Sleep on silk for glossy frizz free hair

Why buy a silk pillowcase? It looks good on your bed and feels great against your skin - but are there any benefits beyond that? In short - yes! Sleeping on a silk pillowcase really can make a difference to the condition of your hair and skin.

Using a silk pillowcase for hair will result in smoother, tidier locks, while the benefits of a silk pillowcase for skin include less dryness, irritation and even wrinkling.




  1. The smooth surface of silk reduces hair damage as you move during the night
  2. As there is less friction when sleeping on silk, this results in fewer split ends
  3. As even fine or flyaway hair is soothed, frizz becomes a thing of the past



  1. Natural silk is hypoallergenic
  2. Pure silk is suitable for even the most sensitive skin
  3. Unlike cotton, silk bedlinen does not draw away moisture from the skin
  4. Sleeping on silk means waking up to with plump, hydrated skin
  5. Using a silk pillowcase for skin has anti-ageing benefits
  6. The beauty benefits of silk include a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles

They call it beauty sleep, and products such as night cream or serum

promise to work their magic on your skin overnight.

Can a silk pillowcase really do the same, smoothing your hair and skin as you

enjoy a blissful night’s slumber?

Beauty experts have tested the finest silk pillowcases on the market, and the verdict is - yes. There are considerable and noticeable benefits to sleeping on silk. The textile lab owned by the Good Housekeeping Institute say so, and that’s good enough for us. One of their editors was very keen to extol the virtues of using a silk pillowcase for hair, blaming the cheap pillowcase formerly used for their not-so-good hair days.


  1. Your silk pillowcase can be machine washed on a 30 degree cycle
  2. Silk dries much more quickly than cotton
  3. Top quality silk will last for a long time
  4. Silk is naturally bed mite repellant
  5. The fabric is cool in summer
  6. Silk increases heat retention during winter
  7. Sleeping on silk feels extremely luxurious
  8. Silk is naturally non-flammable
  9. A silk pillowcase is an affordable luxury


If you like the sound of the benefits of a silk pillowcase for hair and skin, why not try it out for yourself? We offer our premium mulberry silk pillowcases in a comprehensive range of colours and prints, from pure ivory, pink leopard print or funky snakeskin to stylish charcoal, classic black, elegant gold, deep jade and many more.


A super smooth silk pillowcase results in less hair damage, fewer split ends and also reduces flyaway strands and frizz. This means healthier, glossier locks for you. As your hair becomes easier to control, you can spend less of your precious time on taming it. You might find that you can blow dry it or reach for the straighteners less often, saving you time. Even if you really have just rolled out of bed, no one needs to know. A pure silk pillowcase really is a long-lasting beauty investment.


Picture the smooth, lustrous finish of high quality silk. Once you start sleeping on that ultra sleek surface, this will literally be reflected in your hair. Moving gently over a soft, shiny fabric makes for the softest, shiniest locks. Your silk pillowcase feels smooth, lustrous and soft, and after just a short time of sleeping on silk your hair will naturally follow suit.

sleeping on silk will give your hair more shine


Using a silk pillowcase for hair will reduce friction as you sleep - thereby reducing frizz. Friction is often the reason those pesky split ends occur, and neither is it great for anyone prone to frizzy hair. People with Afro Caribbean hair, for example, often benefit from using a silk pillowcase, as it is far more likely to keep those tight, spiralling little curls under control. It’s not just afro hair that will benefit from sleeping on silk, however. Lots of people who suffer from frizzy hair find that silk - as opposed to a rougher fabric like cotton - results in locks that are super sleek and more easily controlled.


Be warned - try a silk pillowcase for hair and you might never go back. While a silk pillowcase is seen as a luxury item, it is actually surprisingly affordable. One of our mulberry silk pillowcases costs - in most cases - less than just one cut and blow dry at your local salon. Treat yourself to sleeping on silk instead, and you too can soon enjoy having smoother, silkier, shinier hair.

100% Mulberry silk fabric


So what does using a silk pillowcase for skin actually do for you?

Can it actually prevent wrinkles and fine lines?

Does it really soothe dry or irritated skin?

Firstly, fine silk fabric is naturally hypoallergenic. Those with eczema, psoriasis, acne and other inflammatory skin conditions find that silk is far more gentle on their sensitive skin. For this reason, chemotherapy patients also love sleeping on silk. This cancer treatment can result in very sensitive skin, which the sleek, smooth surface of pure silk can help to soothe.

hair and skin benefits from sleeping on silk


Silk can also help to hydrate skin. As a silk pillowcase is less absorbent and also reduces friction, less of that costly face cream or serum is rubbed off onto the pillow. Instead, it stays on the skin, feeding and nourishing it as you sleep. You might even find that you spend less money on such products, as the silk ensures you wake up with naturally glowing, youthful skin.


