How A Silk Pillowcase Can Help Your Skin?

Why choose a silk pillowcase for skin? Whatever our skin type, we would all love to be blessed with smooth, soft, youthful skin. Well, you can give mother nature a helping hand – by using an all-natural silk product. Which is very helpful if you suffer from acne, eczema, psoriasis or other skin conditions.

Why are silk pillowcases good for skin?

How does it work? By resting your head on the finest silk every night, you’re doing your skin a huge favour. Not to mention the fact that sleeping on a silk pillowcase feels so very soft and luxurious. Simply lovely.

Less moisture is lost from your skin when you sleep on silk – and the type of silk you sleep on matters, too. Mulberry silk is the very best silk available, 22 momme mulberry silk is the ideal silk for bedding. This is why Calidad Home luxury range of silk pillowcases are made only from pure mulberry silk.

Can silk pillowcases cause acne?

The best silk pillowcase benefits are for those with sensitive skin. A silk pillowcase is a far gentler option than cotton and allows for maximum moisture retention, too.

Because pure silk, unlike cotton, absorbs less of your skin’s natural oils. This means that your skin doesn’t go into overdrive, trying to produce more to replace what is lost overnight. This means that it helps to prevent blocked pores, which is great news for acne sufferers, or those prone to spots.

The fact that it helps the skin to retain its natural moisture is beneficial for those with dry skin, too. Eczema and psoriasis sufferers can benefit, and for those with psoriasis, sleeping on fine, natural silk can help to reduce those characteristic red, flaky patches of skin.

If you ever wake with pillow creases on your face, using a silk pillowcase can also help with that. The smoother surface makes for less crinkling, so you wake up without those pesky lines etched on your forehead or around your eyes each morning. Those same lines that, over time, would become wrinkles. This is why a silk pillowcase is anti-ageing.

With its natural lustre, good quality silk feels luxurious. It’s less irritating to even the most sensitive skin. It helps your skin to retain its natural moisture balance and is a useful weapon in the battle against the visible signs of ageing, too. Whether you’re lucky enough to have clear, peachy skin or suffer from a long-term skin condition, a silk pillowcase for skin is a very worthwhile investment.

Some Of Our Reviews For A Happy Customer’s

Just wanted to say thanks

 I just wanted to say thanks and also to say what a fantastic product. I have eczema and the pillowcase has aided my sleep hugely.

Improved Son’s acne!

Very nice, cooling and so smooth. A friend said it helped acne, and my son’s acne did improve since we started using silk pillowcases. He will never use anything else.

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