hottest silk pillowcase trends

The silk world is one that is constantly evolving, which is surprising given what it is, but there have been ongoing changes that you might need to take note of if you're looking into purchasing silk pillowcases in 2024.

What's new and what's out is something you would want to have a mental checklist of.

What's In:
Let's look at what's going on right now in the silk market.
Just what trends should you look out for?
And how beneficial are they for you?

eco friendly silk


Eco-friendly pops up when you're trying to look into making a purchase and you're curious about what it is. What exactly does eco-friendly mean and how would that help your choice?

Eco-friendly is environmentally friendly. It's economically friendly. The silk production process can be particularly harmful to the environment.

Using chemical processes can sometimes lead to issues like deforestation and water pollution.

What eco-friendly means is that certain companies have decided to use more conservative and controlled methods to limit the harm that comes to the environment during the silk production process.

Certifications are even being issued to ensure that silk pillowcase producers meet essential requirements and are classified as eco-friendly.

So when you're making purchases for silk, you should look out for the fact that the purchase you're making is not contributing harm to the environment in any form.


Silk pillowcases can now be personalized. You could tweak them and make them just what you want them to be. What matters is what you want.

Do you want your personality to reflect in all of your pillowcases or your beddings? Do you want custom designs?

Do you want your individuality to show in any form? This is what is in vogue in 2024. Personality.

bold silk patterns

Bold colours and patterns

Silk pillowcases were only available in plain colors, primarily white. But now, you have the option to get them in a variety!

Whether you're a fan of bold, fiery, or bright colors or any other color you can think of, you can find them. Not only that, but you can also get them in patterns.

You could check out our post on silk pillowcase colours and designs to see just how extensive the options are.

silk pillowcases have skin and hair benefits

Skincare and hair benefits

Silk pillowcases have gone way beyond their primary purpose, which was to improve sleep quality. They also enhance skin and hair qualify, which is a huge plus. Due to the smooth texture of silk, it doesn't absorb moisture from the skin or hair. Keeping the skin and hair moisturized, equals to a healthier skin and hair.

 What's Out:
So, what silk pillowcase trends have taken a backseat?

Low quality silk

With silk pillowcases, it's all about quality—premium or nothing. Better quality translates to better benefits. Silk pillowcases don't come cheap, but you can still afford quality on a budget.

To detect lower quality silk, you'll need to pay attention to the momme weight, which is used to measure the silk weight in a fabric.

A good quality silk pillowcase should have a momme weight of 19 to low 20s. Also, look out for the word "mulberry." Mulberry silk pillowcases are the superior kind, and that's just what you need.

You should also pay attention to how the silk feels. All in all, you might want to steer clear of low-quality silk, as not only is that no longer acceptable, but you also wouldn't enjoy the benefits that silk offers.

white silk pillowcase

Plain white silk

Plain white silk has now become a thing of the past, long forgotten. This time? We are in the era of colors, personality, infusing just who you are into your pillowcases. It's all about aesthetics, and a white silk pillowcase just doesn't do it anymore.

Single sided silk

Single-sided silk pillowcases have the same material wrapping up both sides of the pillowcase. If it's silk, it's silk throughout. Lately, dual-sided silk pillowcases seem to be taking a front seat.

What dual-sided silk pillowcases entail is that each side of the pillowcase is of different fabrics. One side could be silk, and another could be satin. With this, you could see which side works best for what purpose.

For example, the satin part might improve hair, while the silk side benefits the skin or overall sleep experience. The dual-sided design helps give you a customized experience.

Final Thoughts

It's important for you to know that these trends aren't final or deciding factors for your purchase; they are just here to help you make a more informed decision.

Trends are just that—trends.

However, it's important that you do not compromise on more critical aspects when it comes to silk pillowcase purchases, like quality, and that's it's all we are about.

April 10, 2024 — Michelle Fletcher Smith