Silk pillowcase fans also report a noticeable reduction in wrinkles and fine lines - again this is down to the smooth silken surface and the reduction in friction. Pillow creases often occur during the night when sleeping on cotton or synthetic fabrics, but this occurs far less with fine silk.

smoother skin from sleeping on silk


Over time, those pillow creases can translate into marks, or wrinkles, that become permanently etched onto your skin. These signs of ageing can be reduced when sleeping on silk, as the sleek surface and less friction ensure smoother skin.


If you decide to try sleeping on silk for yourself, what do you look for? Is all silk the same? What’s the difference between silk and satin? How do you know what makes the best silk pillowcase for hair and skin?


One of the key factors is the weave. The way the silk has been woven will affect how smooth the surface is, which will result in that all-important reduction in friction.

Our silk bedding range is made only from charmeuse weave silk. This is the   best weave, as it results in the smoothest and most lustrous surface.

When friction is reduced, the benefits of a silk pillowcase for hair and skin are increased. Charmeuse woven silk has a burnished, reflective and lustrous finish that makes it the finest silk on the market.


Another factor to consider is the ‘momme’ count. This works on the same principle as a thread count, which you’re probably used to seeing on the packaging of cotton products.

This momme count works in the same way, giving you an idea of the fabric’s quality and thickness. 22 is the optimum momme count for bedding, which is why we only use 22 momme, charmeuse weave, 100% mulberry silk fabric.

This is the finest silk money can buy.


When investing in a silk pillowcase for skin and hair, the next factor to consider is the source of the silk. Mulberry silk is the very best silk.

The names comes from the fact that the silkworms who spin the threads feed on mulberry leaves. The mulberry bushes and tress are specially grown by silk farmers for this very reason.


How do you wash a silk pillowcase?

How do you keep your silk pillowcase clean?

Must pure silk be hand-washed?

You’ll be relieved to learn that this is not necessary. Silk bedlinen can be washed in a normal 30 degree machine programme.

Once washed, fine silk also dries much more quickly than cotton too. Silk is also much stronger and more robust than people tend to think.

The super soft fabric also naturally repels night-time nasties like dust mites and bed bugs.

If you don’t want to share your sleeping quarters with uninvited guests, a silk pillowcase can help to put your mind at rest.

Is silk really cool in summer?

Using a silk pillowcase can also help in controlling hot flushes, which is why women at a certain stage in life love silk. As silk reduces the risk of overheating, you are more likely to get through the night without waking up because of feeling the heat. Silk can really help anyone suffering from night sweats - whether the cause is hormonal, medicinal or health-related.

Is a silk pillowcase warm enough for winter?

So what about when the weather turns colder? Silk is actually also very good at retaining warmth. This means you are also less likely to wake up during the night due to feeling the chill.

Is a silk pillowcase for skin a luxury item?

There are two ways to consider this question. Does sleeping on silk feel luxurious? Even if the answer is yes, is it a luxury that only the wealthy can afford? In response to the former - yes indeed. Sleeping on silk does indeed feel decadent and utterly luxurious. It also looks lovely, not least because of the attractive sheen on it surface. Many people who have slept on silk say they would never go back to synthetic or cotton fabrics, as they feel rough in comparison to ultra sleek silk.

Is a silk pillowcase for hair expensive?

As with anything, the price of silk is really based on the cost of production - and what the public are willing to pay. Yes, silk is a premium product. The one-off purchase of a silk pillowcase for hair and skin might seem costly as compared to cotton. What about if you compare it to the cost of a decent night cream or a salon haircut, though? Your silk pillowcase will last for far longer than either of these. If you think about it in those terms, the price becomes far more attractive.

Is silk flame-retardant?

If things get really heated, resulting in the break out of a fire, then silk could even help to keep you safe.Silk fabric is naturally non-flammable. This means it will not catch fire and spread the flames - unlike other soft furnishings contained within the home.

Invest in the best silk pillowcase for skin and hair

If you like the sound of the benefits of a silk pillowcase for hair and skin, why not try it out for yourself? Calidad Home offer our premium mulberry silk pillowcases in a comprehensive range of colours and prints, from pure ivory, pink leopard print or funky snakeskin to stylish charcoal, classic black, elegant gold, deep jade and many more.

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