How to Wash a Silk Pillowcase

Did you know that according to the Sleep Cycle app, the UK is in 45th place in terms of sleep quality while the US is 49th? Sleep quality isn't just about sleeping longer–it also matters how deeply and comfortably you sleep.
August 17, 2020 — Michelle Smith

Do Silk Pillowcases Really Make a Difference?

Have you ever wondered about getting yourself some silk pillowcases? How come you haven't yet?

Well, you're probably wondering do silk pillowcases really make a difference? Simply said: YES.

In this article, we will cover what you need to know about silk pillowcases.

So keep reading to learn more.

August 17, 2020 — Michelle Smith

10 Top Tips For Healthy Skin

It’s so important to look after your skin properly. Not only for vanity’s sake but also for your overall health.
July 02, 2020 — Michelle Smith

Why Should You Sleep On A Silk Pillow?

Many people are cottoning on – if you’ll pardon the pun – to the benefits of sleeping on pure, luxurious silk. It’s not just the natural lustre and super-smooth feel of the fabric that attract people to silk pillowcases – there is a range of benefits for your hair and skin too. Why should you sleep on a silk pillow? Read on to find out…
July 02, 2020 — Michelle Smith

Does a satin pillowcase prevent wrinkles?

The type of bedlinen most people use is not necessarily the best choice when it comes to caring for your skin and hair, which is why silk and satin pillowcases are growing in popularity. Before splashing your hard-earned cash, however, you’d be quite right to ask does a satin pillowcase prevent wrinkles, or would it simply be a waste of money?
July 02, 2020 — Michelle Smith

Does sleeping on a satin pillowcase help skin?

You may have heard that sleeping on a smooth surface such as silk or satin is really good for your skin and hair.
July 02, 2020 — Michelle Smith

Do Silk Pillowcases Really Work Wonders On Your Skin & Hair?

With more and more silk stores popping up all the time, telling us of the range of beauty benefits we can reap from sleeping on a pure silk pillowcase, it’s difficult to know whether it’s a beauty product worth splashing out on. Do silk pillowcases really work?
July 02, 2020 — Michelle Smith

Silk vs Satin

If you’ve heard the hype around silk pillowcases, with fans claiming they can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, help control frizzy hair and lead to softer, smoother skin, you might be thinking about trying one out.
July 02, 2020 — Michelle Smith

Does Sleeping On Silk Make A Difference?

If you’ve noticed all the attention that silk pillowcases are attracting from beauty bloggers and experts as well as on social media, you could be considering whether or not to try one for yourself. Do silk pillowcases make a difference, though? If so, in what way? Here are some of the silk pillowcase benefits reported by converts.
July 02, 2020 — Michelle Smith

Does A Silk Pillowcase Help With Wrinkles

Can A Silk Pillowcase Really Help With Wrinkles?

As we age, we tend to worry more and more about developing wrinkles. The anti-ageing beauty market is a multi-million-pound industry, and people will pay some very high prices in the pursuit of younger-looking, unlined skin.

Silk pillowcases have become popular in recent times, with beauty bloggers and industry experts alike singing their praises. The benefits of night’s true beauty sleep do come at a price, however. A silk pillowcase will cost, on average, a fair bit more than its cotton equivalent. Is it worth it? Does a silk pillowcase help with wrinkles?

Is It Worth Paying For A Silk Pillowcase?

What does a decent silk pillowcase cost? It very much depends on the quality of the silk used to make it. A top quality fine silk pillowcase can cost anything from £40 and up. Which may sound like a lot of money – but what are you comparing it to?

You can probably pick up a cheap cotton pillowcase for just a few pounds, making a silk pillowcase’s price tag around ten times as much. A considerable sum – if you compare the cost to a non-silk pillowcase.

What about the price of face cream, serum, night cream or other skincare products though? Compared to some of the more expensive facial potions on the market, a silk pillowcase could be seen as a bargain.

If you have regular facials, you’ll be familiar with the cost of those. Perhaps you only have an occasional one as a treat, because you’re put off having more frequent treatments by the price. A decent facial isn’t cheap, yet for the price of one facial, you could buy a silk pillowcase that will last for years.

If a silk pillowcase gives you so many nights of luxurious beauty sleep, then maybe the price tag isn’t quite so high after all. Buy a luxury ivory silk pillowcase here.

Will it really reduce wrinkles?

If you are considering the purchase of a silk pillowcase to help prevent wrinkles, then you might be wondering why sleeping on silk could mean having fewer lines on your face.

There are a number of reasons why resting your head on good-quality silk can make for less facial wrinkling.


