such as those public sector workers. Who have been put under a lot of pressure during recent years, that’s for sure.

This guide is here to help you put together the perfect gifts to help sleep. These make great gifts for insomniacs, shift workers or anyone else who isn't getting quite as much shut-eye as they should.

From making your own sleep hamper for a loved one to sets that come already made and beautifully gift boxed, here are some sure-fire ways to ensure they snatch every moment of rest that they possibly can.

8 of the best sleep gift set ideas

Let’s get started with making your own sleep kit gift - or buying a ready made one. Here are 8 items and gift sets to think about where you want to ensure they have no more sleepless nights (or days).

dark blue silk eye mask
  1. Silk eye mask

We’ve placed this at the top of the list for a reason - because that’s precisely where it belongs. What else - in this price range particularly - could you buy that will improve their comfort, block out unwanted light and make them feel pampered? All in one hit?

A silk sleep mask is the number one thing to include in a sleep care package. When they wear it, the lack of light getting through will ensure their body produces more of the sleep hormone, melatonin. This means they’ll get to sleep more quickly - and are far less likely not to wake up during the night too.

Shop for silk eye masks here

Neom sleep gift set
  1. Neom sleep gift set

Neom Organics do offer some lovely ready made sleep and wellness gifts. They’re not cheap, but they are said to be good for instilling a sense of calm and wellbeing. And you can’t put a price on that, right?

Typical items included in their sets are scented candles, reed diffusers, bath foams, pillow mists, sleep oils and more. The Scent to Sleep range is especially suitable for this kind of gift.

charcoal silk pillowcase
  1. Silk pillowcase

Nothing is as comfortable to rest their head on as a 22 momme mulberry silk pillowcase. It’s so soft and smooth - and looks fabulous in any boudoir (darling). Not only that, but natural fine silk has various properties to help them sleep better, and wake up feeling fresher too.

Sleeping on silk results in sleeker hair and no pillow creases on the face. Goodbye bed head and premature ageing. You can also bid adieu to waking up in the night because you’re too hot, as silk is naturally thermo-regulating. It’s also an utterly luxurious gift. What’s not to love?

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personalised pyjamas
  1. Personalised PJ set

A pair of personalised PJs really shows you’ve thought about them in advance of their birthday or other occasion. Buying a super soft set may also help them sleep better - as would an ultra warm set in winter. And if feeling cared-for helps with sleep, then this has to be a winner.

You can buy personalised pyjamas all over the place. Why not try online stores like Etsy, Amazon and eBay and see what you can find?

Feather and Down gift set
  1. Feather and Down gift set

Neom Organics isn’t the only name to know about when it comes to blissful sleep. Feather and Down gift sets are also mega popular, and are more pocket-friendly than Neom. You can also buy them at shops like Superdrug, Tesco and others that you might pass on a daily basis.

We recommend pairing an affordable item or set with a silk eye mask or pillowcase for a gift that looks like it cost more than it actually did. (We’re not telling.) The sleep butter, for instance, gets rave reviews.

silk pillowcase & eye mask
  1. Silk gift box

Combine two of the above sleep gifts for her or him by choosing a pre-made sleep gift set. It takes the time and hard work out of putting together a perfect package, and is just as thoughtful a gift as one you’ve curated yourself.

Options range from a boxed eye mask and matching pillowcase to a pink leopard print set comprising a pillowcase, eye mask and scrunchies. Plus a whole lot more. Or simply opt for a boxed silk pillowcase for the ultimate in luxurious sleep.

Shop here for silk gift boxes

Sanctuary sleep set
  1. Sanctuary sleep set

Another hot brand when it comes to sleep sets is Sanctuary. Their spa-like concoctions are available pretty much anywhere, such as your local supermarket, Argos, Boots and many more high street retailers.

These products can make very affordable additions to a homemade sleep kit gift set. Especially if you manage to bag any Sanctuary spa sleep set items on special offer. As they often are in supermarkets and high street chemists.

  1. Sleep basket

Whether you want to put your own personalised one together or are happy to buy one already made, try searching for a sleep basket and see what you can find. We discovered lots of Pinterest articles devoted to the topic, for example.

If you want to invest in one that might give the impression you did it yourself, head to Etsy. There are plenty of options there, and as they’re handmade no one will know any different. Who’s to say you didn’t make it at the kitchen table in your London flat, rather than having it posted to you from a farmhouse in Lincolnshire? Or a family home in Leicester? You get the idea.

March 07, 2023 — Michelle Fletcher Smith