If you want to find the warmest clothing for winter in the UK, then the answer is far more simple than you think. You don’t need a whole new wardrobe to stay warm and ward off high heating bills during the chilly months. All you need is just one extra item that will keep you toasty, even when the streets are paved with ice or it’s snowing outside!

the warmest clothing for winter in the UK

Layering, layering, layering

Anyone who’s been skiing or who has lived in or travelled to some of the coldest places on earth will tell you that the key to keeping warm is layering. Extra layers trap warm air between them, keeping you warmer than just one thick layer.

layer your indoor clothing

Your warmest jacket

However, that thick layer can be equally important. You wouldn’t go to a snow-clad place without packing the warmest jacket you can find, would you? There is plenty of choice when it comes to the best winter jackets for extreme cold, and they can keep you snug even when the temperature is way below zero.

You can apply the same principle when you’re indoors. No matter how well insulated your home is, you’re going to need one more substantial layer when it’s freezing outside. But who wants to wear their warmest winter coats indoors?

outdoor winter jacket

Wearing a winter coat indoors

The warmest winter jackets are often thick, padded coats. These aren’t the most comfortable garments to wear indoors though. Imagine trying to type with chunky padded sleeves that get in the way, or making dinner without getting pasta sauce all over your jacket sleeve.

And if this happens, outdoor wear isn’t the easiest to wash. Not to mention that running the washing machine every time will also contribute to that already sky-high energy bill.

The warmest clothing for winter

Enter the hooded blanket. Instead of huddling up in your winter coat, snuggling up under the duvet during the day or turning up the thermostat to stay warm, you can cosy up under the softest, most comfortable layer imaginable. As well as one that will insulate you from those chilly draughts.

an oversized hoodie blanket

The oversized hoodie blanket

These wearable blankets are big news, and if you haven’t got your mitts on one yet… well. It’s high time you did. What you might not know is that these huge garments are very generously sized indeed.

Layer up as much as you like

So even if you want to wear, for example, a thermal vest, a t-shirt, a jumper and a gilet underneath, there’s more than ample space for as many layers as you like!

Plenty of room for everyone…

In fact your lap is going to be the place to be once you’re wearing that snuggly soft blanket. Who could blame them if the little kids and pets decided to try and sneak up under there too? In the case of the former, it’s best to buy them their own one if you want your seat to yourself.

…and everything

By the way, there’s lots of room for all your stuff too, thanks to a vast front pocket. We’re not telling if you decide to carry a family-sized box of Maltesers around in yours…

Concentrate on your core

The top thing to note regarding why an oversized blanket hoodie keeps you warm is that it completely covers your core. Keeping your chest area warm is the key to beating the winter chills, and as this does exactly that you’re onto a winner.

wear leggings to keep warm

Complementary warm clothing

To enhance the effect even further, simply pop on a pair of those warm winter leggings that are widely available to buy at affordable prices from major budget fashion retailers. Mentioning no names, of course.

What else should you think about when choosing the warmest clothes for winter? For indoor wear, you could add thermal socks and perhaps even fingerless gloves. Keeping your extremities warm can also be a powerful weapon in the fight against the cold (and those dreaded high heating bills). A thermal vest or t-shirt can also help keep you toasty.

Indoor wear for winter

Even the warmest coat in the world does not make ideal indoor-wear. But a hooded blanket does. That way you can answer the door without taking off a layer, rather than showing the whole street that you’re wearing your outdoor jacket while at home. No one wants to be known as the local answer to Ebeneezer Scrooge. These are just some of the benefits of wearing warm comfortable clothing.

If you work from home, you’re likely to spend long periods of time sitting at a desk. Not moving around often can soon lead to your body temperature falling. And once those bone-deep chills set in they can be very hard to shift.

dont make too many hot drinks

Step away from the kettle

Lots of hot drinks can help, but making them eats into your valuable work time. Not ideal for employees or freelancers who are paid an hourly rate or according to productivity.

Again, it also costs money to boil that kettle every time. Which is fine if a hot drink is what you really want, but not so much if its sole purpose is to stop you from freezing to the core!

a sweatshirt hooded blanket fits all

A game-changer

The thing is, you don’t really know how much of a game-changer a sweatshirt blanket can be until you try it out for yourself. So why don’t you? Imagine how much you could save on your heating bill this winter, simply by changing one little thing? (Well to be honest, it’s more of a large one really.)

a kids oversize hoodie blanket

Generous proportions

Hooded blankets are available for both adults and kids. Whichever you choose, you can be confident that they’re extremely generously proportioned to fit all shapes and sizes. Plus over the top of all the other layers you may choose to wear.

Gorgeous designs

Our machine washable hoodies also come in a range of beautiful colours and patterns for all sorts of people. From dark blue tie-dye or smart charcoal to pink rainbow or giraffe print, there’s a hoodie blank in our range to suit you.

The warmest clothing for winter | Final thoughts

Step away from the smart meter, people of Britain! Instead, layer up whenever you’ll be indoors this winter, and make sure you top it all off with a snuggly soft and ultra cosy hooded blanket.

With toasty warmth to be gained and serious cash savings to be made, it’s the best way for every member of the family to ward off those unwanted winter chills.

October 17, 2022 — Michelle Fletcher Smith