During the night, you move around and change position. As your face moves across the pillow, this can drag on your skin. The friction caused by a rougher material than silk, such as cotton or man-made fibres, means that this dragging of the skin is amplified.

If you sleep on silk, however, the super smooth surface means your skin glides easily across. This can help reduce facial lines and wrinkles as well as pillow creases, the result being that you wake up each day with younger looking skin.

Face creams

As we touched on earlier, people spend a lot of money on decent facial products, in the hope, this will have an anti-ageing effect as they slumber. We also mentioned cotton pillowcases. Cotton is very absorbent, which means that a lot of that expensive face-cream might just end up on the pillow.

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase can mean less moisture loss from your skin, which in turn makes for more plumped-up, youthful looking skin.

What kind of silk is best for minimising wrinkles?

As mentioned above, the quality of the silk you select is very important. Mulberry silk is considered the finest kind, as well as the most durable.

Look for a higher ‘momme’ count, which is comparable to a thread count as used to describe the quality of cotton. 19 momme plus is a good bet, with 22 creating the most luxurious, smooth silk bed linen.

Charmeuse weave silk fabric is the sleekest and most lustrous of all, so this is the premium choice.

So Silk Could Be The Secret Behind Beauty Sleep!

Does a silk pillowcase help with wrinkles? There is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that indeed it does. The structure of silk is certainly smoother, which may explain why silk pillowcase users report less fine lines and wrinkling.

July 02, 2020 — Michelle Fletcher Smith
Is A Silk Pillowcase Good For Skin

Is A Silk Pillowcase Good For Skin

Today We Are Asking Is a silk pillowcase good for your skin?

Silk pillowcases have a reputation for being kind to skin. Is this reputation deserved, and if so why Is a silk pillowcase good for skin?

July 02, 2020 — Michelle Smith

What Is The Best Silk Pillowcase?

We Ask What Is The Best Silk Pillowcase?

Things to consider about what makes the best silk pillowcase are:

  • The weight of the silk known as Momme weight.
  • What type of silk is it?
  • The weave of the silk
  • The price of the pillowcase. You don’t want to pay too much… or too little.

There’s been increasing interest in silk bedlinen of late, especially silk pillowcases. The benefits of sleeping on silk are now frequently extolled by beauty journalists and bloggers, hairdressers and skincare experts as well as silk retailers and more.

If you decide to take the plunge and try out the benefits of resting your head on silk for yourself, you may be a little baffled by all the choices out there. When you don’t really know what a momme count or charmeuse weave is – or why mulberry silk is so-called – how do you know what is the best silk pillowcase to invest in?

Momme Weight – How Silk Is Measured

The quality of silk is measured by the momme count. This compares to the way cotton is labelled with a thread count, and the same general rule applies. The higher the thread count, the better quality the cotton, and so it goes with silk. A higher momme number means that the silk is of better quality, as it is made from heavier thread.

A momme count above 19 is very good indeed, with 22 momme silk being the absolute optimum for silk bed linen. Retailers of the very best quality silk bedding, including those all-important pillowcases – tend to offer bedlinen that has a momme count between 19 and 25.

Mulberry silk

The silkworms that produce mulberry silk are fed a diet of mulberry leaves – alleged to be their favourite food of all. It certainly makes for very fine silk indeed – the silkworms produce long, luxurious strands of the purest silk, which are then woven to create the finest silk pillowcases, sheets, duvets and other products such as soft furnishings and clothing.

The long strands of mulberry silk make a far smoother silk fabric than that which is made using shorter strands. The silk from the latter simply isn’t as soft as mulberry silk, nor is it as durable. In short, mulberry silk strands are smoother, rounder, lighter, finer and a purer white than any other kind of silk money can buy. Mulberry silk strands are also very strong indeed, making top quality silk far easier to care for than its cheaper counterparts.

Charmeuse weave

The other crucial factor when choosing a silk product is the weave. Charmeuse refers to the weave rather than the fabric itself, and silk that is carefully woven using this technique has a lustrous sheen to its surface that ensures it looks luxurious and drapes very well. It also feels super smooth, and utterly luxurious, against the skin.

The smoothest, softest silk

If you want to achieve the softest skin and smoothest hair possible, it stands to reason that the softer and smoother the surface, the gentler it will be on your skin and hair. Sleeping on the finest silk means you will reap the maximum beauty benefits from your silk pillowcase.

Do you want moisturised, glowing, youthful skin and to minimise eczema, psoriasis or other skin conditions? Would you love to have smooth, frizz-free hair? Then the answer to, ‘what is the best silk pillowcase?’ is one made from the finest 22 momme mulberry silk, crafted from charmeuse weave fabric.

July 01, 2020 — Michelle Smith