After much consideration, I've decided that I need some silk pillowcases. I want to give them a try to see if they could improve my quality of sleep and help with my acne, as it's been said. However, the dilemma lies in how to choose the best ones.

There are numerous silk pillowcases available, each with its own set of information, making it difficult to determine what's best for me”. If this is your tale, you don't have to ponder it any longer because this guide will provide all the information you need to make the right choice tailored to you. Let's delve into it!

A Light pink silk pillowcase

Mulberry Silk

There are various methods for acquiring silk, but mulberry silk is a brand of luxury in its own right. If you prioritize quality, mulberry silk is the epitome of excellence. While silk originates from silkworms, mulberry silk stands out because it comes from silkworms that feed on mulberry leaves, producing a superior kind of silk.

Mulberry silk is known for its breathability, softness, and gentle feel. It truly feels like a slice of heaven. So, if you want to ensure you're on the right path to finding the perfect silk pillowcase, ticking off mulberry silk from your list is essential.

100% Mulberry silk


Momme (indicated as "mm") is a unit of measurement used to gauge the weight and standard of silk material. If you wish to determine the silk weight of your silk fabric, you'd need to look at the momme count, as it specifically measures the weight of silk per square meter (or yard) of fabric.

The standard method for measuring momme weight involves purchasing a piece of fabric that is 100 yards long and 45cm wide. If the fabric weighs 21 pounds when measured, that indicates the silk weight is 21 pounds. The more the silk weight, the thicker the fabric would be, indicating that a significant amount of silk went into the weaving process.

Knowing the silk weight of your pillowcase is crucial for determining its quality. For silk sheets, a momme weight of 12 to 19 is considered good quality, with 16 to 19 classified as high quality. However, when it comes to silk pillowcases, it's slightly different, with a momme weight of 25 being the highest-density silk available in the market. Good quality silk pillowcases typically have a momme weight falling in the range of 19 to the very low 20s.

Momme is for measuring silk

The Stitching Quality

One crucial feature that shouldn't be overlooked is the charmeuse weave. While you might have checked the major aspects like silk quality and weight, it's important to pay close attention to how they all come together. The charmeuse weave plays a significant role in this. This weaving technique allows silk to be delicately woven, resulting in the front of the pillowcase being lustrous, smooth, reflective, and shiny, while the back has a dull finish.

Charmeuse weaving can be done with silk or its synthetic counterparts, such as polyester. However, silk tends to gain the upper hand as it yields softer and more breathable results compared to the alternatives. Synthetic charmeuse pillowcases can withstand machine washing, but they aren't as breathable as their silk counterparts.

stitching quality of silk

Thread Count

You've likely encountered the term "thread count" before, but it doesn't hold much weight in the grand scheme of things. Here's why: once the thread count of the pillowcase is above 400 or so, it doesn't make much difference. It's better to avoid high thread counts unless explicitly supported by the manufacturer.

To clarify, thread count simply refers to the number of threads in a square inch of fabric in silk sheets or bedding. An increase in thread count typically indicates a denser weave and can result in a smoother and softer fabric. However, when it comes to silk pillowcases, the thread count doesn't significantly alter the impact or feel. Some manufacturers use two or three threads for a single yarn and then market a thread count of 200 as 400 or even 600. The result doesn't feel as it should.

This brings us to the last and essential checklist: feel.

how silk feels

The Feel

It's advisable to run your hands down silk pillowcases before purchasing them. If they feel smooth and silky, and give you the promise of good dreams, chances are you'll be very happy with them. However, if they don't feel as good as you expected, it's best not to buy them.

If you're making online purchases and won't get the chance to feel them beforehand, look up reviews to ensure you're making the right choice before doing so. You could check out our collection of silk pillowcases where you'll find them available in various colours and best quality.

March 25, 2024 — Michelle Fletcher Smith