While buying a gift for the happy couple is seen as a must when a family member or close friend gets married, or when you’re invited to a wedding, what happens afterwards?

When the wedding date falls each year, couples will often celebrate in some way.

They may buy each other cards, go out for dinner or even book a short break somewhere special. Perhaps to a place they’ve never visited before, or even to the wedding venue or honeymoon destination.

Traditionally the year of marriage you celebrate buy giving silk is the 4th and 12th year you have been married.

So if you need to buy a silk gift a set of silk pillowcases is ideal as everyone needs bedding. If you want something a little different you could go for an eye mask or silk scrunchies.

What anniversary year is silk?

The couple may also choose to buy one another gifts to mark the occasion, and close relatives may wish to buy them an anniversary gift too. If people opt to do this, they may well be wondering what to give as an appropriate gift.

According to Wikipedia, there are various lists that can provide inspiration - both for the couple themselves and those who want to give a gift to mark the wedding anniversary. While many are familiar with the concept of the silver or golden wedding anniversaries that indicate 25 or 50 years of marriage respectively, what about those in-between?

In both the UK and the US, silk features on these lists. For the UK, the fourth year of marriage is the time to give silk, and this applies once more on the twelfth anniversary. The US also follows the latter trend.

If you know someone who is about to celebrate four or twelve years of wedded bliss, silk is thus the perfect gift to give. So what sort of silk gifts can you buy that are affordable - as well as likely to be loved and used by the recipients?

Silk anniversary gifts for years 4 and 12

A pair of gift boxed silk pillowcases

A set of matching silk pillowcases is one option - or you could buy each partner one that reflects their individual personality. The choice is yours.

gift box for silk pillowcase

An ivory silk pillowcase is a classic that will go with any kind of bed linen and decor the couple already have in their boudoir. Alternatively, go for colours that complement or contrast against one another - like light blue and dark blue, or soft pink and grey.

To add a real pop of colour to their lives, you could also opt for patterned pillowcases. Buy a matching pair in smart taupe and black zebra stripes or colourful tie-dye, or you could give one with a snakeskin print and one in pink leopard print.

Silk eye masks

A silk eye mask also makes a great gift, particularly for shift workers or frequent travellers. If the couple you know are always jetting off on holiday or trying to catch some shut-eye during the day, a silk eye mask can really help them to drift off to sleep on the plane or in bed.

blue silk eye mask

Silk eye masks block out both natural and artificial light to encourage a natural sleep cycle. They can thus be a godsend to anyone whose partner likes to read late into the night, while they need to be up early for work the next morning.

Again you can buy a matching pair in black, white or deep blue, or opt for two different colours so there’s no arguing over whose is whose.

Silk gift boxes

Calidad Home also offers a range of silk gift box options, and these include a couple that are ideal as wedding or anniversary gifts. As we can include a free handwritten card with every order, you can make sure the occasion is marked in a personal and thoughtful way.

There are so many colours to choose from we are sure there is something for everyone. Browse the silk pillowcase colour here.

Our silk gift boxes can contain two silk pillowcases of your choice plus a box of Hotel Chocolat treats, or you can go all-out with the ‘Wedded Bliss’ gift box. This contains both an eye mask and a pillowcase each, plus a scented candle, reed diffuser, sparkling wine and those Hotel Chocolat goodies.

Which silk anniversary gifts will you give?

Whether you go for a pair of contrasting silk pillowcases, two contrasting eye masks or a gift box filled with decadent treats, giving a silk gift for a fourth or twelfth wedding anniversary is sure to delight any couple with cause for celebration!

In fact our silk gift box collection is packed with inspirational gifts to give at any time of the year, so why not take a look today?

October 18, 2021 — Michelle Smith