When you think about silk, what words come to mind?

For us, it's 'softness', 'luxury', 'smoothness', 'comfort'... pretty much everything you could ask for during a good night of sleep.

The good news is that you can, in fact, start sleeping on silk and help your body recalibrate and recharge while you catch some z's. More than can, you should do so, as many dermatologists recommend going for this material when choosing your bedding.

Keep reading to learn about seven fantastic benefits of Mulberry silk pillowcases, and get ready to leave all your cotton ones in the past!

1. Get Rid of Frizzy Hair

Silk is incredibly smooth, and that means that while you sleep on it, there's no friction between your pillowcase and your hair. Even if you move around all night long!

Your hair glides over the pillowcase, which is never the case when you use traditional cotton ones, and that prevents it from getting frizzy and tangled.

This benefit is particularly relevant for people with natural hair, and it's a commonly known hack for maintaining defined curls and keeping hairstyles like braids or blowouts.

In fact, many women in the old days used to sleep with their hair wrapped in a silk scarf in order to preserve their hairstyle - and that's definitely a haircare trend that is coming back.

Additionally, silk helps retain hair moisture because it is a natural protein, which also contributes to the anti-frizz effect.

2. Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Just like it does with your hair, silk helps your skin retain its natural moisture, making it easier for it to stay hydrated during the entire eight hours of sleep.

Plus, silk is significantly less absorbent than other fabrics, which means that those expensive products you apply during your night time skincare routine actually stay on your face during the night, instead of rubbing off on your bedding.

Although anyone can take advantage of this benefit, if you have dry skin, getting a silk pillowcase is simply a no-brainer.

3. Help Prevent Wrinkles

While you sleep, you toss and turn from side to side, and that can lead to the emergence of creases on your skin, which are also known as "crush wrinkles".

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase can prevent those and other ageing signs from forming on your face, and that is, once again, a result of the minimal friction that the material causes.

It's important to mention, however, that if you're making a concerted effort to decrease your wrinkles, combining the silk pillowcase with high-quality skin products will lead to optimal results.

4. Reduce Hair Breakage and Thinning

We mentioned before that when you sleep with a cotton pillowcase, the friction between your hair and the material increases your frizz, but that's not the only thing that happens.

On the contrary, as you move around during the night, you can also lead your hair to break and thin and cause more split ends to appear.

Switching to silk means that your hair will be in contact with the material's amino acids, which will help reduce hair damage and, consequently, the breakage and thinning.

Note that if your hair is thinning at a fast pace, or if all your ends are split, sleeping on silk alone will not be enough to solve the problem. In those cases, make sure to take other measures as well.

5. Reduce Allergies

Silk is an antibacterial and hypoallergenic material, meaning that it rarely causes any allergic reactions, and that's because it doesn't contain any chemicals that would usually lead to irritations.

Quite the opposite, this soft fabric holds natural substances that can help repel irritants such as fungus, dust mites, and mould.

Additionally, silk is made from domesticated silkworms, which are bred in captivity, and this production process helps guarantee that the fabric doesn't contain any harmful chemicals that your body could potentially react too.

Cotton, on the other hand, can contain herbicides and pesticides due to the way that it is produced.

If you struggle with allergies that are directly linked to your bedding (or if you have sensitive or acne-prone skin), switching to silk will give you the relief you've been aching for.

6. Minimize Hot Flashes

Dealing with hot flashes and night sweats can make it extremely hard for you to actually get a good night of rest.

Chances are that you tried everything you can to fight this problem, from keeping a window open to sleeping with no clothes on, but if you're still struggling, using a silk pillowcase might be the solution you've been looking for.

While synthetic fabrics hold heat, silk is a lot more breathable, which means that it can help keep your skin at a lower temperature.

As a result, not only will you feel well-rested in the morning, but you'll also reduce skin redness and inflammation.

7. Sleep Better

Last but not least, silk pillowcases have everything to improve your quality of sleep.

Like we mentioned before, they're smooth and comfortable, which will help you fall asleep quicker. Even more than that, they feel a lot more elegant and luxurious than cotton pillowcases, and let's face it, that's exactly what you need after a long of day of work.

Plus, they can be extremely affordable and easy to care for, lasting for years and years without losing their quality - always a plus when it comes to good bedding, right?

Convinced About the Benefits of Silk Pillowcases?

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why you should sleep on silk.

Your hair and skin will be as healthy and glowing as ever, and you'll feel more well-rested than ever before, so why not leave the cotton behind and move on to something a lot softer and more sophisticated?

Our pillowcases come in two sizes and countless colours. Pick your favourite ones today and get ready to start enjoying all the benefits of silk pillowcases!

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October 27, 2020 — Michelle Fletcher Smith