Are you swaying towards the purchase of a pure silk pillowcase to care for your skin and hair? If that answer’s yes, then one thing you may need to know about before buying is what colours are available.

Can you buy a pink silk pillowcase in the UK, for instance? Deep pink or light pink? What about baby blue or deep, dark navy? Contemporary charcoal or monochrome tones like bright white or classic black?

If you’d prefer to add a pop of pattern to your boudoir, then what about printed silk pillowcases? Are they available here in the UK, or will you have to wait for the one of your choice to be sent from overseas? Possibly incurring customs fees in the process that you’ll have to pay?

To assist with your decision, here’s an outline of the full range of mulberry silk pillowcases offered here at Silk Pillowcase. Including plain colours and stylish patterns. There may be a pink silk pillowcase or three thrown in there…

17 perfect pillowcases to pick from


Pink silk pillowcases

We offer both a light pink and a dark pink silk pillowcase. These are super soft, and would complement any bedroom that’s decorated with blush tones. Both are some of the most popular silk pillowcases we sell.

Here at the office we’ve noticed that the light pink is in fact one of the softest of the range. This, according to our supplier, is because relatively little dye is required to achieve this colour.

Of course all silk is ultra smooth and soft. The baby pink shade is just extra super soft (as is the undyed ivory option). A sleek darker pink pillowcase, meanwhile, is suited to those who love deeper colours.

If you fancy a pink silk pillowcase with a pattern, how about the leopard print silk pillowcase in blush and black?

blue silk pillowcase

Blue silk pillowcases

If blue silk is more your style, then you’ll love our light blue, dark blue and aqua silk pillowcases. The light one is a baby or soft sky blue, while the dark blue is a rich shade of subtle shimmering navy.

jade silk pillowcase zip

Green silk pillowcases

While our aqua one is arguably more akin to blue than green, the jade silk pillowcase we sell is definitely the one to go for when green is your favourite colour. This is no ordinary green, though - it’s a glorious jade green that speaks of tropical oceans and exotic, Eastern locations.

picture of an ivory silk pillowcase

Ivory silk pillowcases

If you want a silk pillowcase that’s been processed as little as possible, then order yourself an ivory silk pillowcase. This undyed shade varies very slightly each time, making each pillowcase a unique shade that lies somewhere between white and cream on the colour spectrum.

For the softest silk pillowcase, you cannot beat a natural ivory one. This is because the lack of dyes results in the smoothest, sleekest silk possible. You can also buy the ivory silk pillowcase in king size.

a white silk pillowcase

White silk pillowcases

If you want pure white, then go for our gently bleached white silk pillowcases. As you can see, ivory is the silk’s natural hue, so very little processing is needed to take the tone down just a notch.

We also offer a king-size white silk pillowcase.

grey silk pillowcase close up

Grey silk pillowcases

Our grey silk pillowcases come in a dark charcoal shade and a lighter, more silvery hue. These are probably the most contemporary picks, which is why they seem to fly out the moment we take delivery of a new batch.

The lighter grey is so popular that it’s also available in king size.

black silk pillowcase close up

Black silk pillowcases

Take things a step further by treating yourself to a black silk pillowcase. This one looks great with industrial style decor, or any bedlinen with black in the pattern.

Many people adore the black pillowcases, not least those who prefer monochrome tones. As well as those who would rather their pillowcase remained entirely mark-free between washes.

Neutral silk pillowcases

Apart from grey and ivory, other neutral tones that go well with anything include our taupe silk pillowcase. We’d describe it as the colour of a delicious latte, and it’s a shade that speaks of style and taste in abundance.

If you want to ramp things up a notch from taupe, how about trying a gold silk pillowcase? There’s no metal involved at all, of course, but the shade sure does bring to mind that glimmering, luxurious precious material.  

We fully appreciate that taupe and gold look similar in the pictures - they do in real life, too! The taupe is a browner kind of hue, while the gold is lighter, yet with warmer, more yellowish tones.

Another option for those seeking ‘metallic’ silk pillowcases is the grey one, which looks very similar in colour to silver, platinum or titanium.

leopard print silk pillowcase close up

Animal print pillowcases

We’ve already touched on our pink and black leopard print pillowcase - but did you know we also offer snake and zebra patterns?

The snakeskin silk pillowcase has a masculine look that wouldn’t go amiss in a monochrome-themed room. Our zebra print pillowcase, meanwhile, is ideal for those for whom the call of the wild extends to their bedroom decor.

You can also buy these safari prints as a set of silk scrunchies.

Tie dye silk pillowcase

Our tie dye silk pillowcase is actually our personal favourite, which is why we saved the best till last. Who can resist those gorgeous rainbow hues all merging together in this incredibly appealing way?

Every tie dye pillowcase is unique too, due to the dyeing process. If you’re no fan of neutrals, then this could be the dream silk pillowcase to invest in.

Just make sure you dry it out of the sun after machine washing at 30 degrees - no one would want those glorious colours to fade by even the tiniest bit!

What’s surprising about this pillowcase is that it actually goes well with pretty much any decor. It adds a pop of colour where required, or enhances the pink, aqua, peach, red purple, blue, lilac or green tones within your bed linen or on the walls.

October 01, 2022 — Michelle Fletcher Smith