Which pillowcase is best for acne?

If you suffer from the irritating skin condition of acne, then it’s likely you’re willing to try anything to stop those annoying breakouts of bumpy spots and redness. While some acne treatments require a prescription, there are other things you can do without consulting a doctor. One of the factors to consider is which pillowcase is best for acne?

What kind of pillowcase is best for acne sufferers?

We spend a third of our lives in bed, so what you rest your head on at night can be very important when it comes to the fight against blemished skin. Most people use cotton pillowcases, perhaps with a high thread count, but is this really the best choice for an acne sufferer?

A smooth, unblemished surface

In fact there are much smoother fabrics than even high thread count cotton out there, and laying your face against these can help to reduce friction and therefore irritation. Such fabrics include satin and silk.

A natural, breathable fabric

Satin, however, is a man-made fabric. It’s therefore far less breathable than silk, which like cotton is a natural material. Though satin’s surface may be smooth, it doesn’t allow skin to breathe in the same way as silk or cotton. This can lead to the build-up of oils, causing clogged pores. As well as providing the very conditions that are likely to lead to a breakout of spots and blemishes.

An antibacterial material

As an anti-bacterial fabric, silk also prevents the formation of bacteria on the surface of a silk pillowcase. This can be important in the fight against skin breakouts, as when bacteria transfer to the skin they can contribute to inflammation of this kind.

a silk pillowcase is best for acne

Which kind of silk pillowcase is best?

One of the benefits of a silk pillowcase is certainly more gentle on your skin than a cotton or satin one. But that’s not the whole story, of course. If you’ve ever stayed in a luxury hotel, then the chances are that you’ve slept in a bed made up with crisp, clean high thread count cotton sheets.

A mulberry bush

What’s the significance of the mulberry shrub or tree when it comes to silk? Well the world’s best silk is made using mulberry silk, and this is named after the favoured diet of the Bombyx Mori moth.

The larvae that predate the moth are the silkworms, who spin these fine threads to create a cocoon. As they feed on only mulberry leaves, this silk is known as mulberry silk. It’s widely regarded as the finest silk money can buy.

a Mulberry Tree
a high Momme count

An A grade

The finest silk available is made from only the best silk fibres, which are selected for their length and strength. Using longer strands makes for softer yet more durable fabric, as there are less ‘joins’ once these strands have been made into the material.

A high momme count

In the same way that the thread count is used to explain the quality and thickness of cotton, a ‘momme’ count is used to describe the grade of silk fabric used for making each silk pillowcase - or indeed any other item of bed linen that’s made from silk.

A charmeuse weave

The way the silk is woven into fabric is also significant. Why? Because the weave technique used can have a big impact on the finish of the silk fabric that is later made into silk pillowcases.

The charmeuse weave creates the smoothest possible silk, with a surface that shimmers subtly. The back of the fabric is dull, so all that sleekness is concentrated just where you need it most. Satin can also be made using the charmeuse weave, so do check that it’s actually silk, not satin, when you’re buying.

Why a silk pillowcase is best for acne

While silk cannot cure hormonal acne, it creates a cleaner, more comfortable place to lay your head. Silk is a natural, breathable material that is non-comedogenic - in other words, it doesn’t clog up your pores.

If you are using any creams, lotions or prescribed ointments for acne, the silk won’t absorb these, meaning they are left to work wonders on your ruffled skin.

a silk pillowcase will reduce friction

22 momme mulberry silk is a smooth and tightly woven material, so a pillowcase made from this will reduce friction and therefore redness as well as any swelling or puffiness.

A high quality silk pillowcase may not be the definitive answer to the acne conundrum, but it does treat your skin more kindly, thus reducing the likelihood of breakouts. The ideal final step in any good skincare routine is grabbing your beauty sleep on a silk pillowcase.
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October 04, 2021 — Michelle Smith