Not only are silk scrunchies ultra kind to your tresses - you can also create some of the best scrunchie hairstyles with ease! If you want to put your hair up out of the way while protecting it with pure silk, read on to discover 8 of the best scrunchie hairstyles.

best scrunchie hair styles

The options include a messy bun, a variety of half-up and half-down styles, ponytails with a twist or styles that spell double trouble. We’ve also included a reminder of why you should always take a silk scrunchie along with you, wherever you go!

There are so many reasons why silk is a sound haircare investment. They are kind to your hair and can help prevent hair frizz keeping your hair in tip top condition.

We take a look at why you should be using a silk scrunchie for all your hair styles, they are back in fashion and here to stay so get your silk on.

8 of the best scrunchie hairstyles

The messy bun

Making a messy bun with a scrunchie is easy, and it’s a go-anywhere look that works wherever you are. From work to bar in one twist of the hair, perhaps. Here’s how to create a messy bun.

The messy bun, step-by-step

  1. Grab what you need, which is a hairbrush and a scrunchie. Silk, of course.
  2. This style works best the day after washing onwards, so if you have freshly-washed hair add some dry shampoo for texture and volume.
  3. Put the scrunchies on your wrist or within reach before using your hands to smooth your hair towards the back, then gather your locks into a ponytail and secure. Make sure you place this as high or low as you want the finished bun to be.
  4. There are 2 options for the next phase. You can either create a loop of hair with the last twist of the scrunchie by avoiding pulling it all the way through. Or you could twist your ponytail into a long strip before wrapping this around the band and tucking the end under the scrunchie to secure it.
  5. Whichever way you secure it, you can then tweak your look by pulling some strands or sections loose for the ultimate messy bun. Any stray sections can be secured with hair grips.

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The half up half down

There are lots of half-up, half-down hairstyles you can create with a silk scrunchie. First, gather a section of hair from the area around your face. This is the ‘up’ section. Next you can use this to create a variety of styles, as follows.

Half up with 2 twists

Divide the up section in half and twist each half as you place them at the back of your head. Then secure with a silk scrunchie.

Half down with plaits

Again, split the hair into two sections and plait each one before securing at the rear as before.

Half up messy bun

Create a half-up messy bun at the back by making a ponytail, twisting and securing just as with the messy bun style.

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The ponytail with a twist

Of course you can just go for a good old scrunchie ponytail when you want to wear your hair up - but there are some clever ways to add interest to this classic look. Here are some ideas to get you started.

pony tail with a twist

Way down low

Divide your hair into two sections as if you were making bunches, then twist each section as you guide it towards the back. Fix into place with a pretty silk scrunchie.

Ponytail plus plait

Take a top section of hair from around your face and plait this so it hangs down centrally at the back of your head, reaching the nape of your neck. Leave the rest loose and secure this plait and ponytail hybrid hairdo with a silk scrunchie.

Triple scrunchie

Why show off one scrunchie when you could use three? Start by taking an upper section as with a half-up, half-down ‘do, then secure this piece with a scrunchie at the back. Next you can take a second ‘layer’ of hair from beneath this by taking around half of the remaining hair.

The next step is to secure both these sections together with a single, second scrunchie. Finally, repeat with the bottom layer of hair before adding the third silk scrunchie.

Explore more creative ponytail ideas here.

Double scrunchie

Use two silk scrunchies instead of one to create whatever style takes your fancy. Start by dividing your hair into two sections, then wear it as a pair of high-up or low-down pigtails, a set of plaits, or even two buns instead of one.

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double silk scrunchies

Why you should never forget your silk scrunchie

Why would you go anywhere without one of our gorgeous mulberry silk scrunchies? Pop one into a side or front pocket of your bag to grab whenever you need to tie your hair up, or wear it round your wrist as the most practical fashion accessory known to (wo)man.

Imagine the scenario. You’re inside someone’s house, a pub or a restaurant in winter and the heating is cranked up way too high. Having a silk scrunchie at your fingertips means you can create a stylish up-do wherever you are. The same applies when you’re outside with the sun shining. Why sweat it and suffer when you could enjoy instant relief by creating an up-do with that handy silk scrunchie?

A silk scrunchie also comes into its own at night, when you can tie back your locks to avoid tangling and damage. This works best when you also sleep on a silk pillowcase, of course, as silk results in much smoother, sleeker hair than using cotton bedlinen or hair accessories made from synthetic fibres.

Silk scrunchies can also inject some instant glamour into your look. What could be more luxurious than the gorgeous natural sheen of the purest mulberry silk? Whether worn like a bracelet or used for securing your tresses, it’s the ultimate fashion and haircare must-have.  

Unlike other hair accessories, silk scrunchies won’t cause tangles, snags or breakage, and they’ll also help to smooth your hair while preventing frizz. Isn’t it time you invested in a pack of silk scrunchies - or treated yourself to some beautiful new ones?

Check out our complete range of silk scrunchies here, including tie-dye, animal prints and plain colours.

June 24, 2022 — Michelle Fletcher Smith