silk pillowcase

Silk pillowcases have become a much-needed item in the bedroom space, for reasons that encompass a better standard of sleep, improvement in the quality of hair and skin, and simply because they are so comfortable to sleep on.

They represent an object of comfort and luxury. Now, you may have decided to go ahead with purchasing a silk pillowcase, but then you wonder, where can I get one or two or three perhaps, that is quality enough but wouldn't quite dig deep into my finances? You might want to read on to find out!

1. Look into our Collections of Mulberry Silk

Affordability doesn't mean compromising on quality, and that's what we represent – affordability and peak quality. There are certain qualities you should look out for that determine the quality of your silk, and one word that should pop up is "mulberry." Mulberry silk is the superior kind of silk, obtained from silkworms eating mulberry leaves. While silk can be obtained through other methods, it's crucial to pay special attention to the kind of silk you're purchasing.

Once you've sorted that out, consider the momme count. The momme count measures the silk weight of the fabric, with 19 to low 20s indicating good quality. The silk in our collections boasts a 22 momme count – you simply can't get better than that. The reviews on the site are good proof of the quality we offer.

Now, back to affordability – you could snag our pillowcases for $37.95 with the ongoing discounts. The beautiful thing is that there is a 90-night return policy, and a wide range of colour options to choose from!

2. Quince 100% Mulberry Silk - $40

Quince silk pillowcases aren't just affordable; they also boast impressive quality that seems almost too good to be true. Made from 100% mulberry silk with a 22 momme count, these pillowcases offer luxury at a mere $40. But wait, there's more! Quince offers an exceptional return policy—you have a full 365 days after purchase to decide if the silk pillowcase suits you, with free shipping included!

3. Lilysilk offers a 25 Momme Terse Envelope Luxury Pillowcase priced at $69.

Lilysilk pillowcases possess peak-quality energy; it's unreal. With a momme count of 25, that's the densest and highest quality available in the market today, translating to a soft and breathable feel. Another great perk is the 100-night trial return policy, giving you 100 nights to determine if it is the right thing for you.

However, there's a potential drawback: the colors are monotonous. While there is some variety in color, it lacks that with the 25 momme silk pillowcases.

Additionally, these pillowcases can only be hand-washed due to how delicate they are. So, if you're not up to the care and maintenance routine for this, you might want to hold back on making the purchase.

4. ZimaSilk 19 Momme Silk Pillowcase - $25

A low momme count doesn't necessarily indicate low quality, and that's what Zima Silk Pillowcases are about. It's breathable, soft, and has a luxurious feel. It's a great choice for curly-haired individuals as it helps minimize frizz and makes waking up to tamed curls easier. Zima Silk offers a 180-day guarantee and provides numerous color options to choose from, all for just $25!

5. BrookLinen Mulberry Silk Pillowcase - $50

Brooklinen's mulberry silk pillowcases tick all the key boxes: they're soft to the touch and breathable. With a 22 momme count, you can be sure you're getting quality silk. They don't require much in terms of care either; you can machine wash them under cool settings and dry them under delicate settings to retain their quality. While they don't offer a wide range of color options, they're not severely limited either.

How to Decide on Affordable Silk Pillowcases to Buy?

Once you've narrowed down your options, how do you choose the silk pillowcases that are just right for you?

●     Your Budget: Start by determining how much you can comfortably afford to spend on a silk pillowcase. Your budget will be the primary deciding factor in your purchase.

●     Decide on What Kind of Silk: Opt for mulberry silk, as it is highly recommended for its quality. Since you're aiming for good quality silk within a budget, ensure that the momme weight falls within the range of 19 to the low 20s.

●     Pay attention to the Look and Feel: Pay attention to how the pillowcases look and feel, both before and after purchase. Are they soft to the touch? Do they exude a luxurious feel? Do they promise you a good night's sleep? If the appearance and texture don't convince you, most stores and online sites offer a return policy or guarantee if the product isn't the right fit for you.

●     Consider Care Requirements: Ensure you can provide the necessary care for the silk pillowcases to maintain their quality. Can they be machine washed or do they require handwashing? If handwashing is necessary, consider if this is feasible for you. These are important factors to consider before making your purchase.

March 28, 2024 — Michelle Fletcher Smith