The human body needs about seven to nine hours of sleep each night. Without a proper sleep cycle, however, your entire body could suffer.

In fact, sleep deprivation causes weight gain, impacts your immune system, and can hurt your heart.

Ever heard of the term "beauty sleep?" That's right: the amount of sleep you get can have a major impact on your skin health, too.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to discover how sleep affects your skin and how to get deeper sleep each night. Catch those z's with this helpful guide today!

How Sleep Affects Your Skin

The skincare industry exceeded $130 billion in global sales in 2019. While the right products can help, it's important to get the right amount of sleep. Otherwise, your products will struggle to compete with the wear caused by sleep deprivation.

Don't believe it? Here are six ways healthy sleep can benefit your skin.

1. Reduce Wrinkles

Your body needs collagen to keep your skin tight. As you sleep, your body will continue making new collagen to keep your skin from sagging. Without sleep, however, your body will fail to heal.

As a result, your skin will no longer look plump. Instead, wrinkles will start to form as your collagen production flatlines. 

The less sleep you get, the less collagen your body will produce, which means more wrinkles. Reduced collagen production can make your skin look dry, too, which will make fine lines more prominent. 

2. No Dark Circles

One night of poor sleep can cause:

  • Hanging eyelids
  • Swollen eyes
  • Darker circles under the eyes
  • Pale skin
  • Increase wrinkles and fine lines
  • Droopy corners around the mouth

Do you notice bags under your eyes when you only get light sleep? Those dark circles and puffy eyes are one of the most obvious signs of inadequate sleep. 

Getting deeper sleep each night can help you avoid dark circles. It's also important to remain hydrated at night. Try elevating your head with a pillow to reduce swelling as well.

By improving your sleep cycle and getting the rest you need, you can improve blood flow to minimize dark circles. When blood fails to flow, however, it can collect under your eyes instead. Since the skin under your eyes is so thin, the blood there becomes more obvious, which causes puffy eyes. 

You might also notice discolouration under your eyes. Get REM sleep each night to improve your complexion and the appearance of your eyes. 

3. A Healthy Glow

This study found that two days without sleep can impact a person's:

  • Perceived attractiveness
  • Health
  • Sleepiness
  • Trustworthiness

When you lie down to rest, your body increases blood flow to your skin. That blood flow helps produce a beautiful, healthy glow. When you fail to get deep sleep, however, it can make you look lifeless and pale. 

Instead, make sure to get your necessary seven to nine hours of sleep each night. By falling into a deep sleep, you can boost blood flow to keep your skin glowing and cheeks rosy. 

4. More Effective Products

How much are you spending on beauty products each year? Regardless of how much you spend, you probably want to make sure those products work. Your beauty products will become more effective if you're getting the sleep you need.

Your body doesn't have to worry about free radicals or sun damage while you sleep. As a result, blood flow becomes more consistent. This process allows your skin to benefit from the ingredients in your beauty products. 

Make sure to apply a moisturizer before you go to bed. Drink plenty of water, too. Together, both will help keep your skin healthy and hydrated. 

5. Healthier Hair

Getting enough REM sleep each night can also impact your hair's appearance. 

When you fail to get enough sleep, your hair could fall out, break, or experience additional damage. Your hair follicles need minerals, vitamins, and essential nutrients. They get those nutrients from your blood.

Remember, blood flow decreases when you fail to get enough sleep. To improve your hair health, get some shuteye. 

6. A Happier Appearance

Without healthy sleep each night, the corners of your mouth will start to drop. You might look sad and tired as a result. When you're exhausted, your facial expressions will change, too.

That's why many people say "you look tired" when you fail to get enough sleep.

With deeper sleep, you can smile throughout the day, boost your serotonin production, and boost your mood!

How to Get Deep Sleep

Now that you know how an inadequate sleep cycle can impact your skin, let's help you get the deep sleep you need. Here are five easy tips that can help you get deeper sleep. 

1. Set the Thermostat

First, make sure your room is cool. Try setting the thermostat between 16 to 21°C. 

It's more difficult to fall asleep when you're warm. By reducing the room's temperature, you can tell your brain it's time to sleep. 

2. Stick to a Schedule

Teach your body to stick to a schedule. Try waking up and going to bed at the same time each day and night. When your body adjusts to this schedule, it will improve your circadian rhythm.

Then, you can trick your body into falling asleep at the same time each night. 

3. Improve the Light

Light can impact your circadian rhythm by telling your body it's time to wake up.

Make sure your room is dark at night. You might want to use blackout curtains.

Darkness improves melatonin production, which is a hormone you need for sleep. 

4. Try Meditation, Yoga, and Exercise

Are you feeling stressed throughout the day? Stress can make it difficult for you to fall asleep.

Try meditation and yoga to reduce your stress levels and increase melatonin levels.

Otherwise, make sure to move throughout the day. Get your blood pumping with a little exercise. Exercise can increase your serotonin production and decrease cortisol levels to help you sleep.  

5. Make Sure You're Comfy

Your sleep environment can have a big impact on your sleep cycle.

First, make sure you have a comfortable mattress and pillow. If you're uncomfortable, you'll struggle to drift off. Try using a silk pillow to help you sleep in comfort. We have a range of colours to choose from including grey silk pillowcases.

Once you're comfortable, turn off electronics in the room and relax to get the deep sleep you need. You could also try a diffuser with some lovely smells.

Wake Up All Aglow: How Deeper Sleep Affects Your Appearance

Discover beautiful, glowing skin. Now that you know how getting deeper sleep affects your appearance, make a change. Use these tips to improve your sleep cycle today.

Get ready to catch those z's!

Ready to sleep in complete comfort? Explore our silk pillowcases today.

September 18, 2020 — Michelle Smith