We all know that silk is a beautiful, natural and luxurious fabric - but there is a downside. The cost. A pure mulberry silk pillowcase, for example, is several times the price of the average cotton one. So why choose silk bedding, when it will cost you so much more to buy? Or to put it another way - why is silk worth the investment?

Here are 7 reasons why we always choose silk bedding - and we think you should treat yourself too!

Why choose silk bedding?

Why choose silk bedding: 7 reasons to sleep on silk


We all need a little luxury in our lives, especially after a hard day’s work - whether that means entertaining the kids, caring for a loved one, grocery shopping or spending the day at the office or on site.

Nothing says - no, screams - pure luxury like the finest silk. Mulberry silk looks and feels like the best fabric in the world, simply because it is. Don’t you deserve a little overnight pampering?

Looks #1

Beauty is only skin deep, agreed, but there’s no denying that having beautiful things in our lives somehow enriches the experience of living. Why else would anyone seek out priceless works or art or book a break to a destination that’s as pretty as a picture postcard?  

Even if it’s just one silk pillowcase in your favourite colour or pattern, a piece of fine silk can help to lift the look of any boudoir. Add a few well-chosen accessories in the same hue and you’ve just successfully overhauled your bedroom decor.  

Looks #2

While we’re on the topic of appearances, what about how you look when you roll out of bed in the morning? From reducing the incidence of bed head to ensuring smoother, sleeker hair and skin, silk can work wonders for your crowning glory and complexion.

Why is this so? Put simply, the natural sheen of silk gives you a clue. Its surface is so smooth that less friction occurs during the night, so your face and hair move across it more easily. In short, this leads to less fine lines, wrinkles, creases, frizz and flyaways. Who wouldn’t want that?


Pure mulberry silk is sensitive to the needs of those with inflamed skin as well as those who tend to suffer from allergies. It’s a naturally hypo-allergenic material, and also keeps nasties like bed mites at bay.

For those with skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema or acne, it’s a dream to sleep on silk before waking up with soothed rather than sore skin. It’s also great for those whose skin is rather on the sensitive side.


So many people suffer from disturbed sleep because they wake up too hot during the night. While we’re not promising that’ll never happen again, we can safely say that happens far less when pure mulberry silk what you sleep on.

Whether you or they are a woman of a certain age or you’ve just always found it hard to keep your cool during the small hours, sleeping on silk is like wearing moisture-wicking sportswear. Without the man-made materials.

Thats what make a silk filled duvet so special. They are 100% natural and stop heat and moisture building up when you are sleeping. Helping you stay comfortable all night.


Another bonus of buying only the best mulberry silk is how easy the fabric is to care for. Don’t be deceived by silk’s pale, delicate looks - it’s surprisingly strong and robust when you go for silk of the highest quality. This is because it’s woven from long strand fibres that are much less likely to break off.

You can wash silk bed linen on a standard 30 degree cycle along with any other bedding. While tumble-drying it isn’t ideal, air drying is fine (though you should keep it out of direct sunlight to avoid fading). Silk also dries far faster than cotton, so the laundry’s done and dusted in no time.


Trust us - a silk pillowcase, eye mask or set of hair scrunchies makes a gorgeous gift. We know, because we package them ourselves: we also know because our lovely customers tell us so. Many of them also come back to us time after time, to buy a silk gift for the friend or family member who hasn’t yet received one from them.

Whether it’s a gift boxed silk pillowcase in pink leopard print, multicoloured tie dye or their favourite plain shade, a silk pillowcase is the gift that keeps on giving. Night after night of precious beauty sleep.

March 08, 2022 — Michelle Fletcher Smith