If you’ve been browsing cashmere wraps and ponchos and have thought about investing in one, a question that may be at the forefront of your mind is what you could wear it with. How do you style cashmere shawls and just how versatile is this kind of piece?

What do you wear with a cashmere wrap?

This guide will take you through how to wear a large scarf or wrap made from cashmere covering different ways to wear a shawl and with which garments. By the end of this article, you'll wonder no more about what to wear with a top quality cashmere wrap.

What do you wear with a cashmere wrap - 10 stylish answers

Let’s get started. Here are 10 outfits that will be complemented by the addition of a soft, luxurious cashmere wrap.

Evening elegance

If you can’t choose between your favourite evening dress and your new cashmere shawl, the good news is you don’t have to. Simply wear it choker-style, with both ends dangling down the back. That way you can show off your evening outfit in its full glory while keeping your cashmere handy for when the temperature dips later on.

Intrepid traveller

There’s nothing to stop even the most adventurous globe-trotter from wearing a cashmere shawl with style. In fact it’s the ideal in-flight accessory, as it will help you snuggle down for a nap when the cabin lights have been dimmed. Whatever you’re wearing, throw your cashmere wrap over your shoulders and it’s ready to do double duty as a deluxe travel blanket.

Strapless style

If you’re wearing a strapless number, then surely it’s a real shame to cover those shoulders up. Even if it means treating them to the finest cashmere. Instead, pull on the wrap like a shrug with both ends dangling to the front before lowering it to midway down your spine. This means everyone can see your outfit - while you have the option of wrapping up warm later on.

cashmere is warmer and stylish

Casual clothing

Isn’t a cashmere wrap a bit much when you’re heading out on the school run, yet crave the cosy warmth it offers? When this is the case, go casual by wrapping the folded wrap around your neck as many times as necessary, tucking in the ends to form a relaxed, snood-like look that’ll ward off even the chilliest of winds.

Working it

A long winter coat works incredibly well with a cashmere wrap, whether it’s a waterproof trench or a thick, woollen number worn over your office garb. Fold your shawl along its length, then repeat. After wrapping around your neck, loop one end over to the back, leaving the other to dangle down the front. It’s the last word in casual elegance - as well as warmth.

In-between season

Anything you wear during that in-between season can be made much cosier when you add a cashmere shawl. Whether it’s a jumper dress with thick tights or a sweater and trousers combo, the twisted cape can work wonders. Place one end over the first shoulder before twisting the other as you drape it over the second before allowing it to drop to the back or the front, just as you wish.

Busy bee

If you’re too busy to faff around with a fussy shawl, then keep it simple. Throw the wrap over your shoulders so the ends are at the front, covering whatever you’re wearing while leaving your arms free to get on with even the most hectic day.

Anyone, anywhere

Simply looping the cashmere scarf around your neck once before allowing the ends to flow down the front looks good with just about any outfit. It’s understated, yet stylish. To mix things up try wearing the loose ends at different lengths, or even them up so they’re as symmetrical as possible.

Belt up

Adding a belt is an ultra sleek way to dress up your cashmere wrap, disguising even the plainest outfit hidden underneath. To do this, shrug the wrap over your shoulders and adjust it to create two equally sized sections at the front - a little like a jacket. At waist height, add a thick or thin belt for a look that’s smart enough to take you virtually anywhere.

Earth mother

Whether you’re wearing an old t-shirt that’s seen better days or are dressed up to the nines for going out, a cashmere wrap can be a godsend for breastfeeding mothers. However you wear it, it can ward off prying eyes as well as those chills you might experience during colder weather. We suggest a more secure way of wearing it for this, such as draping it over your shoulders before tying the ends in front. That way your cosy wrap is a little better protected from that small, precious pair of hands.

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March 28, 2022 — Michelle Fletcher Smith